• 3.5/5

The Kissing Booth 2 is a sequel to The Kissing Booth. Honestly, I found this a tad better then the first part.

Elle,the protagonist is now a senior in high school struggling to make grades meet while maintain her long distance relationship with her long time boyfriend Noah who's gone off to college. Everything starts crumbling once insecurities creep in leaving a lot of relationships at stake.

The movie in one word is cute. Nothing more, nothing less. It tends to give the same vibe and story line as that of "To all the boys I've loved before." I love how they kept the characters' personalities constant. The acting was on point. Though the dialogues and story plot have flaws, you tend to look past it because of how sweet and endearing the movie is. If you're a sucker for teen romantic movies, this will surely end up being one of your guilty pleasures.