• 3.5/5
Enjoyed it, bit lengthy n improper, sequel abhi baki hai mere dost!

Went with a lot of expectations. I think it's a first musical film of India. So that some can not enjoy the film, but how can I get borred who loves to listen songs!

I went there for the combo of Anurag and Ranbir. This time too it is extremely good. I like Katrina also and three of them did perfectly.

The film is not for Kids I guess, they may get borred in the film. But the location and cinematography are praiseworthy and eye catchy. I found the ending was not done properly. I felt many scenes were not perfect. So I lost the faith that it will get any award. This film has been made in 3.5 years, but I felt that the result is not that much high! If they had consumed time, the output should have been accurate.

That doesn't mean it is dull or boring. Audience will take home the Manipur portion. Because the outdoor part is very much complex or misplaced. Or even improper!

No doubt in performances. No doubt in direction. VFX should be more clear.

Music is perfect. Lyrics are awesome. Especially ~ Dil ullu ka pathha hai.... In which this line is my favourite - Dil Akbar Ka Pota Hai

Overall, after Bahubali 2, only film of this year which deserves 100cr or 150cr.

What's your take? After the last scene, I am waiting for its sequel.

Great to have you back :)
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