Maison Ikkoku : Season 2

    • Air date: 24 Sep '86 26 episodes
  • List of Episodes (26)

    1. Soichiro Gone!? Yakitori Memories

    • Kentaro offers to walk Soichiro for Kyoko, but ends up losing him. Kyoko tries her best to reassure Kentaro that Soichiro will find his way home, but in reality she is terrified of never seeing him again. She remembers the day that she and her husband first brought Soichiro home, and how he wouldn't answer to any other name. All the tenants do their best to find the missing dog, and after many false hopes, begin to give up. Finally, Godai finds him at the house of a family a few blocks away and

    2. Even Kyoko's Surprised! "I'm Kentaro's Father."

    • The tenants are shocked when they begin seeing a mystery man leaving Maison Ikkoku. Soon enough they realize that he is none other than Kentaro's father, Mr. Ichinose! After losing his job, Mr. Ichinose begins having trouble finding a new one, meanwhile Kentaro has a parent/child sports meet at his elementary school, but is too embarassed to ask his overweight, alcoholic mother, and recently unemployed father to come, so instead he asks Godai and Kyoko to come as his sister and her husband. Goda

    3. Fall Festival Foul - Up ! All Swell That Ends In A Well

    • All the Maison Ikkoku tenants visit a local Fall Festival and Godai and Kyoko even decide to take part in it. A misunderstanding leads to Kyoko falling down a very deep well. Before long Godai realizes that Yotsuya was mainly responsible for the mishap, but when he goes to save her, he gets pulled in as well. Soon Yotsuya drops by but instead of helping, he uses the well in order to partake of his favorite hobby, voyeurism. After he leaves Yotsuya brings Mitaka to the well, but for reasons only

    4. What!? Kyoko Married!? Godai's Tearful Goodbye

    • Rumors of a wedding between Mitaka and Kyoko are flying, leaving the tenants depressed that they've been kept in the dark. Godai finally decides to confront Kyoko, but a passing train leaves out a key detail, its Mitaka's Sister who is getting married, not Mitaka and Kyoko. A tearful Godai quickly packs up all his things and moves out of Maison Ikkoku before Kyoko can stop him. He finds a new apartment above Galaxy Pachinko and is shocked to find an incredibly sexy girl named Ayako already livin

    5. Scandal at Ikkoku! Godai's...SHACKING UP!?

    • Kyoko learns that Godai is living with a woman, and thinks that this is the real reason he left. Godai comes back to the apartment and learns that the Yakuza has pawned all his belongings so that he can have money to gamble. After they refuse to move out, Godai hits the streets in hopes of finding a friend he can stay with. He calls Maison Ikkoku, but a dejected Kyoko lies and tells him all the rooms are full. After walking around all night and not finding a place to sleep, he begins to get real

    6. The Incredible , Unforgettable Egg! Yotsuya's Dangerous Gift

    • Yotsuya entrusts a mysterious egg to Godai in the middle of the night, before mysteriously leaving Maison Ikkoku. The next morning everyone rushes in to Room 5 as they hear Godai's screams of terror. He thought the whole meeting between he and Yotsuya had been nothing more than a strange dream. When he tells everyone what happened, Kyoko and Ichinose are instantly flummoxed about what Yotsuya could possibly want Godai to do with the egg. Should he eat it, or protect it? Akemi decides to steal th

    7. The Case of the Shocking Diary My Husband Had a Sweetheart!

    • After finishing a tutoring session with Ikuko, Grandfather Otonashi asks Godai to return Soichiro's diary to Kyoko. On the trip home, Godai worries about it bringing back memories for Kyoko, and as soon as he gives it to her, it has the effect he was hoping it wouldn't. As Kyoko flips through the diary, she realizes that Soichiro's life was actually fairly boring. All he would write about was the food he was eating. Until one day when he received a mysterious postcard. But the postcard is missin

    8. Overpowered by Love! The Grandma Yukari Gold Tooth Gauntlet!

    • Godai wakes up to rustling noise in his room, when he demands Yotsuya stop it, he opens his eyes to see his Grandmother. To his surprise, he was supposed to pick her up, but totally forgot. She wastes no time in scolding him, and embarassing him in front of Kyoko. When she learns from the Manager that Godai has a girlfriend, she insists upon meeting her. Godai takes her to meet Kozue the next day, and they all make a nice day out of it. Grandma pressures him into asking Kozue to marry, much to G

