• 2.5/5

This has been such a disappointing summer for movies. I'm not the only one to say so, but add my voice to the chorus. Too many sequels for the sake of sequels and the big money of international audiences. Meeting release dates just because a franchise movie has to be in that slot. Blech. I had high hopes for Suicide Squad. It looked irreverent and cool like Deadpool. I'm not a comics reader so I have no idea what is canon or what the original origin stories are for these characters. A team of bad guys turned into heroes? Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone? After all the missteps with all these enormous ensemble character movies, I have gained new depths of respect for Joss Whedon, James Gunn and J. J. Abrams. It is damn hard to introduce us to a bunch of characters, give us their background, create chemistry between them all, and insert some witty cool banter. Damn hard. And if you try too hard to look cool and sound cool, you end up with something like Suicide Squad. This movie is a mess. It needed some more script polishing or something. It's just meh. It's not the worst movie I'veever seen, but it's not good either. Read the rest of my review here: https://moviemavengal.com/2016/08/12/suicide-squad-well-margot-robbie-was-good-and-viola-davis-is-terrifying/

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