• Air date: 01 Apr '17 10 episodes
      Rick is a mentally-unbalanced but scientifically-gifted old man who has recently reconnected with his family. He spends most of his time involving his young grandson Morty in dangerous, outlandish adventures throughout space and alternate universes. Compounded with Morty's already unstable family life, these events cause Morty much distress at home and school.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. The Rickshank Redemption

      01 Apr '17
      The Smith family tries to cope without Rick, which is painful enough on its own without taking into consideration the stifling rules put into place by the Federation. Meanwhile Rick's past is finally revealed as he attempts to get out of his prison
    • 2. Rickmancing the Stone

      30 Jul '17
      Rick, Morty and Summer travel to a post-apocalyptic dimension and meet some dangerous enemies.
    • 3. Pickle Rick

      06 Aug '17
      It's family therapy time in this one broh. Classic stuff. Pickle Rick too.
    • 4. Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

      13 Aug '17
      Action and heroes.
    • 5. The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

      20 Aug '17
      Rick and Jerry goes on an adventure while Beth fails as a mother and Summer has body issues.
    • 6. Rest and Ricklaxation

      27 Aug '17
      Rick and Morty need a break.
    • 7. The Ricklantis Mixup

      10 Sep '17
      Rick and Morty head to Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Citadel of Ricks undergoes major changes under new leadership.
    • 8. Morty's Mind Blowers

      17 Sep '17
      Morty's memory is restored. For this reason, we finally learn the truth in this episode.
    • 9. The ABC's of Beth

      24 Sep '17
      Jerry is lucky with a lady and Beth recalls her childhood.
    • 10. The Rickchurian Mortydate

      01 Oct '17
      Rick goes on a confrontation with the President.