• Air date: 19 Apr '21 20 episodes
      Sleuthy foster siblings Max, Tess, Sal, Anika, and Daniel Hunter find new quests, more mysteries, and even new Hunter sibs!
  • List of Episodes (20)
    • 1. An Unexpected Guest

      19 Apr '21
      Oliver and Anika have a new mystery - figuring out who their real dad is! An unexpected guest and an invitation to summer school sends them in a different direction.
    • 2. Babies, Bunnies and Beards

      20 Apr '21
      Determined to find out what's inside the toy bunny, Anika decides to accompany Jennie to the summer school, leaving Oliver to search potential dad suspects.
    • 3. Sally Hunter

      21 Apr '21
      Oliver, Jasmyn and Evie head to a book signing hoping for some bio-dad names. Meanwhile 'Sally' has a difficult initiation test by Miss Lucas, putting her cover under strain.
    • 4. Quantum Problems and Dead Ends

      22 Apr '21
      Jennie and Anika hit a dead end with their investigation into the bunny's holocode device, while the hunt for the twins' dad reveals a new name.
    • 5. House Arrest

      23 Apr '21
      The Hunters struggle to free themselves from the lockdown created by Erik's security system via a series of riddles in their very own Hunter Street Escape Room adventure.
    • 6. The Intruder

      24 Apr '21
      Evie struggles to convince the others there's someone else in the house, and with Erik and Kate departing, the Hunter kids are alone with a threat lurking in their midst.
    • 7. Mind Games

      25 Apr '21
      Anika and Jennie try to get to the bottom of the mysterious VR headsets. Oliver, Florian and Jasmyn are in for a shock of their own when they pay a visit to Florian's house.
    • 8. Break-in

      26 Apr '21
      The Hunters plan a break-in at the Academy. While Anika, Jasmyn and Jennie get their spy on, the boys are set to work trying to find a potential code word to unlock the holocode.
    • 9. Relatively Speaking

      27 Apr '21
      The heist doesn't go as expected and the girls discover Miss Lucas's obsession. An unexpected reveal for Daniel and Evie leaves them reeling. Can Florian be trusted?
    • 10. Enemies Within

      28 Apr '21
      Miss Lucas is intent on proving to Jennie and Anika that nothing suspicious is happening at the Academy. Meanwhile, Jasmyn calls Oliver for help, and the Florian situation escalates beyond the Hunters’ control, reaching a chilling climax!
    • 11. Badika

      29 Apr '21
    • 12. Operation Rockabye

      30 Apr '21
    • 13. Sleepwalkers

      01 May '21
    • 14. Saving Anika

      02 May '21
    • 15. I Spy

      03 May '21
    • 16. Hologram: Unlocked

      04 May '21
    • 17. The Missing Piece

      17 May '21
    • 18. Testing Times

      18 May '21
    • 19. Brainwooshed

      19 May '21
    • 20. Showdown

      20 May '21