Maison Ikkoku : Season 3

    • Air date: 08 Apr '87 24 episodes
  • List of Episodes (24)

    1. High-School Girl Power! A War Against Kyoko's Love

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Ibuki Yagami. As a college co-op, Godai has entered a student teacher's program. For the next two weeks he'll be teaching at an all-girls high school which he discovers is the very same school that Kyoko attended and where she met her husband Soichiro. Godai has a rough start since he's so weak-willed that he has difficulty controlling the students. The class representative Yagami helps him out, but comes to think of him as just another wimp. During a b

    2. Bare-Faced Attack! Operation Seduction

    • Even in the middle of a lesson, Yagami is trying her best to corner Godai and get him to reveal his feelings towards Kyoko. His supervisor Kamiogi-sensei is wise to the situation and warns Godai not take Yagami's advances seriously. Godai of course has no intention to reciprocate. Under the guise of discussing the distribution of clean-up duties, Yagami gets Godai alone and tries to kiss him. She's almost caught, so instead Yagami gives Godai a journal supposedly outlining the classroom duties.

    3. Pajama-Girl Charges In! Maison Ikkoku in a Love Panic!

    • Ever since what happened last time, Yagami hasn't been able to get close to Godai with her homeroom teacher keeping an eye on her. With only two days left before Godai's student teaching stint ends, she's almost out of time. Yagami inquires to Kamiogi-sensei about Kyoko and learns that she too was in love with a student teacher at the school and ended up marrying him. This gives Yagami added impetus realizing that it is possible to make it work. She invites herself and her friends to Godai's pla

    4. Yagami is Determined: I Won't Give Up My First Love

    • Yagami and Godai leave for school together, and arrive arm in arm, much to Godai's chagrin. The other students begin to quiz her on the previous night's activities, asking if she and Godai really slept together. But its actually Godai's last day of student teaching, and his nightmare is almost over. Yagami becomes flustered when she walks into her classroom to find a message for her and Godai on the blackboard. The constant teasing by her classmates is more than she can take, and so, while deliv

    5. The Princess Cometh! Mitaka is Her Prince Charming

    • This episode introduces Asuna Kujo, daughter of an ex-noble family who are business partners with Mitaka's uncle. Mitaka meets with Asuna and her family for the omiai. Mitaka seems to like her, although is surprised to see such a meek and old-fashioned girl in this day and age. Asuna wants him to meet her ""brothers and sisters"" and so she goes to fetch them. The siblings she was referring to turn out to be her dogs. Apparently Asuna is an avid dog lover with six dogs of her own. Mitaka having

    6. Godai or Mitaka? A Woman's Heart is on the Line

    • Kyoko has three days left to decide whether she'll accept Mitaka's marriage proposal. Mitaka continues to remind her, but still gives her some distance. Asuna shows up and once tries to tell Kyoko not to go out with Mitaka anymore, but she's too reserved to say it. The following morning, as Godai is leaving early for work, Kyoko stops him and tells him to come home early. Godai agrees and heads off. Kyoko goes shopping to get food for their dinner later. On the way back she meets Asuna and her d

    7. Be Still, My Beating Heart! Asuna Kujo's Very First Time

    • Kyoko's fated meeting with Mitaka never happened. Kyoko thinks it was her fault for falling asleep. Mitaka thinks it was his fault since his dog phobia kept him from showing up. She feels guilty about Mitaka, but also is still mad with Godai. Ichinose finds out that she was supposed to decide whether to accept his marriage proposal and this news reaches Godai who now fully realizes the magnitude of his selfishness. At Mitaka's apartment his uncle is visiting and still persists in hounding Mitaka

    8. Caught in the Act! Kyoko and Mitaka, Hot and Heavy!

    • After his run in with Asuna's dogs, Mitaka has been staying in bed for the past few days feeling ill. Most of all he regrets hugging Asuna since now she's more attached to him than ever. He calls Kyoko and feeling sorry for him she goes to pay him a visit. Godai's been feeling worried about her seemingly growing relationship with Mitaka. So much so that when he sees Kyoko going out he follows her right to Mitaka's apartment. He hesitates to follow her inside but meets Asuna who had come to see M

    9. Chase After Me, Godai. Kyoko's Lone Trip

    • Kyoko gets a letter from Mitaka about how he's ashamed at what happened in his apartment. He vows never to see her until he confronts and overcomes the source of his problems (namely his dog phobia). Now Kyoko seems to have been rejected by both the men in her life and is alone again. Since she seems depressed, Ichinose suggests she go on a trip to forget her troubles. Kyoko decides to do it, but Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya keep butting in and trying to plan her vacation for her. Kyoko begins to

