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Mythomaniac is streaming online on Netflix.

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Desperate to get her family attention, an overworked mother, lie to them about her condition.
Mythomaniac is a drama tv series starring Marina Hands, Mathieu Demy, Marie Drion and Jérémy Gillet. It is created by Anne Berest. Mythomaniac is currently streaming at Netflix.

Mythomaniac Cast

User Review
  • 2.5/5
Authentic but superfluous

A French drama set in the overbearing modern day, where relationships are fickle and emotions are superficial, “Mythomaniac” attempts to explores the darker, more grim aspects of human psyche.

There’re quite a few things to like. The plight of a tired, undervalued and overwhelmed Elvira (a wife and a mother), putting up with a dead marriage, difficult children and a tiring job has been well portrayed by Marina Hand. When her family finds out about her harmless visit to the hospital, she refrains from revealing the truth and concocts a lie about being diagnosed with cancer. Although her medical condition initially strengthens her family, but eventually her lies catch up and she finds...

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