Mythomaniac Review

  • 2.5/5
Authentic but superfluous

A French drama set in the overbearing modern day, where relationships are fickle and emotions are superficial, “Mythomaniac” attempts to explores the darker, more grim aspects of human psyche.

There’re quite a few things to like. The plight of a tired, undervalued and overwhelmed Elvira (a wife and a mother), putting up with a dead marriage, difficult children and a tiring job has been well portrayed by Marina Hand. When her family finds out about her harmless visit to the hospital, she refrains from revealing the truth and concocts a lie about being diagnosed with cancer. Although her medical condition initially strengthens her family, but eventually her lies catch up and she finds herself grappling with her own web of myths.

Other than a few convincing performances, there’s a little to hold attention. The pace of the show is slow and flow incoherent. It is also hard to relate to characters as they can often seem superfluous, or frankly a tad too weird.

Despite its flaws, I will recommend mythomania to anyone with abundant time and and appetite for outlandish dramas.