• Air date: 18 Oct '99 13 episodes
      Franklin is an Canadian educational animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois. The television series was named after its main character, Franklin the Turtle. It was produced by PolyGram Television, Alphanim, LuxAnimation, Nelvana, Neurones Enterprises, Reader's Digest for Young Families, TF1, Funbag Animation Studios, Europool, Mini TFO, and Family Channel, and syndicated by Summit Entertainment.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Franklin and His Night Friend / Franklin and the Two Henrys

      18 Oct '99
      #30101 In ""Franklin and His Night Friend"", Franklin meets a new neighbour, one he's never met before... Bat. Franklin found out Bat only comes out at night and stays up late so he can play with Bat and discovers a new lifestyle of his nocturnal friend. #30102 In ""Franklin and the Two Henrys"", Bear looks after Beaver's pet hamster, Henry, for the weekend. However, Henry ends up getting lost and Bear & Franklin must find a way to find Henry before Beaver returns.
    • 2. Franklin's Nature Hike / Franklin's Starring Role

      25 Oct '99
      #30201 In ""Franklin's Nature Hike"", Franklin & his friends are on a class trip... a Nature Hike. However, Franklin becomes over protective of his friend, Snail. He soon learns Snail is able to care for himself. #30202 In ""Franklin's Starring Role"", Franklin was disappointed he did not get the lead in the play. Even worse, he was to be the stage manager. He soon learns his role is just important as everyone else's.
    • 3. Franklin's Masterpiece / Franklin and the Computer

      01 Nov '99
      #30301 In ""Franklin's Masterpiece"", Franklin submits a painting for an art contest and wins. However, he was not the only one that contributed to the painting. His friends found out and Franklin must find a way to make it right. #30302 In ""Franklin and the Computer"", Franklin gets too attached to Beaver's computer game. He had put all his interests aside including his friends. He soon learns there's more to life than a computer game.
    • 4. Franklin the Trooper / Franklin's Fossil

      08 Nov '99
      #30401 In ""Franklin the Trooper"", Franklin helps Mrs. Muskrat fix up her old boat except Franklin didn't really want to when there was so much work to be done. He soon learns how much Mrs. Muskrat appreciates his help and when he saw the final results, he felt much better being able to assist a friend. In ""Franklin's Fossil"", Franklin and Bear found a fossil in his backyard and tries to set up a museum. However, they do not know anything about the fossil and decided to give it to Mr.
    • 5. Franklin and the Fortune Teller / Franklin's Cellar

      22 Nov '99
      #30501 ""Franklin and the Fortune Teller"" Franklin's friends are all excited about Beaver's new toy: a spinning top. Beaver claims that the designs that come up on it can tell fortunes. Rabbit gives it a whirl and it say he's going to win something. Snail tries and is told that he's going to be famous. Franklin, however, is skeptical. He doesn't think it's magical. It's just a top. How can it tell the future of anything? He asks for a try, but Beaver tells him that if he doesn't believe in
    • 6. Franklin Plants a Tree / Franklin the Hero

      29 Nov '99
      #30601 ""Franklin Plants a Tree"" For Earth Day, Franklin is excited to get his very own tree. When he receives a small maple seedling, he doesn't understand that it will grow into a big tree and becomes disenchanted. It's up to Mr. Heron to teach him the value of his small plant. #30602 ""Franklin the Hero"" Franklin and Snail idolize their favorite comic-book character: Dynaroo. They're very excited when they find out that Dynaroo's going to be doing a signing at Mr. Heron's bookstore.
    • 7. Franklin's Day Off / Franklin's Homemade Cookies

      06 Dec '99
      #30701 ""Franklin's Day Off"" Franklin is going out to ride bikes with Bear. However, his parents don't want him to leave until he's taken down the fort he set up in the backyard. Franklin says that he'll do it later and his parents remind him that's what he said the day before. Mr. Turtle tries to use an analogy about weeds growing to illustrate what can happen if you put things off. But Franklin counters that the fort isn't going grow out of control or anything and ends up getting his way.
    • 8. Franklin the Fabulous / Franklin Camps Out

      07 Feb '00
      #30801 ""Franklin the Fabulous"" Franklin and his family watch the magic show of Marten the Magician. They're amazed by his great tricks, which include making things appear out of thin air and making himself disappear. Back at home, Franklin says that he wants to be a magician. His parents demonstrate a couple simple tricks: making a coin appear in one hand when it should have been in another and a ""magic paperclip."" But Franklin's not impressed and decides to go to the library for
    • 9. Franklin and the Puppy / Franklin Takes The Bus

      14 Feb '00
      #30901 ""Franklin and the Puppy"" Franklin and Bear are playing when a field, when a small puppy comes up to Franklin. They play catch with it and find that it's pretty good at it. Bear notices that he doesn't have a collar. Franklin, thinking that it might be a stray, decides that they can't simply leave it out its own. He's going to take it home with him. Bear's not sure it's a good idea, but he does agree that it shouldn't be left out to fend for himself. So Franklin takes the puppy home
    • 10. Franklin and the Copycat / Big Brother Franklin

      11 Oct '99
      #31001 ""Franklin and the Copycat"" Franklin's class is drawing pictures with crayons. Franklin's picture is very nice. He's drawn some very realistic sunset clouds. Everyone's very impressed and they start asking Franklin to help them with their drawings. Then, Rabbit presents his drawing to Mr. Owl. Franklin's shocked: it's basically a perfect copy of his sunset cloud drawing, except Rabbit added in a red scooter. Mr. Owl lavishes it wish praise. At home that night, Franklin explains to his
    • 11. Franklin and the Grump / Franklin's Promise

      17 Jan '00
      #31101 ""Franklin and the Grump"" Franklin and Bear are playing baseball. It's winter, but they want to get back in practice for the upcoming spring season. Then, they accidentally hit the ball into Mr. Groundhog's yard. Franklin doesn't think it's a problem. They'll just knock and ask if they can go and get the ball. But when they knock, at first no one answers. Then, after knocking a second time, Mr. Groundhog tells them to go away as it's not even February 2nd. Franklin's confused. Bear
    • 12. Franklin and the Thunderstorm / Franklin's Maple Syrup

      31 Jan '00
      #31201 ""Franklin and the Thunderstorm"" Franklin and Bear are on the way to pick up Snail for a soccer game. They try taking a shortcut through the woods. This proves to be a problem though, as Bear runs into a spider's web and he's very afraid of spiders. Franklin helps get the spider (well, actually, it was a leaf) off of Bear's back and they decide maybe taking the shortcut wasn't such a good idea. When they get to where Snail is supposed to be, they can't find him. He's not where they
    • 13. Franklin Helps Out / Franklin's Missing Snacks

      21 Feb '00
      #31301 ""Franklin Helps Out"" Mr. Owl is discussing ways with his class to help out in the community. He asks them for suggestions, but the only one they come up with is picking up litter. They just suggest different locations for doing it. Mr. Owl decides that the best way to learn about helping out in the community would be to actually go out into the community. So he sends everyone out, calling it a ""field trip."" Once they're outside, Mr. Owl says that he wants everyone to do different