Not Necessarily the News : Season 3

    • Air date: 01 Jan '85 11 episodes
  • List of Episodes (11)

    1. Marathon

    • Rich runs the New York marathon and wins. But is stripped of the title becuase of false rumors about steriod addiction. He must find out who framed him.

    2. The Guy from Elecko

    • A foreign man gets a job in the studio, and as usual, he seduces the female members of the staff.

    3. Le Boob

    • Rich goes on a hunt for the world's largest breasts. Searching London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Our newscasters follow him and chase the story.

    4. Le Boob Part 2

    • Rich continues his search for the world largest breasts. Taking him to Hong Kong and Brazil. He finds that his co-star, Annabelle, is the winner of the contest.

    5. Annabelle and Rich Go Down Under

    • While in Autrailia, Annabelle and Michael suffer romantic obsession and jealousy before Rich comes and ruins everything by gettting tangled up with the mob.

    6. Tales of 3

    • 3 short stories 1} ""The Quickining"" It is shown to us what would happen if everything in life were sped up 90% 2} ""Robotican"" Rich gets a robotic arm and it begins to take controll of his life 3} ""Leprechan"" The Studio is visited by 3 Leprechans

    7. Brother and Mother

    • Stuart's brother comes to the studio and falls in love with Annablle.

    8. The Pope

    • Our studio gets a very very speical visit from the pope himself.

    9. Fight Club

    • Stuart and Rich institute an infamous studio fight club.

    10. Not Necessarily the News: America

    • An hour long speical celerating the best moments of the show.

    11. Hot Noise

    • The entire staff is ordered to undergo a sexaholics class.