    9. The Great Date Race! Kyoko and Godai Have Left the Building

    • Godai learns that his Grandma has set he and Kyoko up on a date. When he goes downstairs to apologize to Kyoko, she tells him that she's actually looking forward to it, which really gets Godai excited. As Godai and Kyoko head off on their date, Yuakari gives them their itinerary, and then they head off. The first stop is the movie theater, where they run into Yotsuya, after they escape from him, they go to a toy store, where Kyoko gets very excited and plays with everything. Suddenly Mrs. Ichino

    10. A Kiss Is Just A Kiss... But a Woman's Love is Priceless

    • Akemi sits in her boyfriend Hiroshi's car as they watch the ships coming into the docks. Suddenly he tells her he's breaking up with her, and Akemi finds another womans earring on the seat. She keeps her cool, and simply walks away. When she arrives at Maison Ikkoku though, she is completely drunk. When she passes out in the entryway, Godai and Kyoko have to carry her up to her room. She wakes up in a daze and kisses Godai. Kyoko starts telling her to pull herself together, and Akemi kisses her!

    11. Crazy Costume Contest! Kyoko's Amazing Transformation

    • When a new mirror arrives at Ikkoku all hell breaks loose. Kyoko orders a floor length mirror for her room and decides to try on her old high school uniform. Before she can take it off, the other tenants bust into her room and try to get her to party with them. They whisk her off to Godai's room, and don costumes themselves. Ichinose and Godai get their old high school outfits, while Akemi dresses as a nurse and Yotsuya as a Buddist monk. They begin acting out little plays until Mitaka arrives.

    12. Godai's Dumped!? Kozue Falls For Coach Mitaka!?

    • Kozue begins to notice that Godai isn't as affectionate with her as other couples in their dating situation seem to be. She begins worrying about why this is happening and turns to Mitaka for answers. He readily instructs her, in hopes that keeping Kozue together with Godai will open up his chances of winning Kyoko. Yotsuya spies on Mitaka and reports back to Godai. Yusaku had no idea that any of this was going on, but decides its time to break up with Kozue. He runs into her and Mitaka at a din

    13. Love Takes Guts! Godai's Part Time Job Ploy!

    • As Kyoko cleans out her room, she notices something stuck in the back of her closet. When she pulls it out to inspect it, she realizes its a rock that her late husband gave her. Its quite large and has mysterious green specks in it. Kyoko wonders if it had any special meaning, and asks Godai if he could help her learn something about it. He agrees to try his best and takes it to school with him. Godai meets Kozue at a bookstore later that day and they go window shopping for the upcoming Christma

    14. A Bittersweet Favor! Budding Christmas Love!?

    • Godai rides the train to its destination, and meets Sakamoto at the appointed cafe. Sakamoto shows up late an sits down, very sullen. He tells Godai that he was able to figure out what the rock consisted of, but that he forgot the rock on the train. Godai panics and they run to the platform's lost and found and to see if anyone turned it in. Unfortunately, no one has, and so Godai and Sakamoto board the train to search themselves. They don't find it and have to come back to their original destin

    15. Kyoko's Hot Spring Heart Stopper: Peeping Wars at the Outdoor Baths!

    • The Ikkoku residents decide to visit a hotsprings and Mitaka comes along. The trip starts off badly for Godai as he's forced to carry everyones bags. When they finally get to the hotsprings Godai begins to relax a little until Yotsuya attempts to find a way to peep at Kyoko, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose on the other side. Godai and Mitaka try and stop him, but Godai gets stuck between the dividing wall and almost drowns. The night gets worse when they learn that Ichinose and Yotsuya spent all the mon

    16. Godai Breaks His Leg! Chance for Love at the Hospital!

    • Godai's been feeling depressed about leading Kozue on lately. Kyoko isn't helping, by constantly telling Godai how much Kozue likes him. When he finally decides to end things between them, Kozue surprises him with a new sweater. Unable to do anything, Godai happily accepts the gift and returns to Maison Ikkoku, where he and Kyoko get into an argument, causing her to almost fall off the roof. Godai rescues her in the nick of time, but falls out of his second story window in the process, breaking

