• Air date: 08 May '00 13 episodes
      Franklin is an Canadian educational animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois. The television series was named after its main character, Franklin the Turtle. It was produced by PolyGram Television, Alphanim, LuxAnimation, Nelvana, Neurones Enterprises, Reader's Digest for Young Families, TF1, Funbag Animation Studios, Europool, Mini TFO, and Family Channel, and syndicated by Summit Entertainment.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Franklin's Good Deeds / Franklin's Submarine

      08 May '00
      #40101 ""Franklin's Good Deeds"" Mr. Groundhog has hurt his foot, so Franklin and his friends are helping him with chores around his garden. Mr. Groundhog says that they should take a break, but Franklin wants to pick just one last pumpkin. As he goes to pick the pumpkin, a reporter for the newspaper, Mr. Coyote comes along. He does a story on how the kids are helping Mr. Groundhog. He takes their picture, but Franklin doesn't get back in time for it. The story is published in the paper, with
    • 2. Mr. Fix-It Franklin / Franklin Has the Hiccups

      15 May '00
      #40201 ""Mr. Fix-It Franklin"" Franklin is good at doing things such as repairing things with tape. However, he wants to fix something complicated. He tries to help Mr. Turtle with fixing the washing machine, but Mr. Turtle says there isn't enough room for the two of them. In his room, seeing that his clock is broken, Franklin decides that it can be his repair project and he takes it apart. But he has no idea how to put it together and blames Goldie for not stopping him. His parents come in
    • 3. Franklin Delivers / Franklin's Shell Trouble

      22 May '00
      #40301 ""Franklin Delivers"" Franklin and Bear are having a great time playing in fallen fall leaves. They pretend that Bear is a ship captain, Franklin is first mate and that a pile of leaves is the ""Red Sea."" Then, Jack Rabbit, an older kid, comes along. He comments that he used to play in the leaves, when he was younger. Franklin and Bear say that they weren't playing in them, they just fell in them, by accident. Jack Rabbit, who tells them to call him ""Jack,"" talks with them for a
    • 4. Franklin's Sailboat / Franklin Snoops

      29 May '00
      #40401 ""Franklin's Sailboat"" As Franklin and his Dad are at a store searching for things to fix up their old shed, Franklin spots a sleek looking new sailboat. Franklin wants it, but Mr. Turtle doesn't think he should buy it. He already has his old boat, the S.S. Snapper at home. But Franklin doesn't think much of the S.S. Snapper. It's a really old boat. Mr. Turtle thinks that he should give it a chance. With a little fixing up, it could be a great boat again. He promises to help Franklin
    • 5. Franklin's Father / Franklin Plays Hockey

      #40501 ""Franklin's Father"" Franklin and Mr. Turtle are waiting for Mrs. Turtle at the train stop. Her train is running a bit late. They've been playing ""I Spy"" and Franklin has won six in a room. But Mr. Turtle is getting a bit tired and wants a break. He reads the newspaper and Franklin tries to entertain himself. He pokes eyeholes in a portion of the newspaper and pretends to be a spy. Seeing an enemy agent with secret plans, he goes to apprehend them. But instead of apprehending them,
    • 6. Franklin and the Puppet Play / Franklin's Stopwatch

      #40601 ""Franklin and the Puppet Play"" Franklin and Beaver at the library when Rabbit's brother Bunny comes along. They ask him if he wants to hear a story and Bunny does. So they use puppets to perform ""Little Miss Muffet."" Mrs. Goose, who was watching their improptu performance, asks them if they'd like to put on a performance in the Reading Nook. They agree and Mrs. Goose schedules them for Saturday. As they walk home, Beaver says that she wants to make it the best play ever. Franklin
    • 7. Franklin Meets Ermine / Franklin's Funny Buisness

      #40701 ""Franklin Meets Ermine"" When Franklin and his friends race paper boats, Franklin's boat gets stuck in a tree branch in the stream. Everyone goes on ahead, while Franklin tries to rescue his boat. But then a kid Franklin's never seen before, wearing glasses, accidentally tumbles onto Franklin's boat while trying to rescue it. Upset at what he's done, he runs off. Franklin's annoyed, thinking he wrecked his boat on purpose. He goes back to his friends and explains what happened. They
    • 8. Franklin and Sam / Franklin's Berry Patch

      #40801 ""Franklin and Sam"" Franklin is over at Bear's house, playing a game with Bear, Fox and Rabbit. Things are going pretty well until Bear's sister Beatrice (""Bea Bear"") comes into the room looking for her teddy. It disturbs the game, but nobody really minds too much and they all help to look for Beatrice's teddy bear. Rabbit finds it, under a couch cushion. Mr. Bear thanks Rabbit for doing that. Bear explains that Beatrice can't get to sleep without her teddy bear. Fox shakes his head
    • 9. Franklin's Rival / Franklin and the Trading Cards

      #40901 ""Franklin's Rival"" Franklin is over at his Granny's house for a visit. Granny says she has a surprise for him and Franklin thinks it's chocolate-chip cookies. Actually, it's Possum. She babysits him sometimes and today she invited him over to her house. Franklin recognizes Possum. She has pictures of him on her mantel. Granny explains that she used to babysit Possum's Mom. She wants Franklint to get to know Possum and has them come outside for a picnic. Franklin is looking to his
    • 10. Franklin's Robot / Franklin the Detective

      #41001 ""Franklin's Robot"" Franklin and Fox are playing in the sandbox. Fox has a toy robot and he pretends that it's a real robot and that he's using it to make a castle. The two both agree that it would be neat if they had a real robot. It could build huge sandcastles and clean their rooms and all sorts of things. So Fox says that maybe his Dad will let him use some of the old things he has to make a robot. They get to work and put one together. Beaver and Bagder come along. They see and
    • 11. Franklin the Fearless / Franklin's Lucky Charm

      #41101 ""Franklin the Fearless"" Franklin and his friends are going down Acorn Hill in their wagons. It doesn't really seem to be much fun though. They've gotten too big for the small little hill to be much excitement. Then, they decide to try going to ""Thrill Hill."" This is an especially steep hill that some of the big kids in town go down. But after getting there, they take a look at how steep it is and decide that maybe it isn't such a good idea after all. They start to leave, but then
    • 12. Franklin at the Seashore / Franklin & Snail's Dream

      #41201 ""Franklin at the Seashore"" It's a fun day at the beach for Franklin and Bear. Looking for fun, they find some seashells. Franklin tells Bear that if he holds one up to his ear, he can hear the ocean. But Bear can't hear anything, as the real ocean is drowning it out. They decide to use the shells as part of a sandcastle they're making. They make a wonderful sandcastle and go off to do some other things. While they're gone, two crabs come along. They wreck the castle and take all the
    • 13. My Franklin / Franklin's Mom

      #41301 ""My Franklin"" Franklin goes over to Bear's house. He wants Bear to come with him to the playground. Bear wants to go too. However, he can't right now because he has to babysit his little sister Beatrice until his father finishes cleaning the house. The worst thing is that Beatrice keeps crying and he can't find a toy that will make her happy. He's got toys strewn all around the room, but nothing is working. He finds one that he thinks might work. He throws it to her and then goes to