• Air date: 03 Nov '22 29 episodes
      Sharpen your crayons and hide your cookies, because Season 53 of Sesame Street is coming to HBO Max, starting November 3rd! Join your favorite furry friends for more fun, laughs, and lessons devoted to helping children grow up with a healthy self-identity and sense of belonging.
  • List of Episodes (29)
    • 1. Community Mural

      03 Nov '22
      Friends on Sesame Street are painting a mural to celebrate the people in their neighborhood. When Abby has a hard time finding a paint color that is the same as her fur, she learns to mix paint to make a color that looks just like her.
    • 2. Sesame Street Super Heroes

      10 Nov '22
      Elmo, Abby, and Rosita are playing superheroes! When Elmo and Abby suggest Rosita play Super Carga, who can turn on superpowers with a Spanish catchphrase, she shares that speaking Spanish isn’t the only thing that makes her special.
    • 3. Kind Rudy

      17 Nov '22
      Elmo and Rudy are helping Abby out in the garden because she hurt her wrist, and Rudy wonders how else he can help, too. What if he holds the door for Chris, who is holding the bag of soil, waters the flowers, cleans up paint left out at the community center, and makes a get-well card for Abby's wrist? Just because some things are done doesn't mean you can't help. There are so many ways to be kind!
    • 4. The Great Corn Festival

      24 Nov '22
      Welcome to the Sesame Street Corn Party, where every family brings special food made from corn. Rosita brings pineapple tamales from a special recipe she makes with her Abuela. Together, everyone learns about the many ways corn is used and that by sharing special foods, they share something special about themselves.
    • 5. Jobs Day

      01 Dec '22
      It’s Jobs Day! Elmo and his friends are learning about jobs they would like to do when they grow up. When Gabrielle doesn’t know what she wants to do yet, she learns that if you work hard and practice, you can do anything you want to do. First lady and teacher Jill Biden teaches Elmo, Abby, and Tamir about all different types of jobs.
    • 6. Bert's Bike Day with Luis

      08 Dec '22
      Luis and Ernie help Bert gain the confidence to ride his bike without training wheels after they break. In loving memory of Emilio Delgado, our beloved Luis.
    • 7. Happy Hair Day

      15 Dec '22
      Elmo and his friends are singing about hair! They all sing together about how hair is part of what makes each of them special no matter how it grows.
    • 8. Rudy's Favorite Sweater

      22 Dec '22
      When Rudy’s favorite sweater no longer fits, Nina suggests they have a clothing drive so everyone in the neighborhood can donate clothes they don’t need to those who do.
    • 9. How to Catch a Robot Dog

      29 Dec '22
      Elmo and Tamir need to catch Norbert’s robot dog, Alfred, but he keeps running away. What if they make a fishing pole with a magnet since Alfred is made of metal? Let’s try!
    • 10. Big Bird's Happy To Be Me Club

      05 Jan '23
      Big Bird wants to join the Good Bird’s Club, but the members try to bully him into changing.
    • 11. Gold Medal Tango

      12 Jan '23
      Elmo, Rosita, and Chris are making a doggy obstacle course for Tango. They find a hula hoop that Tango could jump through, but it won’t stand up. What if they put the hoop through the slats of two chairs? Let’s try!
    • 12. Bubble Trouble

      19 Jan '23
      It's national bubble week! Elmo, Rosita, Zoe, and Charlie are filling all of Sesame Street with bubbles to celebrate, but they are getting tired. They wonder if there's something that could make bubbles for them. What if they put bubble wands on an egg rack in front of a fan and spin it through a tub of soapy water? Let's try! It works. They didn't give up and Sesame Street gets filled with bubbles thanks to their new machine!
    • 13. Nani Bird Visits

      26 Jan '23
      Big Bird’s aunt, Nani Bird, is visiting Sesame Street from Hawaii. Nani Bird shares with Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Nina how to say “aloha,” make paper flower lei, and how to hula – all special things Big Bird’s family does in Hawaii.
    • 14. Family Album

      02 Feb '23
      Gabrielle and Tamir are making a family photo album for Grandma Nell. They learn about melanin and that sometimes people in a family can look alike, and sometimes they can look different, but are still the same family.
    • 15. Rockin' with Elmo and Abby

      09 Feb '23
      Elmo and Abby compromise to create the “Best Friend Song” from each of their favorite songs.
    • 16. Read-and-Share

      16 Feb '23
      Elmo, Gabrielle, and Ji-Young are at an Outdoor Library. When Ji-Young can’t find a book with all the things that make her special, she writes her own comic book with the help of her friends.
    • 17. Just Right

      23 Feb '23
      When James says Mia can’t play Goldilocks because she doesn’t look like her, Mia stands up for herself and James learns that the best part of acting out a story is that you can be anyone you want to be.
    • 18. Art Rocks!

      02 Mar '23
      Elmo, Abby, and Big Bird are painting pictures in the community garden, but they don’t have any paper. What if they paint on rocks that are strong and smooth? Let’s try!
    • 19. Cinderella's New Shoes

      09 Mar '23
      Cinderella doesn’t want to be a princess or open her new shoe store, she only wants to play. But when she meets Rosita, who suggests she get a new pair of sneakers, Cinderella realizes she can be a princess and play.
    • 20. Count On

      16 Mar '23
      Grover has a new job as a kitty sitter but struggles to count the number of kitties altogether. After the Count shares a shortcut – counting on, instead of from the beginning – Grover learns to count on from where he left off.
    • 21. Grouch-ercise

      23 Mar '23
      Oscar's been feeling terrible all day, so Elmo, Abby, Grundgetta, and Nina try to find different exercises to help him feel better. As they set off to tell Oscar all the exercises they came up with, they find him returning from a long, grouchy walk picking up trash. Oscar feels much better and is back to feeling good and rotten.
    • 22. Monster Truckin'

      30 Mar '23
      Elmo and Chris are making their own monster truck jump, but they don’t have a ramp. What if they make one out of a pizza box lid? Let’s try!
    • 23. Horsing Around

      06 Apr '23
      Julia and Samuel are helping Elmo learn to ride a pony at a horse farm. Before riding the pony, Elmo learns how to greet, feed, and brush the pony. When it’s time to ride, Elmo feels nervous. What if he practices belly breathing? Let’s try!
    • 24. Move and Groove on Sesame Street

      13 Apr '23
      On Dance Your Favorite Dance Day, Nina teaches everyone the moves to their favorite dances.
    • 25. Fans of the Fan Dance

      20 Apr '23
      Ji-Young invites her friends Elmo, Zoe, Gabrielle, Charlie, and Tamir to join her Korean fan dance class. Together they learn how to use the fans and thank Ji-Young for sharing the dance that’s special to her and her family.