Jersey Shore: Family Vacation : Season 2

    • Air date: 22 Aug '18 27 episodes
  • List of Episodes (27)

    1. It's Complicated

    • The gang kicks it off by heading to Las Vegas; after partying through Sin City, they head back to the East Coast, celebrating milestones in Atlantic City and settling in for an extended summer stay at the Shore.

    2. Oh Canada

    • Vinny and Pauly head to Canada; Jwoww confronts the roomies; the truth about Ronnie's relationship starts to reveal itself.

    3. The Truth About Ronnie

    • The roommates rally around Ron as the truth about his relationship comes to light; the gang take to the casinos for a big win; and Jen returns to the suite for a face-to-face confrontation.

    4. Heartbreak Hotel

    • Vinny is missing his boo, the Guido’s get a special delivery from Staten Island, and Ronnie tries to pick up the pieces after an ugly incident with his baby mama.

    5. Frenemies

    • Friendships are put to the test when Jenni goes all Jwoww on Angelina and Snooki is stuck in the middle, playing referee.

    6. The Designation

    • Jenni says goodbye to Las Vegas and a night of partying has Pauly making some questionable decisions.

    7. Four Guidos and a Baby

    • While Nicole and Jenni try to repair their relationship, Vinny and Pauly take theirs to the next level; the guys end their Vegas trip with every little Guido's dream.

    8. Back to Seaside

    • Jenni and Angelina finally bury the hatchet, and the gang takes a nostalgia-filled trip back to Seaside Heights.

    9. Vinny and Angelina: A Love Story

    • Back in Seaside, things get messy between Vinny and Angelina; the guidos enjoy a night in their old home.

    10. What a Drag

    • Deena finds out the gender of her little meatball; Ronnie make a surprise visit; things get interesting when the guidos brings their significant others to Atlantic City to watch DJ Pauly D spin.

    11. Awkward City

    • The arrival of Ronnie's baby mama, Jen, has the roomies on high alert as they try to celebrate Pauly's birthday in Atlantic City; the Staten Island love story takes a weird turn.

    12. Where's the Beach?

    • The guidos set their sights on the shore for one more epic vacation before summer ends; Angelina has her sights set on Vinny; Snooki's ready to party like it's 2009.

    13. Staten Island Smackdown

    • Snooki spirals, Mike inspires, and Angelina and Vinny's contentious relationship reaches the point of no return.

    14. Jewish Barbie

    • Angelina and Vinny try to co-exist; Deena might not be the only meatball pregnant; it's déjà vu when Ronnie takes a dip in the hot tub with Angelina's friend.

    15. Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

    • The Guidos are missing their meatball, Deena, so they decide to kidnap her; Ronnie invites Jewish Barbie to stay the night in his room.

    16. Wallopin’ in Manalapan

    • It's clap-back season when the roomies stand up to someone who harasses them at the bar.

    17. Ronnie Magro's Series of Unfortunate Events

    • A call from home leaves Ronnie worried and everyone else skeptical, and the roommates help Deena honor her father's memory and fight cancer with a fundraiser.

    18. The United States v. The Situation, Pt. 1

    • One week before Mike faces sentencing for his tax evasion charges, the gang rallies together to support him; Jwoww's marriage is on the rocks.

    19. The United States v. The Situation, Pt. 2

    • The gang finds out about proper court attire; Ronnie has a black eye; the judge gives Mike his sentence for tax evasion.

    20. Secaucus?!

    • Mike gets sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion, Ronnie raises eyebrows with a story about getting mugged, and the gang heads to a dude ranch.

    21. Guido Cowboys

    • During a trip to upstate New York, Angelina and Deena clash over beds, Ronnie reveals that his girlfriend Jen might be pregnant, and Jenni refuses to discuss her divorce.

    22. Ranchelor Party

    • The roommates throw Mike a bachelor party, but the guys and ladies have very different kinds of entertainment in mind, and Ronnie wants Jenni to open up about her divorce.

    23. Not Again

    • Ronnie falls into a funk as his relationship drama looms over the group, the guys choreograph a dance for Mike's wedding, and Nicole prepares for The Snooki Shop's opening.

    24. Where's Ronnie?

    • Deena gets emotional at her baby shower, Mike and Lauren host their wedding rehearsal dinner, and Ronnie's personal woes create tension with the rest of the group.

    25. Tuxedo Time

    • Ahead of Mike and Lauren's wedding, Ronnie opens up to Vinny and Pauly about his relationship problems, and Jenni and Nicole help their daughters prepare for flower girl duty.