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Supernatural (2005)

Overall, it’s a very good show that has won millions of hearts over.
The show follows the tale of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they live their lives “saving people, hunting things”. They fight the supernatural forces that threaten human lives.
It starts out as them following their father’s path to avenge their mother’s death caused by the paranormal. Dean is originally much more willing to live life as a hunter than Sam.
It is entertaining, emotional and funny in its own way. It concentrates on the relationship between two brothers, which is refreshing. It lacks a romance component which is much appreciated by the audience as it would make the show a cliché. It shows the strength of the bond of family.
It occasionally gets a little slow or repetitive but picks up again. If you push yourself and sit through the dull moments, you'll be treated to some really good plots!
The cast is selected perfectly to suit their roles. Every character has its own quirks and personality and are all loved equally by the viewers.
It shows even the supernatural world as more than black and white through the characters of various angels and demons and other creatures.
Supernatural has covered nearly all the creatures or monsters that most of us have ever heard of. It’s rather thrilling and fascinating. They often speak of the lore and that is very interesting to hear.
The show started off as a horror show that wasn't meant to last longer than the first 5 seasons. But the story took a different turn. So if you're in search of horror, this wouldn't be the show you're probably looking for. Otherwise, it's a darn good show!
Chilling and warming, all at the same time!
I think this is a show you fall in love with from the first episode. The story begins with Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, on his six month anniversary, where his mother dies in a paranormal incident. If your heart doesn't flutter at little Sammy and four-year-old Dean, the moment Dean says, "Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days." you are hooked. Over the course of thirteen seasons, you are entwined with the boys' struggles to save the world. You cannot help but get attached to the innocent faces turning to machines dragged by fate into the apocalypse. They are sure to leave you hurting but loving them more as each epsidoe progresses. Other important chrachters that you will not want to lose are Bobby (Oh, Bobby how i miss you), Kevin, Jo and Ellen, Ash and when Castiel comes along, you aren't leaving without the entrie season is done! Come for the looks and drama if you may, you're staying till the end.
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt a cold chill? Or have you ever walked down the road in the middle of the night, maybe returning from a party, and felt that someone is following you?
Have you ever seen black smoke without a chimney in sight? Well, do you think a specter is gonna give you the time to call the ghost busters? No, it won't. Then what do you do? Well, how about blasting it with a shotgun full of salt?! Yes, this show about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, and their search for their father that has them destroy and save the world at the same time, provides an intense and common man's view to dealing with all the spookies, creepy crawlies, nasties, badies and just plain evil in this world.
Well put together but Robert Singer and his ilk, this show translates all the legends, stories and urban myths that circulate the minds of those that believe in them, into a well thought and executed T.V. series that has gained a huge fan following over the years. Going strong in its 13th year now, the series has had a glowing cast of small screen stars and the lead characters Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki have a fan following to rival that of legends like Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan.
Supernatural is a fantasy come true for all those who want to watch a horror show with new twist and turns everyday and the bonus of witty comments.

The show portrays two brother's journey to save the world from the evil. Each episode comes with new twists and a new fantasy creature to hunt down. Follow the two brothers on their journey to kill demons and send them back to hell.

The witty humour and the imaginative insight into the world of Sam and Dean is what keeps one engaged in the show and leaves them hungry and eager for the next episodes.

The show has been so successful that it has 13 seasons with a new creature to kill, with every new episode. The kick ass show has it all-- hell, heaven, purgatory, angels, prophets and even death itself, played by Julian Richings, you name it and the show has it.

All in all the show is a mystic and fantastic blend of horror, humour with an intense amount of entertainment and obviously our protagonists charming wits.

I highly recommend this show and it is a must watch for people who like to watch a new adventure with every episode and are searching for something mind blowing to watch.

Drama, adventure and inspiration
The show revolves around two brothers who hunt supernatural creatures and have been raised in this life by their dad after demise of their mother.Eric Kripke has brought forwards an amazing way of capturing audiences attention to feed them with significance of family, friends and beliefs, it is not about fighting creatures but fighting for your loved ones and the greater good. The show stole hearts for the real life chemistry between Jensen Ackles ( director of 11th season) , Jared Padelecki and Misha Collins playing Dean, Sam and Castiel respectively.
Supernatural is about two brothers fighting all the evil present in america. Initially the series is very interesting as we get to see a lot of folk lore come to life . But after season 6 the storyline seemed repetitive and became too melodramatic. Every season one of the brother dies and the other saves him from hell or heaven. They also stretched the angels arc a bit too much which made the series even more boring. The funny moments between Sam and Dean gives us a few chuckles but the story is too weak to be continued. I hope they put the show out of it's misery soon enough.
Enjoyable Original and Dazzling
Supernatural started it first season in the year 2005 and has maintained creditable viewership record till date.
The story is based on two brothers Sam and Dean. Dean decides to follow his father's path, that of a 'Hunter". Sam was reluctant at first, but later, is forced into his fathers path.
Their adventurous journey is depicted in all the episodes. Though the story is breathtaking, some episodes lag and turns out to be boring,
Overall, it is a great show to watch.
Has every possible supernatural just name it!!! Just one complain..."Idol episode: one with lord ganesh and goddess Kali" - It was definitely offensive for many of us (including me)...they really crossed the line there!!!!!!!
oneTimeWatch #GetsBetter and then
It's good up to some extent. After some seasons it becomes totally boring and repetative as hell. Watch it at your own risk.
watch it till season 5 where the story actually ends :) :) as things become monotonous after a while !!!!
The first three seasons were amazing but after that it got a little bore.
Up to 6th season it is exceptional, 7th is boring