• Air date: 02 Apr '09 51 episodes
      The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it. Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog. Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences.
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    • 1. A Conversation With a Barber During a Haircut is The Most Pointless Thing in The World

      02 Apr '09
      Gintoki visits a barber shop to get his hair cut. After Kagura mentions that the seventh volume of the manga Abu is missing, the barber runs off to buy the volume and leaves the Yorozuya to look after the shop. After a while Katsura and Kondo enter the shop to get an image change. Then the Shogun enters suddenly the shop and wants a hair cut, too. The Yorozuya fall into despair because they don't even know how to cut hair properly.
    • 2. The Heavens Created Chonmage Above Man Instead of Another Man

      09 Apr '09
      The Shogun wants Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi to redo his mage. After Kagura is trying to ask the Shogun how he wants his hair done, she vomits and a Naruto gets stuck on the Shogun's head. Then the three Yorozuya try removing it with a razor and accidentally cut off the Shogun's mage. To cover up their mistake they try to find a replace for it.
    • 3. Sleep Helps a Child Grow

      16 Apr '09
      Kagura can't fall asleep , so she goes to Gintoki's room and troubles him about her problem. After few methods, she finally fells asleep while listening to a story from a radio show. Unfortunately Gintoki listened to this Horror story as well, and now he can't fall aleep.
    • 4. That person looks different from usual during a birthday party

      23 Apr '09
      It's Christmas in Edo and Kagura writes her father a letter. She is sad that Santa Claus never visited her. Moved, her father Umi Bozu dresses himself up as Santa and hides watching Kagura, Otae, Shinpachi and Hasegawa celebrate Christmas. When he finally jumps out of the bushes to surprise her there is another Santa, a dressed up Gintoki. Both of them think that their counterpart is real. They start punching each other when another three Santas show up (Sachan, Kondo and Kyubei). Kagura decides
    • 5. The other side of the other side of the other side would be the other side

      30 Apr '09
      The contest has finally begun but instead of a real contest to decide who's the real Santa, Kagura, Otae and the five Santas together with Shinpachi and Hasegawa are shown in various scenes playing a role like a school girl and not fighting each other like in a real contest. In each scene they imagine, the Santa has to show his kind of version what he would do as Santa and this is judged by Kagura, Otae and Hasegawa. Although in the end none of the Santas has any desire to continue with this
    • 6. It Takes a Bit of Courage to Enter a Street Vendor's Stand

      07 May '09
      Yatai “Guchiri-Ya” (Whining Store) has three rules: One, a customer can come in alone and whine as much as they want. Two, if there’s a familiar face, pretend like you don’t know them. And three, do not share the stories you hear. Tonight’s customers are a drowsy-looking samurai with a sweet tooth, a Mayo samurai, and finally Mr. Gorilla (pseudonym). Though permitted to whine, the three customers cannot help feeling awkward about it. So the master speaks on their behalf and spills
    • 7. Any Place Can Become a Battlefield When Men Gather

      14 May '09
      Today’s Tsu Terakado concert is another lively success. But fan club president Shinpachi is angered because only four of the Tsu Terakado fan club members have come to the concert. He is further enraged to learn that many of the club members have left without permission and have joined the new Tsusentai fan club instead. To Shinpachi’s surprise, the Tsusentai leader is Hijikata, who thanks to the demonic sword’s curse has now become a charismatic otaku! Can Shinpachi protect his only(?)
    • 8. If a Friend Gets Injured, Take Him to the Hospital, Stat!

      21 May '09
      The fierce battle begins over the title of the Official Tsu Terakado fan club. Tosshi, Hijikata’s loser otaku personality created from a demonic sword, was once thought to have been defeated by Hijikata’s strong will, but in reality the personality still survives within him. By reigning as the king of otaku, Hijikata plans to put Tosshi’s soul to rest. Tosshi’s road to the king of otaku versus Shinpachi’s love for Otsu-chan. Who shall be victorious?!
    • 9. If one orange in the box is rotten, the rest of them will become rotten before you realize it!

