Not Necessarily the News : Season 4

    • Air date: 02 Jul '85 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. The New Chick

    • After Micheal leaves the studio, the team gets a new member, Melanie, a young colledge student.

    2. The Fight

    • Annabelle and Melanie fight over a man who, little known to them is an axe murderer.

    3. The Comedian

    • A comedian comes to the stuido,and, once agian, seduces the female members of the staff.

    4. GGG {1}

    • Rich produces his own ""Girls gone wild"" movie. Traveling to greece to find out who's the wildest.

    5. GGG {2}

    • Rich's video takes him the the pacific northwest.

    6. 100...........Just 100

    • Rich goes on a quest to see if he can have sex with 100 women in 1 day.

    7. This Phyco Rift

    • In this phyco rift, Melanie holes up in an old hotel and is stalked by a mysteroius stranger.

    8. Freddy

    • In ""A Night of Elm Street"" spoof, our newscaster are haunted by a Freddy type madman.

    9. The Script

    • Stuart writes a script but has a hard time getting it published.

    10. Film Festival

    • The staff attends a film festival.

    11. Audire got Run Over by a Reindeer

    • Audrie goes missing on christmas eve.

    12. The Death

    • Rich's uncle dies and he drags all his co-workers to the funeral.

    13. The Elf