EastEnders : Season 33

    • Air date: 01 Jan '17 209 episodes
  • List of Episodes (209)

    1. 01/01/2017

    • The day of Ronnie and Jack's wedding has arrived - will they get the day of their dreams?

    2. 02/01/2017

    • Max makes a shocking discovery. Whitney steps up to offer support.

    3. 03/01/2017

    • One resident is forced to do the unthinkable.

    4. 05/01/2017

    • Babe ruffles some feathers. Patrick is left stunned by Denise's latest revelation.

    5. 09/01/2017

    • Mick's problems continue, and one family struggles to hold it together.

    6. 10/01/2017

    • Denise finds herself in an impossible situation - will the truth out?

    7. 12/01/2017

    • Secrets are set to explode for some of Walford's residents.

    8. 13/01/2017

    • Denise goes into labour, but will she go through with her plan? Bex is torn by her future.

    9. 16/01/2017

    • Dot finds herself in an uncomfortable position when Glenda makes a request.

    10. 17/01/2017

    • Tensions remain high for the Fox family following recent events.

    11. 19/01/2017

    • Things grow fraught for Whitney and Lee. Is this the end of their relationship?

    12. 20/01/2017 Part One

    • It's a tough day in Walford as the residents prepare to say farewell to Ronnie and Roxy.

    13. 20/01/2017 Part Two

    • The cracks start to show for the Mitchells and Brannings. Louise prepares for her date.

    14. 23/01/2017

    • Stacey grows frustrated at Martin's actions. Louise is left mortified by recent events. Jay is given food for thought by Billy.

    15. 24/01/2017

    • A double decker bus crashes into Watford market tube station. Mick is shocked by what he sees. Stacey receives some alarming news.

    16. 26/01/2017

    • One resident makes a huge decision.

    17. 30/01/2017

    • The residents reel from the events of last week and do their best to return to normal.

    18. 31/01/2017

    • Tina takes matters into her own hands, and there is more trouble in store for the Carters.

    19. 02/02/2017

    • Things go from bad to worse for one Walford family, and Babe stirs up more trouble.

    20. 06/02/2017

    • Tensions simmer for the Fox family. Carmel is disappointed by Shakil's latest actions.

    21. 07/02/2017

    • The Carters reach crisis point. Shakil struggles to cope with the gossip.

    22. 09/02/2017 Part One

    • Babe attempts to make amends. One resident is faced with a tough decision.

    23. 09/02/2017 Part Two

    • Jack grows paranoid at Glenda's intentions. Mick does his best to remain positive.

    24. 10/02/2017

    • The pressure builds for one Walford couple. Michelle reaches out to Bex.

    25. 13/02/2017

    • Whitney and Lee's relationship reaches breaking point. Jay struggles with recent news.