EastEnders : Season 32

    • Air date: 01 Jan '16 210 episodes
  • List of Episodes (210)

    1. 01/01/2016 Part 1

    • It's New Year's Day, and the wedding Mick and Linda have been dreaming about since they were teenagers has finally arrived. However, fuelled by rage, Dean returns wanting revenge, plunging them all into mortal danger...

    2. 01/01/2016 Part 2

    • Alfie makes a decision about the future for himself and Kat.

    3. 04/01/2016

    • After an explosive New Year, the residents of Albert Square remain on edge and struggle to come to terms with everything that's happened. As Kat prepares for Mo and Charlie's visit, she begins to worry about Stacey's behaviour. One resident receives an unexpected visitor.

    4. 05/01/2016

    • Kat is left stunned when she learns some home truths. Stacey is left overwhelmed by her discovery.

    5. 06/01/2016

    • Kat demands answers and is determined to get them. Tamwar comes up with a new business plan. One couple receives some devastating news.

    6. 07/01/2016 Part 1

    • With truths coming to light, it all becomes too much for one resident, with fatal consequences.

    7. 07/01/2016 Part 2

    • Alfie makes a brave decision.

    8. 11/01/2016

    • Martin grows concerned about Stacey's whereabouts and soon receives help from Nancy and Tamwar. Phil makes a shocking confession.

    9. 12/01/2016

    • A familiar face returns to Albert Square. Martin continues to worry about Stacey but keeps his fears to himself.

    10. 14/01/2016

    • Sharon struggles to come to terms with Phil's latest admission. Elsewhere in Albert Square, Carmel seeks solace at Masood's.

    11. 15/01/2016

    • Phil reaches a new low, with his family despairing his latest behaviour. Kathy encourages Ben to open up, but can she help him?

    12. 18/01/2016

    • A familiar face arrives in the Square with worrying news. Martin continues to grow concerned about Stacey's erratic behaviour, while tensions remain high in the Vic.

    13. 19/01/2016

    • Kyle returns to the Square, but why is he back? It's the day of Charlie's funeral and Kat prepares to say goodbye, but things soon take a turn. Babe sets her eyes on one of the residents.

    14. 21/01/2016

    • As Stacey's psychosis continues to intensify, Martin realises he needs help. Paul and Ben begin to rebuild their fraught relationship, and Kat opens up to her sister.

    15. 22/01/2016

    • Martin worries for Stacey, but will she listen and get the help she needs? Pam and Les worry about Paul's behaviour, but what's really going on?

    16. 25/01/2016

    • A dishevelled Martin reels from recent events. After Ian receives some surprising news, Jane begins to have doubts about their plan for Bobby. Kat and Alfie make a decision about their future.

    17. 26/01/2016

    • Martin's world continues to fall apart. After a successful week running The Vic, things begin to go downhill for Nancy.

    18. 28/01/2016 Part 1

    • Whitney and Nancy find themselves at each other's throat. One resident has her eyes on someone else in the square, but do they feel the same? The Beales prepare to say goodbye to Bobby, but can they go through with their plan?

    19. 28/01/2016 Part 2

    • It's the day of Honey and Billy's engagement party but with the Mitchells struggling to stay united, will all go to plan? One resident receives some devastating news.

    20. 01/02/2016

    • Ronnie attempts to reunite the Mitchells for the sake of Phil, but will her plan work? With the lies weighing heavily on Shabnam's mind, she makes a life-changing decision.

    21. 02/02/2016

    • Nancy and Tamwar embark on their new venture, but will all go to plan? The Masoods and Kazemis reach breaking point as truths come to light. Shirley is stunned when she receives a letter from Dean.

    22. 04/02/2016

    • Despite her better judgement, Denise decides to face past demons. Shirley visits Dean, but her words are not what he expected. After the events of last night, Nancy questions what she really wants.

    23. 05/02/2016

    • It's judgement day for Dean, but will he plead guilty or not guilty? Realising the importance of family, Shirley makes a decision. Patrick grows concerned about Denise.

    24. 08/02/2016

    • Mick discovers a worrying truth about Buster. Despite the advice of her friends and family, Denise insists on finding Jordan.

    25. 09/02/2016

    • Denise reels from seeing Jordan, but how will he react to coming face to face with her? Nancy is made a surprising offer, but will she go through with it? Kush struggles to hold things together.