    10. Alright! In the Bath with Kyoko! Just the Two in an Open Bath

    • Kyoko is on the bus headed towards the next stop on her trip. Godai on the other hand is stopped on the side of the road since his taxi broke down. When Godai finally catches up with the bus, he finds out Kyoko changed plans and got off earlier near the hot spring resorts. Godai gets a ride there and begins searching all the inns one by one. He just misses her right before she checks at an inn by the seaside. Kyoko phones Ikkoku-kan. Ichinose tells her that the plumbing is being fixed but everyo

    11. Yagami's Back by the Time She's Forgotten

    • It's been many months since Yagami last saw Godai. Still she hasn't forgotten about him. She feels like seeing him again and locates him working at the day care. Godai however doesn't seem to happy to see her. Yagami apologizes and runs away, but Godai feels guilty and invites for a treat. Yagami had noticed the ad Godai posted to tutor young students. She suggests he use her since she'll need to study for upcoming entrance exams. Godai tells her that he is only looking to tutor younger kids and

    12. Godai on the Edge! The Sweet Trap of a High School Girl

    • Godai starts tutoring Yagami, but his neighbors keep interrupting the session. Eventually after dealing with them Godai and Yagami are able to get down to business. Godai is helpful to Yagami until Kyoko comes by and then he suddenly distances himself. Yagami starts to think that she'll never get into the right mood with Godai as long as Kyoko is around. At her home the subject of tutoring comes up with Yagami's parents. Apparently they don't know she's already got one. Her father who's a hard-n

    13. Yagami's scream! Yotsuya's Dangerous tutoring!

    • When Godai refuses to continue tutoring her, Yagami asks Yotsuya to replace him. Little does she know that she has made a terrible mistake.

    14. Yagami's challenge! I musn't lose against the widow!

    • When Yagami's sensei finds out why her grades are dropping from Kyoko, Yagami vows to confront Kyoko to tell her to butt out of her business and her love for Godai. On a cold rainy day, Yagami confronts Kyoko outside Ikkoku-kan in their ultimate showdown!

    15. Even Yagami is confused! Grandma Yukari returns with golden teeth!!

    • Grandma Yukari comes back to check up on his grandson, his love life, and his future plans. She meets Yagami for the very first time.

    16. Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit. Hot Baseball Match!

    • With free drinks & peanuts on the line, the Ikkoku-kan gang and friends, representing Cha Cha Maru, engages in a ""hot"" baseball match.

    17. Underwater battle. Suspicious kiss mark on Godai

    • When the gang goes to a hotel resort, Godai must explain to everyone (including Kyoko) how he got a mysterious kiss mark on his shoulder.

    18. Goodbye Grandma! Ueno station is party panic

    • Before Grandma Yukari goes back home, she gives Godai some words of wisdom and holds a BIG PARTY right in the train station.

    19. A Midsummer night's dream. Godai already found a job?

    • Yagami reveals during the autumn festival that her father is the head of personnel at a major corporation and that she is willing to help Godai-sensei to get the job of his dreams. Could this be Godai's big chance?

    20. Child is born? Godai's life of joy and cry!

    • When Godai goes to meet Yagami's father for the job interview of his life, he meets a pregnant woman on the street begging him for help. Will Godai sacrifice his future to help this woman? Or will he be brave enough to face his fate with Yagami's father?

    21. Ikkoku-kan hostage crisis. Yagami's big nuisance!

    • When Yagami finds out that Godai did not show up at his job interview, she storms into Ikkoku-kan to find out why. When her dad comes looking for her, Yagami locks herself in Godai's room and threatens to live with Godai if her dad does not offer him a job.

    22. Change in employment front. Godai's last come back.

    • After the real reason of missing his interview is revealed, Godai finally receives his elusive job offer. Just when Godai is about to plan his future with his new job and celebrate with Kyoko, they overhear the bad news that Godai's company has declared bankrupcy and all employees have been laid off.

    23. Love all the way. Yagami and Asuna never give up.

    • After finding out that Godai is again unemployed, Yagami vows to help Godai anyway and she can teach her dad a lesson. In the meantime, Mitaka, pressured by her uncle, pays a visit to Asuna who is suffering from love sickness.

    24. I'll wait. Kyoko's sudden announcement

    • As the battle for Kyoko's hand intensifies, Mitaka meets Kyoko and her parents in front of Souchiro's grave and seeks to use their influences on Kyoko and encourage her to marry him. In front of Souchiro's grave and with Godai overhearing, Kyoko tells Souchiro that she has made up her mind and will be single until next spring.