Ridiculousness : Season 3

    • Air date: 13 Feb '13 20 episodes
  • List of Episodes (20)

    1. Pauly D

    • DJ Pauly D of MTV's Jersey Shore stops by the studio to help weed out some "Jersey Shore Rejects" and show us what a little "Guy Touching and Laughing" is all about!

    2. Mac Miller

    • Twenty-one-year-old rapper Mac Miller joins Rob in the studio to discuss Mac's hilarious alter ego "Hairy Lovestein" and show us what it means to take a "Leap Of Faith."

    3. Steve-O

    • Steve-O helps the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.

    4. Chanel and Sterling III

    • Sterling and Chanel help the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.

    5. Dana White

    • Dana White helps the host break down clips of outrageous viral videos.

    6. Bam Margera

    • Skateboarding legend and Jackass star Bam Margera joins Rob to marvel at graceful "Air Dancers" and analyze some painful "Tailboners."

    7. Ryan Sheckler

    • Ridiculousness' pays tribute to the late Ryan Dunn with an episode featuring commentary from the former 'Jackass' daredevil on a new bunch of crazy web videos.

    8. Carmen Electra

    • The one and only Carmen Electra joins fellow Ohio native Rob Dyrdek to show us what real "Screamers" are all about and get our heart rates up with a little "Sexercise."

    9. Ken Block

    • Rob and Gymkhana phenomenon Ken Block show us how not to be a "Gymkhanabe" and we see first hand what being a "Death Dodger" is all about!

    10. Riff Raff

    • Rapper Riff Raff shows off his Brain Freeze and joins Rob in breaking down some unbelievable Middle of the Mall Sh*t.

    11. Dominic Monaghan

    • Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan stops by the studio to marvel at some "Mild Things" and watch some innocent bystanders get "Water Damaged!"

    12. A$AP Rocky

    • Rob is joined by Rapper A$AP Rocky who demonstrates "A Sneaky Ass Play" and shows us why fine older ladies "Still Got It."

    13. Ray J

    • Singer Ray J drops by the studio to watch some "Knockout Entertainment" and discuss the danger of "Selfies."

    14. Chanel and Sterling IV

    • Rob, Sterling and Chanel marvel at some "Man Squirrels" and the unfortunate timing of people who become "Collateral Damage."

    15. Eddie Barbanell

    • Actor Eddie Barbanell and Rob take a look at some adorable "Humanimals" and feel the music with a little bit of "Mancing."

    16. Joanna Krupa

    • Rob and Super Model Joanna Krupa practice some "Partial Arts" and sneak a peak at some "Man Juggies."

    17. Chanel and Sterling V

    • Rob, Sterling and Chanel enjoy some "Dirty Getaways" and some unskilled workers proving why this has to be their "Last Day on the Job."

    18. Steve Aoki

    • Rob and International DJ Steve Aoki practice some "Instant Yoga" and check out the crowd madness at music "Mess-tivals

    19. Cody Simpson

    • Rob Dyrdek and Australian singer superstar Cody Simpson witness some extremely "Awkward Dates" and discover the internet's most "Anti-Viral Sensations."

    20. Fantasy Factory

    • Drama, Big Black and The Fantasy Factory crew stop by the studio to make some "Miracle Shots" and get "Gassed Up!"