Aafat Review

Amish Gupta
  • 4/5
Powerhouse of emotions

Hard work, creative efforts, and earnest thoughtfulness were what went into the making of this show, and it becomes apparent from the title itself which is actually an acronym for the name of characters of the 5 female leads - Ayesha (Anshul Chauhan), Aditi (Pushtii Shakti), Faiza (Chitrashi Rawat), Anu (Neelam Sivia), and Titli (Nikita Dutta). Everyone one of them is indeed capable of bringing 'Aafat,' given their compelling performances and dialogue delivery.

At first glance, a corny story of a bachelor trying to find a bride through a marriage bureau, seems to be capable of putting anyone to a deep sleep but thank heavens, looks can be deceptive. The show is not about Ghoongats, Samosas or 'khana bana leti ho?' it's a well told tale of 5 unique, eccentric and bold women, who refuse to resign to societal conforms. Despite their bravado, they struggle and suffer, making them just as human as you and me. Performances do complete justice to thoughtfully written characters. Even the matchmaker has a wacky sense of humor which she puts to good use for entertainment.

The show does a great job when taking digs at societal norms and challenging them in their totality. It is miles ahead of most series in Indian web-space. It's an experience, I believe, everyone must go through, living it along with some charming leads, and savoring the genius that is the script.

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