• Air date: 07 Sep '98 13 episodes
      Franklin is an Canadian educational animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois. The television series was named after its main character, Franklin the Turtle. It was produced by PolyGram Television, Alphanim, LuxAnimation, Nelvana, Neurones Enterprises, Reader's Digest for Young Families, TF1, Funbag Animation Studios, Europool, Mini TFO, and Family Channel, and syndicated by Summit Entertainment.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Franklin's Visitor / Franklin Not-So-Broken Bone

      07 Sep '98
      #20101 In ""Franklin's Visitor"", Mr. Mole's grandson visits and Franklin have to keep him company. Mole doesn't seem to be interested in anything Franklin wants to do so Franklin has to find a way to compromise. ""20102 In ""Franklin Not-So-Broken Bone"", Franklin noticed the attention Skunk was getting with a cast on her arm. He finds a way to put a cast on too but learns there are down sides too.
    • 2. Franklin's Gift / Franklin Growing Up Fast

      14 Sep '98
      #20201 In ""Franklin's Gift"", Franklin made a beautiful present for his mom for Mother's Day. He was so proud of it. But when he heard what his friends have gotten their mothers, he wasn't so sure about his home made gift after all. #20202 In ""Franklin Growing Up Fast"", Franklin watches an old home movie of his dad. Franklin couldn't believe his dad was once his size. He sets to do grownup things knowing he'll be a grownup some day but yet he still wants to be a kid too.
    • 3. Franklin the Spy / Franklin's Library Book

      21 Sep '98
      #20301 In ""Franklin the Spy"", Franklin and Bear play secret agents and uses a hidden tape recorder on their friends. But the recorder stopped taping just when the secret was about to be revealed and Franklin & Bear takes it one step to far. #20302 In ""Franklin's Library Book"", Franklin receives his first library card and takes out his first library book. He was so excited with this new responbility. Unfortunately, he left his library book out in the rain and tries to hide the damaged
    • 4. Franklin's Kite / Franklin and the Babysitter

      28 Sep '98
      #20401 In ""Franklin's Kite"", Franklin's kite broke and he threw it away. Fox asked if he could have it and fixes it. When Franklin saw what he did to it, he wished he never threw it away. #20402 In ""Franklin and the Babysitter"", Granny was not able to babysit Franklin when his parents have to go out for the night. So Mrs. Muskrat was called in. Franklin was not pleased for he was looking forward to spending time with his Granny.
    • 5. Franklin and the Broken Globe / Franklin's Valentines

      05 Oct '98
      #20501 In ""Franklin and the Broken Globe"", Franklin accidently breaks the classroom globe but Goose thought she had broken it. Franklin starts to feeling guilty when Goose feels she's nothing but bad luck. #20502 In ""Franklin's Valentines"", Franklin made beautiful valentine cards for this schoolmates. During class time, Franklin could not find his cards anywhere. He found them on his way home, they were strewn all over and rain soaked. Since his schoolmates were so understanding, he
    • 6. Franklin's Family Treasure / Franklin's Music Lessons

      12 Oct '98
      #20601 In ""Franklin's Family Treasure"", Mr. Turtle gives Franklin a whistle. Without realizing it's value, Franklin traded it away until his Granny told him where the whistle originates from. Franklin and his Granny desperately tracks down who has the whistle. #20602 In ""Franklin's Music Lessons"", Franklin and his class were entertained by Mrs. Panda and her piano. This inspired Franklin and Beaver to take up piano lessons from Franklin's Granny. He didn't realize how practice can
    • 7. Franklin Takes a Trip / Franklin's Bicycle Helmet

      19 Oct '98
      #20701 In ""Franklin Takes a Trip"", Franklin and his parents takes a trip to a pioneer village. Franklin was not too thrilled about it until he discovered how the early settlers were doing fun things long before amusement parks were built. #20702 In ""Franklin's Bicycle Helmet"", Franklin had to have the flashy new helmet. He was so proud of it until he overhead his friends laughing about the new helmet. He decided not to wear his new helmet for the bicycle safety test but couldn't pass
    • 8. Franklin's Birthday Party / Franklin's Nickname

      26 Oct '98
      #20801 In ""Franklin's Birthday Party"", Franklin's parents couldn't afford to take Franklin and all his friends to Tamarack Point so they built their own little amusement park for Franklin's birthday party. #20802 In ""Franklin's Nickname"", everyone loves their nickname that was given to them. Everyone that is except for Bear. Franklin realizes that good-spirited kidding has its place and not all nicknames were meant for everyone.
    • 9. Franklin and Otter's Visit / Franklin's Collection

      02 Nov '98
      #20901 In ""Franklin and Otter's Visit"", Otter has returned for a visit to Woodland and Franklin was excited. But soon he realizes how things have changed since Otter have moved away, including their once great friendship. #20902 In ""Franklin's Collection"", Franklin did not know what to bring to school for show and tell. Everyone had a collection of some sort except for Franklin. Franklin sets out to find a collection but didn't think it was anything spectular until Mr. Owl pointed out
    • 10. Franklin Says Sorry / Franklin and the Fire

      09 Nov '98
      #21001 In ""Franklin Says Sorry"", Bear had a surprise for their tree fort and Franklin spoiled it by telling Fox. Bear was really upset with Franklin and wouldn't speak to him for day. Franklin was also upset about what happened and apologized. Fox and Beaver also confessed they were to blame as well for they had insisted Franklin tell them and that it wasn't all his fault. #21002 In ""Franklin and the Fire"", a fire engine awoke Franklin and there was a fire at Mr. Mole's store.
    • 11. Franklin's Garden / Franklin Runs Away

      16 Nov '98
      #21101 In ""Franklin's Garden"", Franklin was proud of his little garden until he noticed a caterpillar kept eating his petunias. He tried everything to keep the caterpillar out but Mr. Mole explained the significance of a caterpillar and gave Franklin a whole new outlook about his garden, including other living things. #21102 In ""Franklin Runs Away"", Franklin and Snail feels unwanted due to a series of disagreeable encounters with family and friends. They decide to run away but then
    • 12. Franklin's Gloomy Day / Franklin Tells Time

      23 Nov '98
      #21201 In ""Franklin's Gloomy Day"", Franklin is bored and there was nothing to do especially with the weather not cooperating. With his parents' encouragement, Franklin used his own creative imagination to chase away those boredom blues. #21202 In ""Franklin Tells Time"", Franklin pretends to know how to tell time until he realizes it doesn't help when he was always late. Franklin confesses to Mr. Owl and asks for his help to learn and Mr. Owl assures Franklin that everyone needs extra help
    • 13. Franklin's Test / Franklin and the Duckling

      30 Nov '98
      #21301 In ""Franklin's Test"", Franklin so deperately wants to win a pen during a spelling test that he cheated. When Bear didn't get a pen because he didn't pass the test, Franklin felt guilty for not earning the pen fairly. #21302 In ""Franklin and the Duckling"", Franklin finds a duckling at the pond and tries to hide it from his parents. He soon realizes there's more to it than meets the eye with how much care a duckling needs.