Demak ko Dard nahi hota !
I was looking forward to this film ever since its first off beat sort of teaser-trailer. The last trailer was fantastic and I had high hopes for the film. The good thing is that the actions scenes don’t disappoint, but the film is… pretty ok for the rest of it. Lets dig in…

This film is an homage to the Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan sort of films. Chinese Kung Fu classics. For someone who loves Hong Kong actioners, Hollywood action movies this film is simply just made for them. There are so many references to the aforementioned Genres of cinema. From Star Wars to Spiderman’s colors in some henchman’s shoes the pop culture references never stop.
Most would compare this film to Kick-Ass and it would be justified as it’s in the same sort of tongue-in-cheek actioners. However, this is not a copy nor inspired from Kiss-Ass. The story and setting is fully original and very Mumbaiyaa.

Direction :
As already mentioned the action scenes are pretty good but they do feel a bit disjointed at times, as if they ran out of budget to shoot a full fight sequence and kept only the small parts in a montage. But the choreography of the fights is top notch and feels as real as the kung-fu films it’s referencing.
The let down in the film is its pace and editing. There are lots of scenes which are not edited tightly and go on for way too long even after they have established the point. This drags the film down and brings down the overall enjoyment of the whole thing. It takes way too long to come to the point and introduce the most entertaining character in the film… which brings us to acting.

Acting :
The film’s best character(s) is played by the very under rated Gulshan Devaiah. He plays twin brothers in the film, the hero’s mentor as well as the villain and properly introduced only POST interval. He plays the villain ‘Jimmy’ as a cliché psychotic villain, not my words, that’s how the film describes him! The film is fully self aware of all the typical action film tropes and uses them to put across a point quickly with some quirkiness.
Gulshan Devaiah is very good in both his roles and has the best lines in the film. Once he appears on screen he steals the show entirely from the film’s lead.
Which brings us to the film’s title character aka Surya played by Abhimanyu Dasani. He is a star son whose mother is Bhagyashree. Nepotism aside he is pretty good in his role of an off beat action movie loving nerd who just also happens to have an abnormal condition because of which he cant feel any pain.
His facial expressions and quirks are prefect for the character and overall he doesn’t disappoint in his debut.
But the female lead on the other hand is a different matter. She is good looking enough but is sort of bland in her acting and lacks any sort of on screen presence. Her role is not there just for eye candy, the writer has given her some good scenes to work with but her limitation as an actress makes those scenes a pain to watch and get through.
Last but not the least, Mahesh Manjrekar is simply superb as the hero’s old guardian grandfather. He has some good lines and his acting is very good. Totally believable in his role but he doesn’t come across as hammy or clichéd. He is a cool sort of grandfather who serves as an inspiration to his grandson.
The film is worth watching based on these performances by Mahesh Manjrekar and Gulshan Devaiah alone.

Overall :
The movie has some good songs, decent action scenes and the climax is well done. For people who like an off beat non mainstream actioner with quirky dialogs and lots of pop culture references, this is a good film to see in the cinemas. Despite some pacing issues the film is well made and worth a watch.

Rating :
7.5 / 10. Would have rated it higher if it was more tightly edited and better paced.