      28 May '09
      The preliminary round for the Official Tsu Terakado fan club title is a marathon race. With Takachin in critical condition and Kagura taking the wrong route, team Shinpachi’s chances of winning look slim. But thanks to Gintoki’s quick thinking, Takachin makes an instant (and improved?) recovery and emerges from the hospital to rejoin the race! As the race gradually turns into a battle of deception, Shinpachi runs furiously for the goal. Will he be able to beat the tactical general Tosshi?!
    • 10. From a foreigner's perspective, you're the foreigner. From an alien's perspective, you're the alien

      04 Jun '09
      Tosshi finishes the preliminary race in first place by rounding up all the contestants to block Shinpachi’s team from making the goal. Despite Toshi’s scheming, team Otsu-chan fan club makes a surprising comeback to finish in second place! Hijikata points out that the team cheated by changing their member lineup, but with his own member suspected of using a taxi, the objection is dropped. Kondo and Kagura also finish the race after taking the wrong route and being dropped off by the police.
    • 11. Laputa's still good after seeing it so many times

      11 Jun '09
      For the second round in the Official Tsu Terakado fan club championships, it is a battle of charms. Both teams must come up with a virtualized situation where the winner is decided by Otsu-chan saying “yes.” First up is the Tsusengumi’s story, taking place in a bar with a beautiful night view. But the romantic mood is ruined thanks to Okita the narrator and assistants Kondo and “Mohawk” Yamazaki going out of control. Hijikata begins to panic, but with Kondo and the others’ carefully
    • 12. Love Is Unconditional

      18 Jun '09
      The time to settle the battle for the official fan club title is finally here. The match between Shinpachi and Hijikata is a card battle using Otsu chip playing cards. Never knowing such a thing existed, Shinpachi rushes to the vendor for some cards. Hijikata on the other hand is fully prepared and delivers the ultra powerful card “Melancholy 5-minutes before start”! Hijikata’s range of powerful attacks forces Shinpachi to stay on the defensive. Can he possibly find a way to make a
    • 13. The Black Ships Even Make A Scene When They Sink

      25 Jun '09
      After an intense battle, Shinpachi and Hijikata both fall to the ground with zero life points. Despite being exhausted and battered, the two men rise up to resume their battle. They fight as if their lives—no, their very souls—were on the line and Otsu begs them to stop. But nobody can stop them now. For their battle is no longer just for the title of official fan club...
    • 14. That Matsutake Soup Stuff Tastes Better than the Real Deal / If a Person Is Dead, They Can't Come Back to Life

      02 Jul '09
      PART A - Rumors of Yorozuya imposters gaining popularity within the city reach Gintoki’s ears. Upon investigating, the Odd Jobs Trio discover that someone is using their Yorozuya name for fishy business and making a fortune out of it. Gintoki and the gang seek out to uncover the imposters’ identities, only to discover...?! PART B - A man dressed in blue full-body spandex appears before Shinpachi. The “Blue Man” begins talking to a dumbfounded Shinpachi. He claims to have come from the
    • 15. If It Works Once, It'll Work Over And Over Again

      09 Jul '09
      The city is hit by a bad flu one winter day. Even Otae is sick with the flu. Shinpachi gets some long-awaited time alone with his sister and is tending to her when he gets a visit from Gintoki and Kagura. Turns out the two have also caught the flu and want Shinpachi to look after them. Irritated by Gintoki and Kagura’s abrupt visit, not to mention their selfish demands, Shinpachi is surprised when even more sick guests arrive.
    • 16. Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than One

      16 Jul '09
      Pirako has double crossed Gin! Her real plan is to help Jirocho, her father, take over the town. Can Gin stop a war?
    • 17. Smooth Polygons Smooth Men's Hearts Too

      23 Jul '09
      Tama works hard everyday starting early in the morning. Even when Otose tells her to take a break, Tama won’t and says she is happy just being with everyone. But Otose notices that Tama’s appearance has changed into that of an angular polygon from an old video game! While Otose and Gintoki discuss that it must have been brought on by overwork, Tama returns from shopping and has now regressed from polygons to pixels!! Why is she going through these changes? And will she be able to return to
    • 18. A Human Body Is Like a Little Universe

