Maison Ikkoku : Season 4

    • Air date: 14 Oct '87 21 episodes
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    1. Bravo Godai! The Pride of a Man

    • Pressured by Yagami, her dad finally gives in and hands Godai a solid job offer. To everyone's astonishment, however, Godai hands the offer back saying that as much as it pains him, he wants to be more relied upon and find a job that he likes by himself.

    2. It's a secret! Godai's work diary

    • After drinking with Sakamoto who celebrated by getting Godai's job, they wake up in debt in a cabaret. Having to pay off the debt, Godai is forced to work there in secrecy while looking for a permanent job.

    3. I'm sorry Kyoko-san. Guilt trip homemade lunch

    • Kyoko, still believing that Godai is working in daycare and looking for a job, begins to encourage Godai by making home-made lunch everyday. Having been laid off at daycare and working off his debt at the cabaret, Godai is pulled on whether to tell Kyoko the truth. To add insult to injuries, the looney gang discovers Godai's secret and decides to free load off of him at the cabaret every night and keep him in debt forever!

    4. Godai in Panic! Yagami the Bunny Girl!!

    • When Yagami finds out Godai's new line of work, she offers her services to help him pay off his debt at the cabaret. Yagami, however, is rejected because of her age and vows to settle the score with Kyoko. After a date with Mitaka, Kyoko meets Yagami in front of Ikkoku-kan and finds out the truth to Godai's newly-found employment.

    5. Devotion of love. Asuna never gives up after all

    • As Godai tries to sort out the mess he got himself into, Mitaka takes Kyoko out on a date (to Kyoko's surprise) and vows that he will win her before Godai becomes a socially-acceptable man. Mitaka also goes to visit Asuna and finds himself in an unexpected situation in front of his and Asuna's parents.

    6. Perfect dad! Godai-kun's child care story

    • Godai is forced to take care of Kasumi's kids (one of the cabaret's hostesses who ran away). As Godai and Kyoko search for her, they are left to wonder what they would do with her kids if they can't find her and she never comes back.

    7. Yokohama chaser. Kyoko-san's going away?!

    • Kyoko is ready to go out for lunch with her parents, but is confused when Mitaka arrives to escort her. She learns that not only will her parents be there, but so will Mitaka's parents! Arriving at the hotel, they also discover that another unexpected guest has come along, sneaking into Mitaka's car before they left Ikkoku-kan: Kasumi's son, Taro. Kyoko calls home to tell Godai about Taro, and her tone of voice hints at a more serious problem for Godai. He rushes off to the hotel, bringing Hanak

    8. 1000% suspicion. Kyoko's scandal night

    • Worrying about Kyoko, Godai sits at the entrance of Ikkoku-kan. When Kyoko's father arrives in his car, he is shocked when Godai tells him that she left with Mitaka. The two men leave to search for her, before anything irrevocable might happen... In the restaurant, Mitaka sees Kyoko's unease, and suggests a walk outside. At the waterfront, Kyoko finally speaks up, and tearfully apologizes to Mitaka for letting this relationship drag on for so long. Meanwhile, Godai and Mr.Chigusa give up their s

    9. This is the Critical point! Godai and Mitaka's duel of fate!

    • Frustrated that he is fighting a losing battle, Mitaka decides to duke it out with Godai for Kyoko's love. On a calm night inside the park, the two rivals prepares to engage in their ""duel of fate.""

    10. Shocking one night! Asuna's Salad day.

    • Mitaka arrives at his apartment, and finds Asuna and Salad (her dog), waiting at the door. Drunk and falling asleep, he ends up falling on top of her, inadvertantly kissing her as they fall to the floor. The next morning, Mitaka wakes up in bed, with his clothes changed and breakfast waiting in the kitchen. He wonders what happened. Then remembers that Asuna was here... but she's gone now. Godai decides to stay for the next few days and nights at the cabaret where he works, so that he can study

    11. Asuna's pregnant? Mitaka's surprise marriage announcement!!

    • Asuna announces about pregnancy without saying whose. Her driver not being able to bear the rumors which may flying around, decides to tell Asuna's parents what happened that night. So, the wedding arrangement of Asuna Kujou and Shun Mitaka ""warps"". Afterwards, everybody find out that it's Asuna's dog, Salad, who got pregnant, but the arrangement has gone to the point where it's irreversible.

