• Air date: 22 Apr '94 9 episodes
      Jake takes out an ad in the newspaper after the suicide of his unfaithful fiancée, in an effort to understand the reasons for the betrayal. By soliciting the secret diaries of other women, he hopes to find some reconciliation with the truth.
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • 1. Night of Abandon

      23 Apr '94
      A family crisis prompts a shy Isabelle to head for Rio de Janeiro. When there, she attends a wild pagan New Year festival during which all her wishes come true in a night of wild sensual abandon.
    • 2. Naked in the Moonlight

      30 Apr '94
      Once upon a time two lovers from opposite sides of the tracks were torn apart by the girl's disapproving father. Fifteen years later, she pulls her inheritance, dad's vintage Cadillac, into the auto shop and the hunky mechanic servicing her looks hauntingly familiar.
    • 3. Hotline

      14 May '94
      When Tess takes a job as a receptionist she discovers the company is actually a love hotline, unsure at first she quickly enjoys the fantasies and brings them home to her husband, bringing passion back into her dormant marriage.
    • 4. Runway

      21 May '94
      A taxi ride leads to spiritual and sensual bliss for a fashion model upset with the limitations of her superficial career.
    • 5. Kidnap

      04 Jun '94
      An investment banker meets a cowboy during a robbery.
    • 6. Burning Up

      14 Jul '94
      A lonely lady cannot stop thinking about the Adonis-like fireman she saw rescue a woman from a burning house. She becomes completely consumed by the flames of a sultry obsession. Her searing desire leads her to set the stage of a dream seduction that is beyond too hot to handle -- it could be downright fatal for her!
    • 7. Borders of Salt

      23 Jul '94
      Claudia and Paul are strangers on a train, who, by a twist of fate end up sitting next to each other for supper. Verbal foreplay becomes the appetizer as the two engage in an intimate conversation that becomes the most truthful soul-searching exchange either one has ever encountered. Their words soon lead to touch, and an evening of utter ecstasy follows. Can this bliss be sustained?
    • 8. The Game

      06 Aug '94
      Lilly talks about the Red Shoe Diaries board game - a contest of sexual fantasy and intrigue. Tell... Touch... Show... Wild Card. Lilly is caught in a whirlwind of passion and sensuality, more uninhibited... and more obsessed.
    • 9. Liar's Tale

      21 Jan '95
      A journalist researches a report on prostitution.