Padman Review

  • 4/5
Got placed in my all time favs!

In dry state Gujarat, film theaters were also facing dryness at the box office. Since, Padmaavat is not being released in this state, every cinelover or even normal people were waiting for a film to watch in theater. So, in the second month of the year, a film is out starring the most popular actor- Akshay Kumar in the titular role of Padman.

Film is based on true story. Padman is a madman- This is what the villagers think. Because, He cares and thinks for the safety of his wife while she is having a period. He then understands the basic needs for women. How does he invent pads and after that what problems he faces to aware people for using those pads are the questions which will be covered during the film. And this film is the most entertaining film, I repeat, Most entertaining film!

I found Toilet very slow and boring. But, this is super intriguing and paced based film. R. Balki is known for his unusual subjects. He is master in that. So, no doubt in that. Though I feel this film does not show his directorial efforts. But, kudos to him for his brave choices and also for, as of now, his biggest hit till date.

Radhika Apte suits in her character of a village bride. She plays comfortably. Sonam Kapoor has one more hit in her career. Again she shines out, like she was in Bhag Milkha Bhag. She delivers her one of the best performances. Others are good. Balki's film is incomplete without Amitabh Bachchan, so brace yourself before watching his cameo!

Akshay Kumar is the only actor who works for his audience. Now, he is bringing stories which have to be told worldwide. Also, I feel that he is becoming mature towards his acting and choosing subjects. No other actor can pull off this role as beautifully as him. This time I am feeling the vibes of him enjoying this role so much, as he always tries to help someone, especially women, and this character does the same!

Amit Trivedi is known for his western music with cultural touch. You will feel this in Sayaani Song. Title song is good, too. Sweet, simple and suitable music. If you want shayari with simple words or even English words, Kausar Munir is the best lyricist. She can give you Tu Hi Hai from Dear Zindagi, as well as, Aaj Se Tera Ho Gaya in this one.

With claps worthy dialogues, entertaining screenplay, Narmada, New York, IIT Delhi and Akshay Kumar all in one packet, this Padman will satisfy you for sure. The speech at UN by Padman was terrific. His monologue will be remembered for life long!

With mixture of emotions, innocence and determination, anyone can come up with an innovation. Try to think besides yourself. The world is waiting for your invaluable ideas. JanSankhya (Number of people) is more in our country, so does ZahanSankhya (Number of Minds)! Think in the direction of betterment of people. Like Padmashree winner- The Original Padman did.