Not Necessarily the News : Season 2

    • Air date: 03 May '84 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Blood Not Simple

    • In this Goof episode. A murderer terrorizes the studio and our newscasters must find the killer.

    2. Levity

    • A band is hired to ""put some life"" into the studio. There music {heavy metal devil style} drives our team mad and there manager gets the hots for Audrie.

    3. Shotgun

    • Rich gets a shotgun and acciedently shoots himself in the foot. With himself handicaped, he gets a telescope and sees a murder from his window. Ala ""Rear Widnow"".

    4. Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Coarse Light

    • A british filmaker comes to the studio and begins to seduce the female staff members. Rich swears to teach the British man a lesson.

    5. Sex at 10 Feet

    • Stuart and Michael buy a hooker together but fight over who gets who first. Meanwhile, Rich courts a young woman who is revealed to be the sister of Annabelle.

    6. A Little Sex with Breakfast

    • Micheal and Annabelle begin having a steady relationship, little does Micheal know, that Annabelle and Stuart are having a wild affair in this unuasally poined episode.

    7. The Kick

    • Rich is kicked in the groin and must spend 3 weeks in a hospital ward.

    8. The Real Kick

    • Rich is fired from the studio but regains his contract when he seduces the new female head of the studio.

    9. Clip Show

    • A series of clips titled ""The Best of Not the News""

    10. There is no Regan

    • When the Regan fake dies, Annabelle goes to florida to visit her sister and Audire lives in her place, she has big parties and one of her guests turns out to be the son of the Regan.