• Air date: 22 Aug '19 29 episodes
      The cast of Jersey Shore swore they would always do a vacation together. Now, five years, five kids, three marriages, and who knows how many GTL sessions later, the gang is back together and on vacation in a swanky house in Miami Beach.
  • List of Episodes (29)
    • 1. Goodbye Mike

      22 Aug '19
      Mike prepares for his prison sentence, Ron realizes it's time to make changes in his life, Jen's split from Roger goes public, and Deena celebrates the birth of her baby boy.
    • 2. Thirty Days Later

      29 Aug '19
      A fresh-from-rehab Ronnie reconnects with Vinny and Pauly, Nicole relishes pregnancy eating, and Jenni confronts Angelina and Ronnie for talking about her divorce on camera.
    • 3. JWoww Gets Her Groove Back

      05 Sep '19
      Ronnie throws a birthday party for his daughter, Pauly and Vinny visit Mike behind bars, and Jenni invites her new 24-year-old boyfriend to Las Vegas to meet the roommates.
    • 4. Gym, Tan, Strip

      12 Sep '19
      Will Vinny’s injury prevent him from stripping? Is Ronnie really telling the truth? And why is Pauly riding a scooter? Many questions need to be answered when the gang travels to Vegas to see Vinny perform at Chippendales.
    • 5. Tick. Tick. Tick.

      19 Sep '19
      Angelina gets herself in a slippery situation, the roomies get a call from Mike, and Ronnie’s relationship isn’t as good as it seems.
    • 6. Strippendales

      26 Sep '19
      Jenni gets involved with Ronnie’s relationship, Vinny bares it all on the Chippendales stage, and Pauly pulls the ultimate prank: cue Uncle Nino.
    • 7. The Incident at the Strip Club

      03 Oct '19
      The roomies don't know what to expect when Ronnie finds out Jenn joined them at the strip club, and Jenni's boyfriend arrives in Las Vegas.
    • 8. Millennials

      10 Oct '19
      Deena has an encounter with a judgmental bar patron, and Angelina is bothered when Jenni's new boyfriend pries into her sex life.
    • 9. Holy Drama

      17 Oct '19
      An awkward night in Vegas between Angelina and 24 leaves tensions at an all-time high, and everything is about to pop off at Deena’s son’s baptism.
    • 10. 4 Fists. 2 Bottles. 1 Shore House.

      24 Oct '19
      Fingers are pointed, piercings are questioned, and wine bottles are at risk when Nicole and Ronnie get drawn into Jenni and Angelina's feud as Deena tries to play peacekeeper.
    • 11. Last Night Is Cancelled

      31 Oct '19
      The housemates spend a day at the boardwalk as tensions linger between Angelina, Jenni and Nicole, and the boys try to have a good time without Mike.
    • 12. Snooki Goes to Washington (Part 1)

      07 Nov '19
    • 13. Snooki Goes to Washington (Part 2)

      07 Nov '19
    • 14. Only In Jersey

      27 Feb '20
      The roommates are back together, waiting for Mike to get out of prison. Things get physical when Vinny and Angelina take their flirtation to the next level.
    • 15. Back to the Jersey Shore

      05 Mar '20
      After 8 long months of being locked up in federal prison, Mike "The Situation" is finally free. The group is once again whole.
    • 16. Psychic Larges

      12 Mar '20
      Mike is finally reunited with the roommates. The Guidos find out what’s next for the family with the help of a psychic.
    • 17. Single J-Woww

      19 Mar '20
      Mike reunites with the gang for the first time since his release from prison, Nicole plans a divorce party for Jenni, and Angelina gets Ronnie's advice on her wedding.
    • 18. Chicken Cutlets and Ketchup

      26 Mar '20
      Angelina finds herself in hot water with Chris after she invites a guy friend to Jenni's divorce party, and Vinny's mom cooks a feast for Mike.
    • 19. The Shorefather

      02 Apr '20
      The ladies help Angelina shop for her wedding dress, a backyard calamity leaves Deena inconsolable, and the roommates surprise Mike with a homemade movie about his life.
    • 20. Prenups and Misdemeanors

      09 Apr '20
      Angelina gets an education on prenups, the ladies dig themselves out of trouble, Mike gives 24 the third degree, and Nicole and Deena surprise Mike with some special visitors.
    • 21. Unresolved Issues

      16 Apr '20
      Angelina's bachelorette party is jeopardized after the roomies see what really happened between Angelina and Zack in Las Vegas, and Pauly, Vinny and Mike plan a guys' weekend.
    • 22. Crash The Bachelorette

      23 Apr '20
      Jenni and Angelina clear the air, and Operation Crash the Bachelorette is in full effect as Mike, Vinny, and Pauly hatch a plan to crash the girls' weekend in NOLA.
    • 23. Beignets, Blow-up Dolls and Bridesmaids

      30 Apr '20
      While the guys are in New Orleans to surprise Angelina for her bachelorette party, Mike reprises his role as The Designation, and Ronnie and Mike prep Vinny for Jenni's wrath.
    • 24. P-Woww

      07 May '20
      The guys' takeover of Angelina's bachelorette party starts with the strip club and ends with Pauly and Jenni in the same bed.
    • 25. So That Happened!

      14 May '20
      Pauly and Jenni endure an awkward morning after, Mike and Lauren move into their first house together, and Angelina and Chris put the finishing touches on their wedding plans.