Supernatural Review

  • 4.5/5
Overall, it’s a very good show that has won millions of hearts over.

The show follows the tale of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they live their lives “saving people, hunting things”. They fight the supernatural forces that threaten human lives.

It starts out as them following their father’s path to avenge their mother’s death caused by the paranormal. Dean is originally much more willing to live life as a hunter than Sam.

It is entertaining, emotional and funny in its own way. It concentrates on the relationship between two brothers, which is refreshing. It lacks a romance component which is much appreciated by the audience as it would make the show a cliché. It shows the strength of the bond of family.

It occasionally gets a little slow or repetitive but picks up again. If you push yourself and sit through the dull moments, you'll be treated to some really good plots!

The cast is selected perfectly to suit their roles. Every character has its own quirks and personality and are all loved equally by the viewers.

It shows even the supernatural world as more than black and white through the characters of various angels and demons and other creatures.

Supernatural has covered nearly all the creatures or monsters that most of us have ever heard of. It’s rather thrilling and fascinating. They often speak of the lore and that is very interesting to hear.

The show started off as a horror show that wasn't meant to last longer than the first 5 seasons. But the story took a different turn. So if you're in search of horror, this wouldn't be the show you're probably looking for. Otherwise, it's a darn good show!