• Air date: 04 Apr '11 51 episodes
      The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it. Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog. Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences.
  • List of Episodes (51)
    • 1. Everyone Looks a Little Grown Up After Spring Break

      04 Apr '11
      Shinpachi Shimura returns to the Yorozuya and discovers his friends drastically changed during the break. Feeling left behind, he returns home and discovers his sister, Tae Shimura, engaged to Isao Kondo. Tae and Kando enlists Shinpachi into the Shinsengumi and reveals that Tae is pregnant. Shinpachi runs to the ocean and laments the sudden change of those around him. There, he learns about Kyubei Yagyu's sex change to modify her life. They are interrupted by and Kotaro Katsura who also changed
    • 2. Everyone Looks Pretty Grown Up After Summer Break

      11 Apr '11
      As Katsura and Kyubei fight for the title of the best transgendered, Shinpachi leaves to find that the Shinsengumi members also suffered a sudden change in their selves; Sogo Okita is the leader from the group and orders him and Toshiro Hijikata, Sagaru Yamazaki to attack the Yorozuya. As the three leave, Hijikata knocks out Yamazaki, as he was faking his change. He and Shinpachi learn that an invasion of parasite aliens is responsible for change to their friends and proceed to destroy them.
    • 3. Use a Calligraphy Pen for New Year Cards / The Heart Comes Before Chocolate

      18 Apr '11
      As Gintoki complains of writing News Years cards, Yorozuya learn of what his friends have done over the holidays. He also receives cards saying his friends have gotten married, while they have lied and just Photoshopped the photos. The episode ends with Kondo, Sachan and Hasegawa telling their story of how they wrote a News Years card. The second part starts with the same opening, but Gin complains of the lack of chocolate. Kagura has a chocolate for Gintoki and Shinpachi, but is too embarrassed
    • 4. Meals Should Be Balanced / We Are All Warriors in the Battle Against Fate

      25 Apr '11
      Yamazaki has a mental breakdown cause of Anpans and Kondo finally gets a date (Or does he!)
    • 5. It's Too Confusing When Talking About the Poster Girl for a Poster Store, So Call Her a Sandwich Board

      02 May '11
      Catherine appears to have a boyfriend and has drastically improved her appearance. Her boyfriend is a regular at Snack Otose, an entrepreneur by the name of Suejiro. Catherine decides to leave the Kabuki district to start a new bar with him.
    • 6. Glasses Are Part of the Soul

      09 May '11
      The Odd Jobs' TV breaks out with Sachan inside. Gintoki tells Sadaharu to throw her away with the TV, but Sachan's precious glasses are broken in the process. Gintoki reluctantly buys Sa-chan a new pair of glasses, but they are bottle bottom glasses that are clearly the wrong prescription. Sa-chan is overjoyed that Gintoki has given her a present, but the new glasses are responsible for a chain of failures on her assassination job. Her superiors now question her commitment.
    • 7. Glasses Prevent You From Seeing Certain Things

      16 May '11
      Gintoki and crew continue to defend Sarutobi against the Lethal Punishers. But against such assassins as the Pillow Masa, T-shirt Tatsu, and the Chuubert Chu Brothers, will they win?
    • 8. Nothing Lasts Forever, Including Parents, Money, Youth, Your Room, Dress Shirts, Me, You and the Gintama Anime

      23 May '11
      Due to a lack of budget, the Yorozuya try to use old footage to make a filler episodes. While Hasegawa first plays a theme song, the characters then watch a fake trailer a supposed second film based on the series. The episode ends with a chapter of "Teach us Ginpachi-sensei", a story in which Gintoki is the teacher from high school class composed of anime's characters.
    • 9. A Lawless Town Tend To Attract a Bunch of Whoohooey Folk

      30 May '11
      Pirako Chin is looking for the strongest man in the Kabuki District. Now Gintoki has an underling who wants to turn Kabuki District into a garden of bright red flowers.
    • 10. Ghosts Aren't The Only Ones Who Run Wild Around Graveyards

      06 Jun '11
      Pirako has double crossed Gin! Her real plan is to help Jirocho, her father, take over the town. Can Gin stop a war?
    • 11. Chains Of a Warrior

      13 Jun '11
      Pirako is pleased to hear that Otose, the reason for Jirocho's attachment to the Kabuki district, has been eliminated. With Otose gone, the balance of power among the Four Devas has crumbled and a war is in the works in the Kabuki district. Meanwhile, the Odd Jobs crew is watching over Otose when Saigo appears and informs them that the bar will be destroyed by the Four Devas. He urges them to leave this town, now that they've lost their home...Finally, the day comes for them to leave Snack Otose
    • 12. Iron Town

      20 Jun '11
      Tama, Tatsumi, Tetsuko, Kozen, Madao, Kyoshiro. Everybody is out in full force to fight for the Kabuki District. Male escorts vs. trannies, Cabaret girls vs. Yakuza, robots blowing things up. It’s an all-out war!
    • 13. 'Tis An Honor!

