Ridiculousness : Season 5

    • Air date: 09 Jul '14 18 episodes
  • List of Episodes (18)

    1. Chrissy Teigen

    • Chrissy Teigen helps break down outrageous viral videos in the Season 5 premiere.

    2. Eddie Huang

    • TV host and restaurateur Eddie Huang picks through some "Hot Trash," explains to Rob what it means to be "Fresh Off The Boat," and enjoys drivers even worse than Eddie.

    3. David Spade

    • Comedian David Spade and Rob search for the world's best "Stunt Butts," get a little redneck with some "Joe Dirts," and wave "Buh-Bye" to some poor souls.

    4. Chanel and Sterling XI

    • Rob, Sterling, and Chanel get their comedy missiles "Locked In" on some "Active Girth" and find out how the universe handles the "End of Days."

    5. Maria Menounos

    • Maria Menounos joins the crew and laughs at reporter mishaps, craziness at sporting events, pranks gone wrong, and more.

    6. David Arquette

    • Actor and producer David Arquette stops by Ridiculousness to laugh at videos inspired by his own characters, power calves, and that time he was thrown out of his own club!

    7. Larry King

    • Legendary TV Host Larry King joins the crew to laugh about painful crashes, pants mishaps, and what happens when you dance TOO sexy.

    8. Chanel and Sterling XII

    • Rob, Steelo, and Chanel laugh at bossy babies, momma damage, and party-hard senior citizens!

    9. Danny Way

    • Legendary pro skateboarder Danny Way stops by to watch hilarious videos of missed jumps, people who can't take hits, and chatter victims of anesthesia.

    10. Paul Rodriguez

    • Pro Skateboarder Paul Rodriguez hangs out on Ridiculousness and inspires categories with his board skills, time on Street Dreams, and even solving problems with his girlfriend.

    11. Kylie & Kendall Jenner

    • Kendall and Kylie Jenner are “Keeping Up With The Knormals,” dealing with “Krazy Moms” and teaching Rob how to “Kill The Kamera.”

    12. French Montana

    • Rapper French Montana serves up some “Smack and Cheese,” avoids dangerous “Gas Assassins,” and learns the true meaning of “Beast Friends Forever.”

    13. Chanel and Sterling XIII

    • Rob, Chanel and Sterling take a trip to "Injury Camp," watch things go "From Bad To Worse" and prove the existence of "Time Travelers.”

    14. Sage Kotsenburg

    • Pro snowboarder and Olympic Gold Medal winner Sage Kotsenburg stops by to watch videos about snowboarding mishaps, blonde haired dare devil fails, and brothers who don't quite fit in.

    15. Chanel Iman

    • Supermodel Chanel Iman stops by to inspire hilarious categories where those who aren't as graceful as her fall in heels, fly like angels, and have strange mating noises.

    16. 100th

    • Rob, Sterling and Chanel celebrate the 100th episode of Ridiculousness by getting “Popcorned,” trying not to catch “Heavy Leg Syndrome,” and having some good old-fashioned “Redneck Good Times.”

    17. Chanel and Sterling XIV

    • Rob, Sterling, and Chanel find out why “White Men Can’t Dread,” witness the winged lawbreakers of “Bird Crimes,” and take it to the next level with “Extremer Sports.”

    18. Nate Robinson

    • Professional basketball star Nate Robinson takes a look at some fellow “Sharpshooters,” plays some “Supermarket Sports,” and joins the celebration with “Dunk Cam.”