This Yash starrer is a must watch.
KGF:Chapter 1 is a Kannada action film starring Yash, Srinidi Shetty and others.

When I heard about this movie, I thought it's a complete sillyness to have it clash with Srk's Zero. But I am completely wrong(I am not criticising Zero since I haven't seen it yet). This film has all the elements of a classic action movie- style, drama, action, music. It's a complete action packed entertainer that you'll definitely love.

Plotline & Screenplay:
The plot tells the story of a goon who wants to become the most powerful man. His ambitions take him to his destiny where much bloodier things await him: Kolar Gold Fields.
The screenplay is that of a non-linear narrative. It jumps back and forth between 1981 & 2018, narrating the story of Yash' character, Rocky. It is quite fast-paced, the scene does not remain for long. The first half was comparitively much more faster than the second one. You'll never know how the time passes. Sometimes it might become a bit hard to keep pace with the scene, but if "you are" watching the film, it'll be fine. There were a lot of characters introduced in the first half, and you might get confused in that. Maybe that's because of the editing. It could have been a bit steady.

Yash delivers a performance of the lifetime. He has done an impeccable job. You can't just take off your eyes off him when he is on the screen. He is charming, attractive, stylish. He perfectly delivers his emotions in every scene. Rest of the cast did a good job, but I think they weren't given that much of prominence. They might not look menacing, but the screenplay make them look so.

Music & Direction:
The music of the film is good. I liked the songs. The bgm is one of the X-factors of the film. it is enough to give you goosebumps. Salaam Rocky Bhai introduces us to Rocky and his menace. Gali Gali song was also good.
Prashant Neel has done a great job in directing the film. His writing too is excellent. Hats off to his efforts.

Go watch this film, and you'll come out of the theatre with an anticipation for its sequel.

Best scene:
[Minor Spoiler]
When Rocky stops the traffic for a mother with a child who is desparate for a bun.