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3 Idiots (2009)

" 3 idiots " is a very motivational movie . This movie reveals the reality about student's condition . This is sad but the reality is that in now a days students are studying for getting marks only . I just can't understand why study for only getting marks ? The students get marks but they don't get any knowledge. They just learn and write in exams without knowing it's meaning.
Well actually it's a very nice movie . Actors played their role very naturally . Every student and their parents must watch this movie to know that students should not be pressurized for their studies and not for anything .
Concept of movie is very nice & I praise the writer and director and everyone who had done their best for making this film .
This is what you call an Entertainment.
Excellent movie with some of the best direction of all-time. This movie will drive you crazy. It's just the full package entertainment with perfect script, story, punches, songs and the timings. A movie children would love to watch because of few educational concepts are taught in an entertaining way. The comedy timings and the role of Chatur Ramalingam fits to the perfection. There are few emotional as well as tricky moemnts in the movie which keeps the watcher thinking about the next plot. This all was possible only because of one man "THE PERFECTIONIST". Being in the mid 40s, he has adapted himself in the best possible way to look like a 22 year old Engineering Student. Dialogue writing has also been very effluent. You do see lot of people using this movie's dialogues in their personal life. Boman Irani once again was at his very best playing the role of a strict Principal. Kareena Kapoor adds the finishing touch to the movie. Music is again mind blowing. One can just say that if you are bored of watching Masala movies, if you are bored of watching an action or romantic bollywood movies then please go and watch this movie as it gives you one more reason to love Bollywood. Full paisa wasool movie.
'3 idiots' as a name suggest this movie is really the comedy one.The movie has a unique concept and shows that Every human has its own freedom for deciding His/Her future.The movie shows the story of 3 friends raised with different dreams but as they are provoked by their parents they are doing the same course but atlast because of the one among them i.e Aamir(Rancho) they finally got there own way.The movie shows that life is not about getting good grades its about chasing your dreams.
A simple story of friendship, inspiring in many ways that teaches you to follow your passion no matter the obstacles. The movie is a perfect blend of Drama,Romance and comedy. Even though it is based on a Chetan Bhagat novel the cinematography is being done in a very intelligent way. A big lesson you can take from the film is during difficult situations keep your hand on top of your heart and say " All is well". That wont solve your problem but will definitely give you the courage to overcome it.
An important aspect shown with euphemism and in alluring manner. Epitome of college life, though in certain aspects caricatures can be noticed. But certain scenes are harsh facts to be expected. Reality delved in the house of Comedy.
Hit movie?
It was so inspiring . There were so many lessons in a movie and very simple smooth movie it was. The romance and bromance both were impressive. It also stressed on the reality of sucides and serious matter related to it.
Heart Thorbbing!!
Each and every person can re;ate his or her life to this film somewhere the other.It is a movie for all age groups.It has everything in it.Innovation,Romance,Comedy,Emotions,Friendship,Love all in one.It was humorous too.There were twists and turns and we didn't knew where he was actually and what was his name!The last scene was the best when Amir tells "sign kese karu pen to tu le gaya....".Apart from entertainment the best thing is it teaches us a lot about life,success,dream and a lot more.I just loved the story and the execution as well and truly speaking it has inspired everyone who as seen it.Apart from doing a lot many movies which has got no story in it if one such movie is mad each year,it would be a treat for all of us to watch that.

The film deals with most of the student's problems. They do not follow their dream, they follow the crowd. The movie started with a very nice narrative from one of the characters. I like the whole movie except the idea that the writer and director Rajkumar Hirani presented. He conveyed that one has to find their passion in life then follow it. I don't agree with this idea. I am talking about the scene when Rancho refers to Suhas as "GHADHA" because he chose a banking job after engineering. You will understand when you watch the film or has already watched it. Except this, the whole movie is fantastic to watch.
Acting: Aamir Khan brought certain credibility to the role. Like students don't have toned up muscles. R. Madhvan's role as Farhaan was absolutely fantastic. There are people like Farhaan in this world. Sharman Joshi's character as Raju was also fantastic. The persons like Raju are always afraid of different kinds of failures. Virus's character is not a single character. It is a collection of character which everyone can find in their lives.

Film: The cinematography and direction are up to the mark.
Final verdict: You can watch the movie and have a great time with your family. You can watch it with your friends and teachers also. The movie can be shown for motivation to people who have lost hopes to be successful.

I give 8/10. I deducted 2 points because it showed things very generalized.
Very enjoyable comedy, and Aimir Khan was fantastic. Reminded me of Real Genius in a way. Set at a prestigious engineering college three roommates become friends, surviving hazing and a competitive environment so fierce it drives a student to suicide.

I had my Indian neighbor over for brunch the next morning after I watched this film, and it turns out he attended the same engineering school as in the film, but the Bombay campus (there are five campuses of this school). He said the hazing in the film is true to life, and he went through something very similar, being woken up in the middle of the night and forced to strip in front of upperclassmen. He said students at this college "have a chip on their shoulder" because it's so terribly competitive to get in.
The story is about three friends who comes from different backgrounds.How they influence each other and achieve their goals.The life of an Indian engineering student was shown crystal clearly.Every aspect in this movie(songs,background music,editing,lighting)makes audience stick to the chair
The education system in India and what it does to the students, it's consequences and picturization is done in 3 idiots which starts with the journey of 3 friends, how they end up in a situation where things get worse and finally get better for everyone in the end.
3 idiots is one of the best movie and most inspiring movie so far I have watched, great movie, shows the critical indian mentality of the society we dwell in.
The three idiots, Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Farhan Qureshi (R Madhavan), are perfect archetypes of the new age Indian who is essentially a non-conformist, questioning outmoded givens, choosing to live life on his own terms and chartering new roads that consciously
Arijit Sen reviewed 3 Idiots
The movie is just hilarious. It perfectly shares the real life troubles that we engineering students face in college life. Every scene of the movie contains so much natural comedy that anyone who watches it would surely become a fan of this movie.
A true Rajkumar hirani film in all sense..
"its an inspiring movie which states that a girl/boy/child should not be imposed to go for a particular stream of education."Let him/her follow the interest and let him live this life which is given just once"And say""ALL IZ WELL""