EastEnders : Season 29

    • Air date: 01 Jan '13 213 episodes
  • List of Episodes (213)

    1. 01/01/2013

    • It is Lexi's christening, and the Mitchells congregate to celebrate her special day. However, Lola is horrified when she sees what Phil has been secretly planning. Alfie does his best to move on from Kat, but is he moving too soon? Ayesha is mortified when she realises she is meant to be meeting her potential future husband today, and decides to take drastic action. Sharon does her best to keep those close to her happy, but she is torn when faced with a difficult dilemma.

    2. 03/01/2013

    • Joey returns to Albert Square to support Alice after the death of their father, and when Lauren hears he is back in Walford she races to find him. Kim and Zainab plan a surprise dinner party to cheer Denise up, but will their idea of suitable men be good enough to warm Denise up during her cold, lonely nights?

    3. 04/01/2013 (1)

    • The day of Derek's funeral has arrived, and the Brannings plan to give him a decent send-off - but will it go as smoothly as planned?

    4. 04/01/2013 (2)

    • There is a race against time to get to the police station when Lauren is pushed to tell the truth about the car crash. Can Joey stop her in time? Carol is furious when she discovers the letter from David Wicks that Derek hid from her, but what will she do?

    5. 07/01/2013

    • It is the day of Joey's court case and Alice is eager to find out what happened to Derek.

    6. 08/01/2013

    • Pressure is building for Max and Denise stays out of Kim's way following her kiss with Ray.

    7. 10/01/2013

    • Max is exasperated with Tanya for her recent plan. However he decides to sort out his current situation once and for all, but will his idea go to plan? When Kat fails to show up at The Vic for the first day of her new job, Alfie goes to talk to her, but when Roxy finds out where he had gone, Alfie has to choose where his loyalties lie.

    8. 11/01/2013

    • Zainab is alarmed when she reads the contents of Ayesha's letters and she immediately sends Masood out on a mission to find out who she has her sights on. Denise is determined to make things up with Kim but just when things look to be back on track for the warring sisters, Ray arrives with a bombshell. Elsewhere Abi is fed up of being nice all the time and she decides to tell her family exactly what she thinks of them all.

    9. 14/01/2013

    • Dot returns home and is mortified to discover her granddaughter using her home for extra-curricular activities! Kat and Roxy come to blows, and Alfie is forced to choose a side. Masood tries to shield Zainab from the truth about the identity of Ayesha's crush, but in doing so he starts to dig a deep hole for himself.

    10. 15/01/2013

    • The Brannings are a family in crisis, and Dot attempts to pull them back together. However, she starts to wish she had never returned when she discovers some home truths. Zainab and Denise give Ayesha conflicting advice on men and dating, completely unaware that Ayesha is in love with Masood. Ray becomes increasingly irritated by Kim, who is still hopelessly in love with him. However, he has another woman in his sights.

    11. 17/01/2013

    • With Ian's words ringing in her ears, Dot is on a one-woman mission to save those around her - starting with Lauren. However, her niece finds herself being saved by someone unexpected. Lola takes an instant liking to Dexter, but she is completely thrown by his reaction to Lexi.

    12. 18/01/2013

    • Tanya is determined to find out what Max and Lauren are hiding, but is not prepared when she makes another shocking discovery. A homeless Cora seeks help from her estranged daughter, Ava, and Dot receives some alarming news. Lola is shocked when she is given an ultimatum by Phil if she wants to continue seeing Lexi.

    13. 21/01/2013

    • Still dealing with the fallout from Max's secret, Tanya decides to take charge of the situation - but her methods leave Max reeling. As he tries to pacify the situation, Tanya's paranoia seems to be eating away at her.

    14. 22/01/2013

    • Realising he is at risk of losing his family, Max tries his best to manage the situation. But when he finally gets what he has been asking for, it only leads to more problems.

    15. 24/01/2013

    • Dot is livid at Cora's betrayal and she makes her views known, but with debts mounting will Dot be able to find a way out of her financial mess? Lola visits Phil in the hope of spending some extra time with Lexi, but she is horrified when she hears what Phil has to tell her.

    16. 25/01/2013

    • Lauren's attempts at helping out a friend backfire, but when she calls her mum for help, Tanya has a novel way of dealing with the situation. With her mind made up, Lola storms round to Phil's and lets him know that she is not going to stand by and let him get his own way. Phil explains the situation to Billy, and his words leave Billy wondering.

    17. 28/01/2013

    • Cora is upset when she hears that Tanya has agreed to meet with Max, and she does all she can to stop her daughter making another mistake. An emotional Lola says goodbye to Lexi as Phil takes her away to Cornwall for a holiday with Peggy. Denise and Zainab battle for the regional manager's job and, convinced it is in the bag, Zainab makes a rash decision in an attempt to raise her profile within the community.

    18. 29/01/2013

    • Masood becomes increasingly uncomfortable around Ayesha and encourages her to follow her dreams. However, his plan backfires when Zainab interferes, and he is shocked at the consequences. Tyler and Whitney happily talk about getting a place of their own, but things take a dramatic turn for the worse when Whitney ignores Bianca's advice. Bianca and Kat excitedly make plans to set up a stall on the market together, but it is not as easy as it seems when they need money for the set-up costs.

    19. 31/01/2013

    • Masood is bewildered when AJ advises that Ayesha is playing games with him, but the middle-aged postman is in for a shock when he calls her bluff. Jean voices her concerns when Alfie excitedly tells her that he is planning to surprise Roxy by replacing Kat's name with Roxy's on the licensee plaque above the door. Kat and Bianca face a battle when Ian and the rest of the traders of Bridge Street put up a fight against them owning a stall on the market.

    20. 01/02/2013

    • Annoyed at the way things have turned out, Max decides to go looking for answers - but he gets more than he bargained for. Masood struggles with Zainab's demands and comes to a decision. After their break-up, Whitney is shocked when Tyler makes his feelings for her loud and clear.

    21. 04/02/2013

    • Guilty over missing their meeting, Masood tries to make things right for Zainab.

    22. 05/02/2013

    • An angry Masood storms off to the Vic, while Zainab hears some home truths from Ayesha.

    23. 07/02/2013

    • As the truth stares Zainab and Masood in the face, Zainab refuses to acknowledge it.

    24. 08/02/2013

    • Masood desperately tries to get Zainab to realise how he feels.

    25. 11/02/2013

    • The pressure is on for Bianca as she attempts to juggle her family, her first trading day on the market and the parole officer's visit. Masood tries to get Tamwar to fulfil his dream and go to university, but he is put out when Masood suggests he applies for the assistant job on the market. Kirsty asks Roxy for her job back in the Vic, and she finds herself seeking advice from a friendly Walford resident.