    12. Love again?! Taste of a kiss that Kozue left!

    • Kozue is invited to a dinner from her old classmate, who proposes to her. Her feeling sways between the classmate, and Godai. Next day, Kyoko is just about to leave to see how Godai is doing, when Kozue visits Ikkoku-kan. The two women head down to the cabaret. Kozue makes Godai go for a walk. She wants to talk about the proposal, but decides to put it off till Godai's exams are over. She kisses Godai, and leaves. The major problem is that Kyoko saw this kiss.

    13. Unrequited love! Godai and Kyoko, it's over today?

    • Kyoko is in shock after seeing Kozue kiss Godai. Goida returns to Ikkoku-kan after his exams are over. Before he leaves, the manager of the cabaret warns him that he's not good enough to handle two women at the same time. Godai has no idea why Kyoko seems to be mad at him. Kozue calls to ask Godai out for lunch. There, he finds out that another man proposed to her, but she doesn't know what Godai's feelings are. He tells her that when he graduates, he wants to propose to a lady (Kyoko) but Kozue

    14. Kyoko-san quitting! Ikkoku-kan's memory far away?

    • Kyoko's gone after the previous night's fiasco. He explains what happened to the loon squad and they force Godai to go get Kyoko back. Kyoko is moping at her parent's place. She exclaims that she'll never get married. Her mom then realizes that it's not Mitaka she's moping over, but another guy. Godai shows up, but Kyoko tells her mom not to let him in. He yells out to her what really happened, but Kyoko throws a pillow at him and forces him out. Being back home of course, makes her dad extremel

    15. Kyoko in shock! Akemi and Godai's unexpected relation!

    • Kyoko's upset at her dad for telling Otonashi that she quit her job. Meanwhile Godai is trying to clean up quickly to go to Kyoko's but the loon squad keeps partying and making a mess. Godai kicks them out of the apartment and they end up partying at Chachamaru where Kyoko coincidentally ends up at. Akemi tells Kyoko that she's stubborn, and threatens to seduce Godai to prove her point. Later that night, Godai receives a call from Akemi who says she's in trouble. When Godai runs to get her, he r

    16. Kozue-chan's wedding! Godai's love is forever?!

    • A shocked Kyoko ends up at Chachamaru where she sees Akemi. Akemi tells Kyoko the truth, that she did walk out of the hotel with Godai. When Godai and company walk in, she tells him that she hates him. Akemi explains to Master that even if she said nothing happened, she is so jealous that wouldn't believe her. Kyoko becomes irrational, and accuses Godai of sleeping around. Godai pats her gently on the cheek, and she runs out. Godai chases after her to return her jacket. He explains to her that K

    17. Sight of spring? The two's hearts are in warm feeling!!

    • It's the day that Godai's graduation exam results are announced. The tenants of Ikkoku-kan get ready for a ""too-bad"" party for Godai. The banner reads: ""Too Bad, Don't Cry, Godai-kun!!! You still have next year!"" After leaving the college for the last time, Godai visits Shienomi day care's principal to get a reference to get a job at some day care. After Godai leaves the principal tries to pick up a box and breaks his back. At the cabaret, Godai's boss throws a cerebration party. Godai tr

    18. Alright! Godai-kun's courageous proposal!

    • Kyoko goes to visit her sick father, and finds that he's very ill. At the Acorn Daycare Godai listen to his co-workers discussing marriage and decides he'd best begin to think about how he will propose to Kyoko. Kyoko has been wondering the same thing herself and keeps waiting and waiting for Godai to get around to asking. Her father is deadset against Kyoko getting married again and suddenly disappears from his sickbed in an attempt to do something about it. Kyoko calls Godai at the daycare to

    19. Ah, Excitement! Grandma's love embosomed in the ring

    • Godai decides that it's time for Kyoko to finally meet his parents. A bit nervously, he phones home (his parents don't know about Kyoko yet). His grandma helps things along by inviting them to come over (to Nigata Prefecture) right away - tomorrow. They take the train, and then taxi to the restaurant (and home) where Godai's Grandma and parents live. Later that evening, Grandma loans some money to Godai so that he can afford the wedding; then she gives an engagement ring to Kyoko. With the snow

    20. As long as this love lasts! Ikkoku-kan is forever...!!

    • With their wedding fast approaching Kyoko and Godai are both cleaning out their rooms in preparation for moving in together. Kyoko finds an old box of Soichiro's personal items and Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose share it with Godai. Kyoko is embarrassed but Godai smiles politely and admits he has never seen a picture of Kyoko's late husband before and that he looks like a very kind man. That night both Kyoko and he are thinking about Soichiro. Kyoko decides that she is going to return Soichiro's belong

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