      30 Jul '09
      Tama, Tatsumi, Tetsuko, Kozen, Madao, Kyoshiro. Everybody is out in full force to fight for the Kabuki District. Male escorts vs. trannies, Cabaret girls vs. Yakuza, robots blowing things up. It’s an all-out war!
    • 19. The Chosen Idiots

      06 Aug '09
      Jirocho and Gin battle Kada's elite Harusame forces while the rest of the denizens of Kabuki-cho take on her main forces in the streets. Kada is utterly stunned when her elite forces are beat by just these two humans, and flees the scene. Gin then helps Jirocho resolve his issues regarding Tatsugoro; Otose and Jirocho reconcile at the hospital. Outside the hospital, Kada desperately launches one last feeble attempt at conquering Kabuki-cho, but is stopped in her tracks by Pirako and the Yorozuya
    • 20. And into the Legend...

      13 Aug '09
      At last, Gintoki and his friends confront the Great Archfiend. While the Leukocyte King can’t lay a finger on the Great Archfiend who has taken Tama’s form, Gintoki attacks without giving a damn. Angered by his reckless impudence, the Leukocyte King turns on Gintoki. The Great Archfiend then takes the form of the Leukocyte King’s father. But this time Shinpachi and Kagura attack him, and they succeed in kicking him off the throne. The Odd Jobs trio takes this chance to finish the Great
    • 21. If You Keep Copying, They Will Retaliate / A Loss Opens Your Eyes to the Love You Have

      20 Aug '09
      Part A On top of the Odd Jobs building, two awfully familiar men seem to be scheming. They manage to hide themselves from several visitors, but they are spotted by the man who’ll cause the biggest mess of all: Katsura! Part B Gintoki’s alarm goes off, and he decides to takes a shower to sober up. While in the shower, something happens to Gintoki! Seems Kagura and Shinpachi are also caught up in the mess, and they wonder how this could have happened to them... The three heroes face a crisis
    • 22. Using the Carrot and the Stick Method Depends on the Situation

      27 Aug '09
      A man called Executioner Kohei is brought under strict guard to the Shinsengumi. He is the executive officer of the Radical Joi Faction, the Akatsuki Party, and is also a lethal murderer who has killed 35 bakufu officials. According to Kondo, Kohei not only endures torture, but laughs with joy during it. The Shinsengumi’s mission is to get Kohei to tell them details about the large-scale terrorist attack the Akatsuki Party is supposedly planning. First off is Yamazaki, who goes to the
    • 23. It's What's On The Inside That Counts / It's What's On The Inside That Counts, But Only To A Certain Extent

      03 Sep '09
      Part A “It's What's On The Inside That Counts" While taking Sadaharu out for a walk, Gintoki runs into Katsura who is with some “thing” that hardly resembles Elizabeth. Shinpachi and Kagura also notice the change in Elizabeth, or more like being totally replaced, and decide to bring Katsura back to his senses. Part B “It's What's On The Inside That Counts, But Only To A Certain Extent” It is morning and Gintoki wakes up in his closet for some reason. Dumbfounded, he makes his way to
    • 24. Are There Still People Who Go to the Ocean and Yell "Bakayaro!"? / When a Person Is Trapped, Their Inner Door Opens

      10 Sep '09
      Kagura helps a iwamatsu, the last part have the yoruzuya and shinsengumi in the bathhouse just as neighbor Hedero arrives with family members visiting Edo.
    • 25. No Matter How Old You Get, You Still Hate the Dentist

      17 Sep '09
      Gintoki’s mouth is swollen like crazy, forcing him to go to the dentist for treatment. Unable to cope with the stress and pressure of waiting, a crazed Gintoki screams for someone to just kill him and be done with it. After getting scolded by the staff, Gintoki waits for his turn when another man with a swollen mouth comes in, making things even more complicated!