Peppa Pig : Season 2

    • Air date: 04 Sep '06 52 episodes
  • List of Episodes (52)

    1. Bubbles

    • Peppa and George have fun blowing bubbles. When the mixture is used up, Daddy Pig makes his own.

    2. Emily Elephant

    • A new child visits the playgroup, and is a bit shy. Her name is Emily Elephant.

    3. Polly's Holiday

    • Granny and Grandpa's pet Polly Parrot comes to stay. Peppa and George love her but Polly flies away. Can George get her back?

    4. Teddy's Day Out

    • Peppa and her family share a picnic with Mr Zebra the Postman and Zoe Zebra. But when it's time to go home, Peppa leaves her teddy behind.

    5. Mysteries

    • Inspired by their favourite television programme, Peppa and George want to be famous detectives too. Daddy Pig gives them a mystery to solve.

    6. George's Friend

    • Rebecca Rabbit has a little brother called Richard who is the same age as George.

    7. Mr Scarecrow

    • Peppa and George help Grandpa Pig to make a scarecrow to stop the birds eating the flower seeds.

    8. Windy Autumn Day

    • It is a cold and windy day so Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig wear their hats and scarves and coats to the park.

    9. The Time Capsule

    • Madame Gazelle shows Peppa and her school friends how to make a time capsule. They discover that their parents made a time capsule many years ago.

    10. Rock Pools

    • Peppa and George are at the seaside with Granny and Grandpa Pig. Peppa rescues a little fish and puts it back in the sea.

    11. Recycling

    • Peppa and George help Mummy Pig tidy up the breakfast things. Mummy Pig teaches them how to recycle the bottles and newspapers.

    12. The Boat Pond

    • Peppa, her family and friends are playing at the pond with their toy boats. Everyone has a boat to play with except Rebecca Rabbit.

    13. Traffic Jam

    • Granny and Grandpa Pig have invited Peppa and her family to lunch. On the way, Peppa's family get caught in a very long traffic jam.

    14. Bedtime

    • It's nearly time for bed. Peppa and George play outside then they are called in for their bath.

    15. Sports Day

    • It is Sports Day at Peppa's playgroup and lots of special events are due to take place.

    16. The Eye Test

    • Peppa's friend Pedro wears glasses. Peppa thinks she might need glasses too, so Mummy Pig takes her to the optician.

    17. Granddad Dog's Garage

    • Daddy Pig's car runs out of petrol but Granddad Dog's garage is not far away. With one phone call, Granddad Dog is on his way.

    18. Foggy Day

    • Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are taking Peppa and George to play in the playground when it suddenly gets so foggy they can't see anything.

    19. Jumble Sale

    • Peppa's playgroup is holding a jumble sale to raise money for a new roof and Madame Gazelle asks everyone to bring something to sell.

    20. Swimming

    • Peppa and her family are at the swimming pool. George is a little worried at first but is soon splashing happily with his friend Richard Rabbit.

    21. Tiny Creatures

    • Peppa and George are playing in Grandpa Pig's garden when they find a little snail. Then Grandpa also shows them his beehive.

    22. Daddy Pig's Office

    • Peppa and George visit Daddy Pig's office and meet his colleagues. Mr Rabbit works with numbers, while Mrs Cat seems to spend her time drawing shapes on a computer.

    23. Pirate Island

    • Grandpa and Granny Pig take Peppa, George and all their friends on a boat trip to Pirate Island. On the island, Grandpa shows everyone how to use his metal detector to find treasure and they all build a big sandcastle.

    24. George Catches A Cold

    • Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles, even when it's raining - but when George takes off his rain hat, he catches a cold. After plenty of rest and some warm milk and honey, George begins to feel much better.

    25. The Balloon Ride

    • Peppa and her family are at the school fete where the top prize in the raffle is a trip in a hot air balloon.