• 4.5/5

By the end of this i was into an emotional ocean with eyes swollen with tears and full of nostalgia.

This show is like diving into a sea of 90s and taking out every pearl of that time. Summer holidays which was really a festival at that time as study pressure got zero. The show explained the bonding of a family in a quite unique way. I can assure you, you will not only watching the episodes but also reliving the memories.Comics and Shaktimaan forever.

Talking about the characters, Dabbu is busy in holidays preparing for exams, a phase which comes in everyone's life reminding us how difficult those days were struggling for admission in a good college or coaching institute as shown. On the other hand harshu is with his partner in crime shanky does every silly mischief we used to do in our childhood. One of my favourite part of the show is harshu's birthday celebration which reminds me how golden those day were celebrating birthday in school , giving more chocolates to best friends and all of those memories i recalled watching the show made it worth watching.