Girls Hostel Review

  • 4/5

It is one of the best web series from Girliyapa. The episode begins with Richa the new girl shifts to the hostel with Milli being her roommate. Soon they have their 3rd roomate Jo, a spoil brat and a bully of the dental college. As the annual event is close, Richa meets Zahira, the head leader of dental college. As time passes Both Richa and Milli get to know that there is a huge competition between the Dental and the Medicals and hence they find out that the head leader of Medicals Ramya mantri is copying theirs. Further are finding on how Zahira and Jo who were the besties turned the biggest enemies and how Ramya mantri is involved in it and also how these girls escape from the warden during weekends and etc. Watch further episodes to know the truth behind them.