Not Necessarily the News : Season 1

    • Air date: 08 Aug '83 14 episodes
  • List of Episodes (14)

    1. Pilot {1}

    • The Newsroom is shut down and our newscasters must go elsewhere. However they do not do well and they become homeless. They are saved by a friendly man named Chester, who brings them into his home.

    2. Pilot {2}

    • Living in the house of Chester, our team discovers he is an infamous murdere and call the police, but discover that they themselves are being arrested for being accomplices. They get a lawyer, and after 3 mistrials, they are set free, but are still homeless, and unemployed.

    3. Pilot {3}

    • Are team, desperate for money, start a chalk selling buisness, after it fails, they try several other things before getting hired at a new station, WBBCC

    4. The Regan of Doom

    • The newsroom is visited by a Ronald Regan impersonater, he begins to wreak havoc and begin turning the staff against each other. They proceed to throw the Regan out, but they discover this fake Regan is the real thing.

    5. Theo

    • Annabelle has a new love intrest, a quirky fellow named Theo. Meanwhile, A mystery guest has been called to the show, who is he? what will he do? The answer is: Its the Regan impersonator, and he has come to wreak havoc and break up Theo and Annabelle.

    6. Road Trip

    • Rich and Michael go on a road trip to mexico where Rich is kidnapped and traded for beer. Meanwhile the crew is visited by a gay man. Also, Annabelle divises a plot to humiliate the Regan because of the loss of her boyfriend, Theo.

    7. Machine

    • Staurt gets a new car, and so does Rich. They decide to have a deathrace. After Stuart wins, Rich gets depressed and checks himself into mental institution, leaving Stuart to get him out.

    8. Halloween {unedited version}

    • In this uncut original episode that HBO refused to air becuase of male nudity and slams at the U.N. {The ONLY time HBO has ever pulled an episode} Rich picks up up a hooker that turns out to be his long lost daughter

    9. Halloween {Edited Version}

    • In this newly edited version, the comments {or slurs} against the United Nations and the male nudity scene are cut out. HBO also wanted the scene where a woman is penetrated by a mans fingers {i could be more specific, but this is a G-Rated site} edited down so you see only a bit of nudity.

    10. Audrie in Love

    • Audrie gets two love intrests, Rob and Bob, who turn out to be brothers. Meanwhile, Rich has a try at boxing, and of course, fails miserably.

    11. The Funeral

    • After Rich's father dies, he makes an ass of himself at the funeral. Eating candles and making love to a dog.

    12. Action Star

    • The Stuido is visted by an Arnold Swartzenger type character. Audire and Annabelle both fall in love with him, so does Rich, who questions his sexuality.

    13. KKK and Rich

    • Rich joins a group club. Little does he know this club is the dreaded Klu Kulx Klan. Meanwhile Micheal tries to call a bet made by Stuart that he can make love to 3 women at once.

    14. Human Face

    • Rich gets plastic surgeary, but his doctors fear he has gotten cancer from the plastic. Meanwhile, Stuart and Melanie have a flashback of there mystery past.