EastEnders : Season 27

    • Air date: 01 Jan '11 210 episodes
  • List of Episodes (210)

    1. 01/01/2011

    • Arriving home, Alfie’s swept up in the Vic’s New Year celebrations. Fed up of hospital, Kat pulls out her drip, commandeers a taxi and heads home. Every time Alfie tries to get upstairs to see Tommy, something stops him. He finds Charlie slumped in a corner, drunk. After sorting out Fat Boy, Kim and the sound system, Alfie finally makes it upstairs. When Kat arrives home, she’s surprised by the quiet atmosphere in the bar. Excited, Kat bursts into the bedroom, but stops when she sees paramedic

    2. 03/01/2011

    • When Kat and Alfie are asked if they want to see Tommy, Kat runs away. Back at the Vic, Mo sits with her. Alfie looks for Kat, when he gets back to the pub Billy and Julie are clearing up. Kat tries to get the pub ready to open. She’s not ready to say goodbye to Tommy, but Alfie gently persuades her they have to return to the hospital. When Kat sees the baby’s body she’s insistent ‘that’s not my baby’. Ronnie’s upset and feels horribly guilty. She can’t bring herself to breastfeed the baby. Jac

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    19. 01/02/2011

    • The news about Tommy stuns Michael, while Ronnie's interest is piqued by Kat's revelation.

    20. 02/02/2011

    • Abi is left reeling after a love-sick Darren proposes to Jodie. Kat makes a decision when her and Alfie's attempts to reignite their love end in disaster.

    21. 03/02/2011

    • Glenda informs a shocked Roxy that it was Phil who stole her wedding money. Phil is forced to take drastic action when Glenda threatens to expose him at his party.

    22. 07/02/2011

    • Whitney's light fingers leads to a headache for Janine. Whitney makes a dangerous decision, and Janine has a narrow escape at the R&R.

    23. 08/02/2011

    • Still hurt that Kat kissed Michael, Alfie puts on a cheery front and organises a Mexican night at the Vic. Alfie pawns his wedding ring for the money he owes Michael, but later discovers Michael’s returned the money. He gives the money back and tells Michael that he saw him kiss Kat, but Michael insists Kat kissed him. Roxy’s worried about Alfie, who realises she’s the first person who’s asked how he is. Alfie’s doodled K & A in a heart over his Mexican night flags. Kat’s touched and confesses t

    24. 10/02/2011

    • Kat's continued torment at losing baby Tommy proves too much for Alfie... --- Ronnie claims she stole Michael’s photo for Roxy but Jack soon discovers she’s lying. Ronnie insists she wants Michael nowhere near the baby and goes mad when she finds Jack and James with him in the Vic. Jack wants to know what’s really wrong with Ronnie. She nearly admits the truth, then claims she’s not coping and agrees with Jack’s suggestion that she needs professional help. Roxy realises Ronnie lied about Mich

    25. 11/02/2011

    • Zainab and Masood get much more than they bargained for when they put aside their misgivings and meet with Yusef. Ronnie takes drastic action to curtail Roxy and Michael's burgeoning relationship while Julie, Kim and Mo join forces to persuade Kat to talk to Alfie. Heather finally reveals the true extent of her financial woes to Dot.