    17. Love Speaks! Godai and Mitaka Duke it Out at the Hospital!

    • Mitaka and Godai begin to get on each others nerves at the hospital. Mitaka and Mrs. Ichinose notice that Kyoko and Godai seem to have a playfulness about them. Mitaka gets desperate and tries to hug Kyoko after Godai leaves the room, but only gets embarassed at trying so hard. Godai and Mitaka continue to battle for Kyoko's attention, and Kyoko is delighted that they both want her to help so much, but all that changes when Mitaka's group of college girls comes to take over his care. Right after

    18. Kentaro Freaks Out! Yotsuya's Frightening True Identity

    • After Kentaro tries to hide a bad grade from his mother, she gets angry with him and yells. He runs into the attic to get away for awhile and finds an old album. He's shocked to find that the album has pictures dating back almost 60 years and that they all have Yotsuya in them! Even stranger is that he looks exactly the same as he does today. Mrs. Ichinose begins to get worried about how on edge Kentaro becomes after finding the album and decides to do something about it. When she mentions it to

    19. A Shocking Revelation: Kyoko Declares Her Love to Godai?!

    • Finals approach and Godai is playing catch-up. Because of his broken leg and extended hospital stay Yusaku has fallen behind in all his classes. Sakamoto helps him out though by providing a copy of all his notes and answers to old tests. Kyoko decides that its partially her fault that Godai is so far behind because she still feels that she was the one that caused him to fall and break his leg. So she sets out on a mission to make sure Mrs. Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya stay out of his room and don

    20. Race for Kyoko! Skating Rink is Love's Battleground

    • Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose, Kentaro and Ikuko plan a trip to a skating rink with Godai and Mitaka tagging along. The problems begin almost instantly when the rental van seating arrangement leaves Mitaka and Godai sitting up front together with Mitaka driving and Godai in charge of the tape deck. On the way, Ikuko asks Godai to teach her how to skate once they arrive, but he modestly refuses, telling her that Mitaka would be a much better coach. Mitaka also refuses and passes the task back to Godai. On

    21. Kyoko Loses it! Drunk and Crazy!

    • While Godai is out of school for one more week, he and Sakamoto decide they had better get a part time job. Things start off badly when Godai tells his prospective new boss, a tavern owner, that he will only be able to work for one week. Sakamoto scolds Godai for not lying about how long he would be able to work, then the two head off to the local supermarket to buy food. While shopping Sakamoto runs into Kyoko and tells her he'll be staying with Godai. When she notices the meager amount of food

    22. Godai's Confession! I Want You to Know How I Feel!!

    • Kyoko finds out that her mother has been very sick lately and is unable to take care of her father, prompting her to go home and help out for two or three days. Godai gets worried that it could be another plot to trick Kyoko into quitting at Maison Ikkoku, but Mrs. Ichinose reassures him that Kyoko is too smart for that. Godai doesn't think much of it for the next few days, but after the alotted time passes he begins to think something may have happened. Trying to shake off his feelings of worry

    23. Mitaka Trains! Lover Boy. Can't be Afraid of Dogs!

    • As Mitaka sits with a nameless date watching a movie, he begins to become very bored with the entire situation. Suddenly, on the screen a dog appears, sending Mitaka running out into the lobby. Taking time to catch his breath, a woman notices him and walks over. It happens to be Akemi, and she notices how ill he looks. As the dog barks, Mitaka gets jumpy again, and Akemi finally learns his dreaded secret, that he is terrified of dogs. Akemi promises to help him overcome his fear. The next day, A

    24. Kyoko in Love at First Sight?! A Strange Man Moves into Maison Ikkoku

    • As Kyoko returns home from walking Soichiro, the phone begins to ring. She rushes inside to answer it and learns that a new tenant will be arriving the next day. But when she asks for details, the voice on the other end hangs up abruptly. Kyoko goes to work cleaning the floors of Room 3 when Mrs. Ichinose asks if they're getting a new arrival. When Kyoko tells her the news she becomes very excited and asks Godai to go to the store and buy some party supplies while she calls Akemi and gets the pa

    25. Even Yotsuya's Shocked! The Day Maison Ikkoku Disappears

    • Kyoko frantically decides to try and get in touch with her father-in-law, the owner of Maison Ikkoku. Instead, the get Ikuko, who tells her that he's in Hong Kong on a business trip for a few days. So they still have no answers about the rumor of Maison Ikkoku's destruction. Kyoko worries that Mitsukoshi will be affected the worst, and tells him so, but he feels sorry for the rest of the tenants who have lived there for so long. The group decides to track these rumors to the source, and get to t