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Sumer and Meghna are deeply in love. They are also married, but as fate would have it, to different people. Theirs is a passionate tale of love, lined with a wicked twist of crime. Join Sumer and Meghna as they fight against and for their love, to find an ending that their love story deserves.

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If #tearJerker kind of stories are your cup of tea then this one is for you. This is a #complicatedLove story of Samer and Meghna.They are deeply in love. But as all #classic stories go they are married to different people. That is the whole plot about. You can feel the passion in their eyes and love in their heart.There is also an angel of #perfectCrime in the story which adds to the storyline. If you would like a story with an angle of love and crime to it then this is a must watch for you.Happy viewing.

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