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Love Per Sq Ft, is a feature film which deals with the very common predicaments that faces today's urban youth; finding a house and finding love. Through the course of this romantic comedy...

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More Directed by Anand Tiwari

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Not Your Usual RomCom

Karina and Sanjay plan to go about backwards in their relationship - take the big, serious and defining steps first, and then think about actually getting into a relationship.

Their greed to own a house overpowers them, and for a while that's all that they can see, especially Sanjay. They have always dreamed about owning a home, and when they bump into each other, they do something you and probably won't.

This cute movie looks very romantic and cheesy from afar, but it's certainly not one of those ringe-worthy movies. Instead, it has light-hearted humour, unique characters and portrays different types of relationships - husband and...

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