• Air date: 11 Nov '21 35 episodes
      Join Elmo and the gang as they welcome Tango to the neighborhood, and explore more playful problem-solving with the phrase, “I Wonder…What if…Let’s Try!”
  • List of Episodes (35)
    • 1. Elmo Builds a Robot Dog

      11 Nov '21
      Elmo, Tamir, and Alan build a robot dog for Norbert the Robot, but the tail isn’t upright and “waggedy” like Tango’s tail. What if they use a wooden paint brush and wrap it with shiny foil? Let’s try!
    • 2. Elmo Mails a Letter

      18 Nov '21
      Elmo is mailing his first letter and follows mail carrier Ms. Hampton to the post office, where he sees how everyone’s mail gets sorted to go to the right place. Celebrity guest Jon Batiste sings about the heroes in our neighborhoods.
    • 3. Lunchtime Engineers

      25 Nov '21
      When Chris sprains his ankle, Zoe, Gabrielle, and Rosita use a rope and pulley to bring him his lunch, but the rope slips off the lunch bag. What if they put the lunch bag in a basket and tie the rope to the basket handle? Let’s try!
    • 4. Sesame Street Art Museum

      02 Dec '21
      Everyone is making a painting to hang in Sesame Street’s art museum. Rudy wants to paint a rainbow, but he can’t make the perfect purple. What if he mixes the red and blue paint a little bit at a time? Let’s try!
    • 5. Bug Scouts

      09 Dec '21
      Bug Scouts Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster want to help Artie the Ant carry a heavy crumb. They try pushing the crumb, but it’s too heavy to move. What if they break the crumb into smaller pieces? Let’s try!
    • 6. Doggie Job Search

      16 Dec '21
      Brandeis, a yellow Labrador Retriever, is looking for a job on Sesame Street, so Gina trains him for a career as a service dog!
    • 7. The Grouch Band

      23 Dec '21
      Oscar is getting ready for a virtual Grouch concert with the noisiest and most annoying instruments. Elmo’s Shaky Shake instrument isn’t noisy enough for the concert. What if he adds more rocks and blocks to his jar? Let’s try!
    • 8. The Letter M Mystery

      30 Dec '21
      The letter “M” goes missing from everywhere around Sesame Street, and it’s up to Nina and the gang to find it.
    • 9. Hike Pirates

      06 Jan '22
      Abby, Rudy, and Freddy are going on a hike. Rudy says he’s tired and wants to go home. To make their hike more fun, Freddy shows Abby and Rudy a map they can follow to find the hidden treasure left by hike pirates.
    • 10. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

      13 Jan '22
      Elmo and his friends are making a Peace Tree to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. They each draw a picture to show how they will carry on Dr. King’s wish by treating people fairly and kindly every day!
    • 11. Let's Play Pretend

      20 Jan '22
      When Prairie Dawn organizes costumes for the Dress Me Up Club, she learns that anyone can dress-up and play any way they want.
    • 12. Astro Team Alpha

      27 Jan '22
      Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster are playing a space game, driving rovers back to the rocket ship before it blasts off, but then Cookie gets stuck in a crater. What if they push a pile of dirt to make a ramp? Let’s try!
    • 13. A Trip to the Dentist

      03 Feb '22
      To help remind Julia what happens when you visit the dentist, Elmo, Charlie, and Alan play “pretend dentist” with her. After they count and clean a toy alligator’s teeth, they learn that dentists help keep our teeth clean and healthy.
    • 14. The Hair Dance

      10 Feb '22
      Gabrielle and Prairie Dawn think they can’t dance together because their hair doesn’t move the same way, but Nina helps them realize that it would be cool to let their hair do whatever it wants to do.
    • 15. Let's Grow Together

      17 Feb '22
      Welcome to the Sesame Street community garden! Tamir has an idea: open a garden stand to share what they grow. Alan shares his grandmother’s pickled daikon recipe. Alan's proud of his heritage and happy to be sharing his family’s culture
    • 16. The Super Shape Heroes

      24 Feb '22
      Telly, Elmo, and Rosita transform themselves into shapes to help people.
    • 17. Rainy Day Picnic

      03 Mar '22
    • 18. Fort Rudy

      10 Mar '22
    • 19. Gingerbread Man

      17 Mar '22
    • 20. Friendship Celebration

      24 Mar '22
    • 21. A Home for Gecko

      31 Mar '22
    • 22. Kind Alan

      07 Apr '22
    • 23. Sesame Street Sitters

      14 Apr '22
    • 24. Sesame Street Goes to the Farm

      21 Apr '22
    • 25. The Missing Goat Mystery

      28 Apr '22