• Air date: 05 Feb '95 12 episodes
      Jake takes out an ad in the newspaper after the suicide of his unfaithful fiancée, in an effort to understand the reasons for the betrayal. By soliciting the secret diaries of other women, he hopes to find some reconciliation with the truth.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. In the Blink of an Eye

      06 Feb '95
      Kathryn's a horse trainer who's happily married to Kirk, a boxing trainer. When Rob, one of Kirk's virile boxers, enters Kathryn's stable her heart starts to trot. When Kirk discovers their tryst, he's set to deliver his own knockout blow.
    • 2. Some Things Never Change

      13 Feb '95
      After years apart, a man and a woman reunite. They try to come to terms with each other's needs and soon discover their passions haven't dampened.
    • 3. You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses

      20 Feb '95
      Calahan has a passion for dresses and Brandy absolutely hates them. But with a little, not so sweet, Texan persuasion, Brandy eventually relents. And she realizes that she loves the man who found the way to access her untamed heart.
    • 4. Gina

      27 Feb '95
      A married woman is attracted to a boxer.
    • 5. Alphabet Girl

      06 Mar '95
      Vanessa's a supermodel paying the price for both her beauty and fame. She's steeped in the dazzling and destructive world of the fashion industry, but one true friendship saves her. The problem is it's with the assistant to her photographer-boyfriend.
    • 6. The Psychiatrist

      13 Mar '95
      Sofa, so good. Couch time becomes quality time for a doctor and a very good patient. But is it all pillow talk for this doctor?
    • 7. Written Word

      27 Mar '95
      A Sexy professor fantasizes about her favourite student
    • 8. Like Father, Like Son

      03 Apr '95
      When Jamie first met Celeste, she was his father's lover. It was many years ago. He might have been a boy then, but he knew love and he felt it for her. When the two meet again, he is a grown man, and she is wiser still sexy after all these years. Against her better judgement, she falls for Jamie's advances, for he is impossible to resist. It is then she learns the truth to the saying "like father, like son," and what a blissful lesson it is...
    • 9. Love at First Sight

      10 Apr '95
    • 10. Girl on a Bike

      17 Apr '95
      A man falls instantly in love with a girl he sees walking down the street. When the rushed woman hops on her bike and speeds off, he can't let this vision ride out of his life. He hops on his moped and earnestly chases her throughout the streets of Paris...and straight into her heart.
    • 11. The Cake

      25 Apr '94
      A woman tries to spice up her love life by turning herself into a cake for her husband's birthday
    • 12. Four on the Floor

      01 May '95
      Four friends speeding through a rainfall get into a minor car accident. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, the couples run to a nearby abandoned house with no phone connection. Fortunately, the combination of each other's company, a fireplace, a lot of wine and a bed is an equation for a memorable sensual experience.