• Air date: 26 Jun '92 15 episodes
      Jake takes out an ad in the newspaper after the suicide of his unfaithful fiancée, in an effort to understand the reasons for the betrayal. By soliciting the secret diaries of other women, he hopes to find some reconciliation with the truth.
  • List of Episodes (15)
    • 1. Safe Sex

      27 Jun '92
      When a beautiful, consummately professional woman accepts a ride in the rain from a handsome stranger, she steps into a world where nothing is forbidden... except their real identities. As their passion grows, she finds out that there is no such thing as “safe sex.”
    • 2. Double Dare

      18 Jul '92
      A woman considers infidelity with a man in a nearby office building
    • 3. You Have the Right to Remain Silent

      08 Aug '92
      Lynn is a very disciplined policewoman who's obsessive about her work, her relationships and her body. She's noticed by every guy at the gym—except for Nick, a power lawyer and power athlete. Nick always gets what he wants when he wants it and always wins. Lynn has finally met her match until she decides to use her badge to her advantage. She pulls Nick over for a minor traffic violation, arrests him and takes him to an abandoned loft. Now that she has power over him, Lynn won't let Nick go
    • 4. Talk to Me Baby

      22 Aug '92
      Ida is a beautiful and wild European. Bud, her boyfriend, loves Ida—but can't help himself when it comes to the ladies. When Ida finds him in the men's room with the winner of a wet T-shirt contest she is understandably livid. He'll do anything to win back Ida, even if it means killing them both in the process.
    • 5. Just Like That

      17 Apr '93
      Receptionist Trudie's straightforward life becomes complicated when two men fall for her on the same day. Unable to choose between bizarrely dress courier, Kyle, and businessman Phillip, she initially ignores the advances of both. Eventually she surprises herself by joining Kyle in a ""broken down"" elevator and later that same day finds herself in bed with the toe-sucking Phillip. Throughout the episode Trudie two-times the men, never knowing whether to go dancing with Kyle or dining with
    • 6. Another Woman's Lipstick

      01 May '93
      A woman obsessed with her lover's mistress is torn between sadness and desire. After watching the two rendez-vous, the wife dons men's clothing and follows her. Before you know it the husband is finding lipstick traces on her collar!
    • 7. Accidents Happen

      15 May '93
      Daria becomes the maid for a very in love couple but she has trouble understanding their language of love until she finds a novel way to fit into the happy household.
    • 8. Auto Erotica

      29 May '93
      After a late night at work, Claudia is ready to burn off some steam, and her new sports car is a perfect release. She gets more action than she bargained for when she has a near-miss accident with a foxy pedestrian. Suddenly he's behind the wheel and pursuing her through the predawn streets of L.A. and the empty highways of the Mojave desert, into the new day and a new sexual awakening.
    • 9. Emily's Dance

      12 Jun '93
      Emily is elated and terrified when she is chosen to be the lead dancer in a hot new video, the pressure builds when she meets the beautiful star of her video. She panics until he finds a way to bring Emily out of her shell and into the spotlight.
    • 10. The Bounty Hunter

      26 Jun '93
      A statuesque female bounty hunter is given her toughest hands-on assignment yet. She must nab a seductive con-man who has made a career out of charming women out of their fortunes. He catches on to her game before she even rolls the dice, and works his magic on her until the two are entwined in an intense match of intelligence, psychological instinct, and pure lust.
    • 11. Jake's Story

      10 Jul '93
      Go deep into the mind of the man in search of the truth... A woman fascinated by Jake's Red Shoes personal ad makes it her mission to track him down. Once she meets him, she realizes he's too emotionally scarred to be seduced. However, Kate's direct, sensual nature breaks down his defenses. Once he opens himself up, he finds himself trapped in a situation that only serves to remind him of his painful past.
    • 12. Weekend Pass

      24 Jul '93
      A woman at an army base gets a weekend pass on Christmas Eve. Feeling alone during a most festive time of year, she gathers a couple of girlfriends to hit the town for a night of wild abandon at a local bar. Wild indeed! After a bar-room brawl, she comes into contact with a drifter named Eddie and the two end up having a Christmas they'll never forget.
    • 13. Double or Nothing

      06 Nov '93
      A formerly pampered woman is left high and dry by a skunk of an ex-boyfriend. Left to rely only on her own devices, she takes to hustling pool. She revels in her newfound independence and financial prosperity and then Tommy comes along. Threatened by the pool shark he is, it's only a matter of time before he has his eight ball in her side pocket and the duo are a smooth combo shot of passion.
    • 14. How I Met My Husband

      04 Dec '93
      A shy dominatrix trainee meets a husband.
    • 15. Midnight Bells

      18 Dec '93
      A woman reflects on a New Year's affair.