• Air date: 29 Jul '19 30 episodes
      Sleuthy foster siblings Max, Tess, Sal, Anika, and Daniel Hunter find new quests, more mysteries, and even new Hunter sibs!
  • List of Episodes (30)
    • 1. The Birthday Gift

      29 Jul '19
      Anika is sent an unusual birthday present – a miniature pyramid wrapped inside a torn treasure map. Sal discovers they are tied to a long-lost Aztec treasure – and an ancient curse. A new mystery has begun!
    • 2. Strange House

      30 Jul '19
      The Hunters set off for a family vacation, but all is not as it seems when their directions lead them to an abandoned house in the forest. Things get even stranger when they hear noises in the attic…
    • 3. The Storm

      31 Jul '19
      When the Hunters car won't start, they’re stuck at the forest house as a storm approaches. Sal, Anika and Jake tell spooky stories to pass the time, but are shocked when one of the stories starts to come true!
    • 4. Jake's Curse

      01 Aug '19
      When Jake tries on an ancient mask from the attic, the owner of the forest house is convinced he is now cursed. And after Jake suffers a series of mishaps, it seems like the curse might be real!
    • 5. Lost in the Woods

      02 Aug '19
      Sal and Anika discover a mysterious stone near the house. Determined to find out more, they head into the forest in search of clues…only to realize they are not alone.
    • 6. Oliver

      05 Aug '19
      Sal and Anika meet a nervous boy in the forest. While Anika befriends him, Sal is convinced he is a thief. But when the two of them confront him, he reveals a secret they never would have expected.
    • 7. The Code

      06 Aug '19
      With Oliver’s help, Sal builds a phone mast and is finally able to decipher the symbols on the pyramid. Meanwhile, Anika quizzes Dottie about the artifacts in the attic, but has a tough time getting answers.
    • 8. Remedies and Riddles

      07 Aug '19
      Anika and Oliver attempt to make a potion to cure Jake’s curse. Meanwhile, Sal struggles to solve the first riddle – but Evie may have the answer.
    • 9. Curse or Cure?

      08 Aug '19
      Having figured out the workings of the mysterious map, the gang splits up in search of another riddle stone – but who will get there first? And who will get a fright in the forest?
    • 10. The Second Stone

      09 Aug '19
      The gang uncovers a second riddle, but cracking it proves tricky. And when an emergency means the Hunter kids must return to the city immediately, it looks like the treasure hunt is off for good.
    • 11. Return to Hunter Street

      12 Aug '19
      Sal and Anika pay a visit to Diane, where they spot a familiar - and frightening - face at her door. Meanwhile, in the forest, Oliver and Jasmyn try to solve the riddle on their own.
    • 12. Mr. Bear

      13 Aug '19
      With the Hunter Museum's survival at stake, Sal and Anika devise a secret plan to retrieve their stolen artifacts and save their home. And two new arrivals turn up at their house, but are they friends or foes?
    • 13. Rex to the Rescue

      14 Aug '19
      Anika and Sal have a narrow escape after realizing they've been tricked. Oliver must hide in plain sight at the Hunter House while Jasmyn is forced to cover for him at home, causing chaos all around!
    • 14. Secret Signs

      15 Aug '19
      Jasmyn makes a discovery in the forest, but can't figure out how it connects to the treasure hunt. Jake is finally coming home from the hospital, but it wouldn't be a Hunter welcome without a big surprise.
    • 15. Evil Narikoa

      16 Aug '19
      Jasmyn encounters a problem during her search for the next riddle stone. Anika and Oliver spot the mysterious Markus coming out of the planetarium. Sal and Jake uncover a shocking secret that will change everything!
    • 16. Siblings

      09 Sep '19
      Anika and Oliver argue after he shares an upsetting theory with her. Meanwhile, Sal and Jasmyn must attempt a daring and dangerous mission in order to find the next riddle stone.
    • 17. What Hides Beneath

      10 Sep '19
      It's a day of discoveries for the gang – Jasmyn finds a new clue but gets caught red-handed. Oliver stumbles upon a secret in the Hunter House. And Sal and Anika get a surprise when they revisit Diane's house.
    • 18. The Butterfly Sun

      11 Sep '19
      With another stone found and a new riddle to solve, the gang returns to the planetarium in search of answers, but get more than they were expecting. Will they be able to solve the mystery in time?
    • 19. Appeals

      12 Sep '19
      Anika returns to the forest looking for answers, but comes across a shocking scene. The Hunters are doing everything they can to find their stolen artifacts. But will it be enough to save the museum and their home?
    • 20. Trapped

      13 Sep '19
      Anika decides to confront Dottie, but her plan goes more than a little awry. Sal and Oliver develop an old camera film and discover an unexpected truth.
    • 21. Escape

      16 Sep '19
      Anika and Jasmyn escape from the attic, but not before gathering vital new clues. Sal and Oliver search for the next riddle stone, but they aren't the only ones looking for it. Who will get there first?
    • 22. Moms

      17 Sep '19
      Anika's detective work leads her to uncover the truth about her past. Back in the forest, the boys are hot on the trail of the next riddle but find themselves getting stuck!
    • 23. Swamped

      18 Sep '19
      Anika starts to put the pieces together and tries to warn Sal that he could be in danger. But it might be too late as the boys have already gotten themselves into a sticky situation.
    • 24. Truth and Lies

      19 Sep '19
      Everyone reunites in the forest and Oliver finally learns the truth about Dottie. The kids formulate a new plan to find the treasure and save the Hunter Museum.
    • 25. The Final Riddle?

      20 Sep '19
      The race is on as Sal and Jasmyn try to solve the final riddle before their mystery opponent. And Anika and Oliver try everything and anything to get valuable information at the forest house.