      27 Jun '11
      Jirocho and Gin battle Kada's elite Harusame forces while the rest of the denizens of Kabuki-cho take on her main forces in the streets. Kada is utterly stunned when her elite forces are beat by just these two humans, and flees the scene. Gin then helps Jirocho resolve his issues regarding Tatsugoro; Otose and Jirocho reconcile at the hospital. Outside the hospital, Kada desperately launches one last feeble attempt at conquering Kabuki-cho, but is stopped in her tracks by Pirako and the Yorozuya
    • 14. Odds or Even

      04 Jul '11
      Kagura's older brother, Kamui, visits Kada's cell where she is being kept after having been captured by the Kiheitai and loses at a game of odds or evens. He is approached by one of the 12 captains who tells him he has the 12 captains support if he chooses to overthrow Admiral Abo. Kamui orders his second to kill the members of the Kiheitai, isolating Takasugi so Kamui can duel him. As the Kiheitai's ship is about to be attacked the Admiral double crosses Kamui and imprisons him out of fear.
    • 15. I Can't Remember a Damn Thing About the Factory Tour

      11 Jul '11
      Kagura invites a bunch of kids to the Yorozuya. They, along with other characters get shunned by them and invites them into a "factory tour".
    • 16. What Happen Twice Can Happen Thrice

      18 Jul '11
      Gintoki and Hasegawa have to help the shogun when he is at the pool
    • 17. The Pincers of Crab Can Snip Through a Friendship

      25 Jul '11
      Otose sent a box of crab to the Yoruzuya. Before they can divide the crab's legs to themselves, suddenly, there came a blackout after the electricity came back one leg is missing and Gintoki ate it. Another blackout came and another leg was missing and Kagura ate it, saying she was attacked by a gorilla. Shinpachi then put up a candle. Then Gintoki and Kagura ate all of the legs. When Shinpachi claims the crab's whole body they found themselves fighting for a crab congee and ended up eating crab
    • 18. People Forget to Return Stuff All The Time Without Even Realizing It.

      01 Aug '11
      Kagura helps a iwamatsu, the last part have the yoruzuya and shinsengumi in the bathhouse just as neighbor Hedero arrives with family members visiting Edo.
    • 19. The Bathhouse , Where You're Naked In Body And Soul

      08 Aug '11
      Gin, Kondo, Hijkata, and Shin are stuck in the public bath with the demons. Every lie they tell digs their grave deeper. Can they really get away with kicking heads in, ripping off horns, and setting demons on fire with lotion?
    • 20. Jugem

      15 Aug '11
      The monkey, aka "Jugem Jugem... (abbreviated) Runny Diarrhea," has grown close to Kyubei. However, their time together did not last. The Shogun family ordered that the Yagyu return Runny Diarrhea. The monkey escapes from the Shogun family to see Kyubei again. Kyubei and the other Yagyu members are forced to continue a desperate and fruitless search for Runny Diarrhea.
    • 21. The Name Reveals the Person

      22 Aug '11
      The monkey, aka "Jugem Jugem... (abbreviated) Runny Diarrhea," has grown close to Kyubei. However, their time together did not last. The Shogun family ordered that the Yagyu return Runny Diarrhea. The monkey escapes from the Shogun family to see Kyubei again. Kyubei and the other Yagyu members are forced to continue a desperate and fruitless search for Runny Diarrhea.
    • 22. The Man's Household Situation Is Hard , His Heart Is Soft

      29 Aug '11
      Katsura infiltrates Matsudaira's household and ends up pondering family values.
    • 23. Blue And Red Ecstasy

      05 Sep '11
      The Yorozuya run into a mysterious Blu-ray DVD with a depressed female ghost in it. The ghost moves into their TV, making all the programs gloomy as well. Gintoki then attempts to find use for the ghost as a navigator.
    • 24. So In The Second Season Of Prison Break , They Already Broke Out Of Prison , But The Name Works When You Realize That Society Is A Prison

      12 Sep '11
      Gintoki gets thrown in prison after being framed, and while he's made an enemy of the warden, he's managed to become the boss of the prisoners. With his underling Shachi in tow, Gintoki skips his menial labor duties to search the warden's room for anything incriminating. Understanding that the punishment will be fatal if they are caught, Gintoki disguises himself by putting on pajamas...
    • 25. Everybody Loves Pajamas

      19 Sep '11
      Gintoki continues creating havoc in the prison.