• Air date: 13 Feb '13 20 episodes
      Rob Dyrdek takes the funniest amateur internet videos and builds them into an episode of edgy, funny, and most importantly, timeless television.
  • List of Episodes (20)
    • 1. Pauly D

      14 Feb '13
      DJ Pauly D of MTV's Jersey Shore stops by the studio to help weed out some "Jersey Shore Rejects" and show us what a little "Guy Touching and Laughing" is all about!
    • 2. Mac Miller

      21 Feb '13
      Twenty-one-year-old rapper Mac Miller joins Rob in the studio to discuss Mac's hilarious alter ego "Hairy Lovestein" and show us what it means to take a "Leap Of Faith."
    • 3. Steve-O

      28 Feb '13
      Steve-O helps the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.
    • 4. Chanel and Sterling III

      07 Mar '13
      Sterling and Chanel help the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.
    • 5. Dana White

      14 Mar '13
      Dana White helps the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.
    • 6. Bam Margera

      21 Mar '13
      Skateboarding legend and Jackass star Bam Margera joins Rob to marvel at graceful "Air Dancers" and analyze some painful "Tailboners."
    • 7. Ryan Sheckler

      28 Mar '13
      Ridiculousness' pays tribute to the late Ryan Dunn with an episode featuring commentary from the former 'Jackass' daredevil on a new bunch of crazy web videos.
    • 8. Carmen Electra

      04 Apr '13
      The one and only Carmen Electra joins fellow Ohio native Rob Dyrdek to show us what real "Screamers" are all about and get our heart rates up with a little "Sexercise."
    • 9. Ken Block

      11 Apr '13
      Rob and Gymkhana phenomenon Ken Block show us how not to be a "Gymkhanabe" and we see first hand what being a "Death Dodger" is all about!
    • 10. Riff Raff

      18 Apr '13
      Rapper Riff Raff shows off his Brain Freeze and joins Rob in breaking down some unbelievable Middle of the Mall Sh*t.
    • 11. Dominic Monaghan

      18 Jul '13
      Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan stops by the studio to marvel at some "Mild Things" and watch some innocent bystanders get "Water Damaged!"
    • 12. A$AP Rocky

      25 Jul '13
      Rob is joined by Rapper A$AP Rocky who demonstrates "A Sneaky Ass Play" and shows us why fine older ladies "Still Got It."
    • 13. Ray J

      01 Aug '13
      Singer Ray J drops by the studio to watch some "Knockout Entertainment" and discuss the danger of "Selfies."
    • 14. Chanel and Sterling IV

      08 Aug '13
      Rob, Sterling and Chanel marvel at some "Man Squirrels" and the unfortunate timing of people who become "Collateral Damage."
    • 15. Eddie Barbanell

      15 Aug '13
      Actor Eddie Barbanell and Rob take a look at some adorable "Humanimals" and feel the music with a little bit of "Mancing."
    • 16. Joanna Krupa

      22 Aug '13
      Rob and Super Model Joanna Krupa practice some "Partial Arts" and sneak a peak at some "Man Juggies."
    • 17. Chanel and Sterling V

      29 Aug '13
      Rob, Sterling and Chanel enjoy some "Dirty Getaways" and some unskilled workers proving why this has to be their "Last Day on the Job."
    • 18. Steve Aoki

      05 Sep '13
      Rob and International DJ Steve Aoki practice some "Instant Yoga" and check out the crowd madness at music "Mess-tivals
    • 19. Cody Simpson

      12 Sep '13
      Rob Dyrdek and Australian singer superstar Cody Simpson witness some extremely "Awkward Dates" and discover the internet's most "Anti-Viral Sensations."
    • 20. Fantasy Factory

      19 Sep '13
      Drama, Big Black and The Fantasy Factory crew stop by the studio to make some "Miracle Shots" and get "Gassed Up!"