• Air date: 01 Jan '14 21 episodes
      Rob Dyrdek takes the funniest amateur internet videos and builds them into an episode of edgy, funny, and most importantly, timeless television.
  • List of Episodes (21)
    • 1. Nick Swardson

      02 Jan '14
      Comedian Nick Swardson shows Rob what it means to be "Old and Horny," the lifestyle of "Day Drunks," and how he knows: "My Car's a Dick."
    • 2. Snoop Dogg a.k.a. Snoop Lion

      02 Jan '14
      Entertainment icon Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion and Rob enjoy some "Over the Tizzle Celebrizzles," watch the "Foreign 5-0" bumble their jobs and see what happens when kids have "Too Much Pep."
    • 3. Chanel and Sterling VI

      09 Jan '14
      Rob, Sterling, and Chanel VI have some laughs over civilian freak outs, broken news, a raccoon v. chimpanzee fight, and a mom with major indigestion.
    • 4. Jamie Lee

      09 Jan '14
      'Girl Code's Jamie Lee stops by 'Ridiculousness' and laughs at people who are "Bad With Kids" with Rob and the gang.
    • 5. Stevie Ryan

      16 Jan '14
      TV host Stevie Ryan hangs with the crew to watch hilarious videos about twerkaholics, sloppy make outs, and sh***y criminals.
    • 6. Chanel and Sterling VII

      23 Jan '14
      Rob, Steelo, and Chanel hang out and laugh at videos with British dads, "wet dumps," and random naps
    • 7. Mike Epps

      26 Jan '14
      Actor and comedian Mike Epps and Rob watch people "Getting Zombied," stuffing food in unlikely places to "Save it for Later" and ponder who is most deserving of "Bond or Burial" money.
    • 8. Michael B. Jordan

      26 Jan '14
      Actor Michael B. Jordan tells Rob about the pitfalls of "Bad Bro-mates," learns some new "Crying Styles" and scores some "Human Field Goals."
    • 9. Jenna Marbles

      30 Jan '14
      Internet sensation Jenna Marbles and Rob breakdown the web’s best “Face Lookers,” people whose injuries are “Selfie Inflicted” and the recent “Nerf-pocalypse.”
    • 10. Jackson Nicoll

      06 Feb '14
      Bad Grandpa star Jackson Nicoll stares Rob down in “Made You Blink,” sucker-punches Sterling with a “Jackson 5” and reveals why the best bathroom policy is: “Lock the Door!”
    • 11. Lil Duval

      13 Feb '14
      Comedian Lil Duval stops by the studio; Rob warns of the dangers of “Evil Tires” and how having a “Florida Vibe” isn’t always a good thing.
    • 12. Chanel and Sterling VIII

      20 Feb '14
      Rob, Sterling and Chanel explore the fun side of “Chatter Gas,” experience some “No Pros” going down and expose true feelings in “Surprise, I Hate You.”
    • 13. The Dudesons

      27 Feb '14
      Rob watches Finland’s craziest stuntmen, The Dudesons, become “Nudesons,” blast butts with “Fire in the Hole” and take aim at some “Human Targets.”
    • 14. Nyjah Huston

      06 Mar '14
      Skating sensation Nyjah Huston and Rob watch some “Less Gifted” athletes, see poorly behaved guys “Getting Nyjah’d” and learn how to forget everything with some heavy-hitting “Mind Erasers."
    • 15. Lacey Chabert

      09 Mar '14
      Actress Lacey Chabert and Rob break down old folk’s “Last Minute Adventures,” and lovers’ “Tender Moments,” while Lacey explains why it’s not always easy “Acting Sexy.”
    • 16. Derek Hough

      13 Mar '14
      Dancer and choreographer Derek Hough and Rob discuss the “Future of Dance,” see what happens to people with “Garbage Feet” and learn how to “Knock Yourself Out.”
    • 17. Chanel and Sterling IX

      20 Mar '14
      Rob, Sterling and Chanel explore the fun side of "Chatter Gas," experience some "No Pros" going down, and expose true feelings in "Surprise, I Hate You."
    • 18. Tyga

      27 Mar '14
      Rapper Tyga laughs with Rob as guys get nutted in “Rack City,” bad drivers think they “Found a Spot” and innocent victims get painfully close to sneakers in “Check Out My Kicks.”
    • 19. Guy Fieri

      27 Mar '14
      Foodie famous Guy Fieri and Rob take a tour through the Ridiculous side of “Flavortown,” learn how to “Tame Your Flame,” and say farewell to “Junky Cars.”
    • 20. Harley Morenstein

      31 Mar '14
      Harley “Epic Mealtime” Morenstein and Rob expose some “Epic Meal Crimes,” discover the shock of “Human Bacon,” and unravel the big meaning of “Balthazars.”
    • 21. Chanel and Sterling X

      03 Apr '14
      Rob hangs with Sterling and Chanel to breakdown some “Extreme Hugging,” see why people get “Un-followed” and join in the fun of a little “Slap Fight.”