• Air date: 03 Jan '05 207 episodes
      The everyday lives of working-class residents of Albert Square, a traditional Victorian square of terrace houses surrounding a park in the East End of London's Walford borough.
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    • 1. January 3, 2005

      03 Jan '05
      Jake and Danny continue to get themselves into trouble and after picking up Spencer from the police station, try their best to convince him that they have got rid of the bag and claim to never have known what was inside. Later, when Alfie catches up with them, the boys try to persuade him to return to a life of crime. Alfie is angry with them but is preocupied trying to find work on one of the market stalls. Elsewhere, Ian feels the wrath of Jane when she accuses him of blabbing to Alfie about
    • 2. January 4, 2005

      04 Jan '05
      Andy is still furious at the fact that Jake and Danny stole his car and wants then sorted out. When it becomes obvious that they are not frightened by Andy's threats, he asks Eddie to do some digging and it's not long before he finds out what they've been up to Johnny Allen, a major player that even Andy looks up to. Terrified by what Andy knows, the boys decide to leave Walford – until Johnny turns up. He wants to know where the bag is and is annoyed to find out that it contains drugs. He co
    • 3. January 6, 2005

      06 Jan '05
      Preparing for fatherhood, Dennis shows a prospective buyer around the club and, realising that he could soon be out of a job, he turns to Andy. He makes a deal with Andy so that h would still be managing the club. However, the news that Dennis could soon be working for Andy infuriates Zoë. She heads to the Vic to confront Andy, but his insinuations leave her worried about what he knows. Meanwhile, Billy wants to invite Alfie in on the talks about the christening. Mo is nervous around him but e
    • 4. January 7, 2005

      07 Jan '05
      After finding Den awake early in the morning, Chrissie talks to him about everything that's happened but her concern is soon tested when Den tells her that she doesn't have any idea how he feels. Kate tells the square that she is leaving to joining the police again. They are all shocked to hear that she is leaving the same day. At the nail bar, Chrissie finds a letter sent to her from Vicki. It says that she and Sharon are staying with Michelle and not to call them. Chrissie shows this to Den w
    • 5. January 10, 2005

      10 Jan '05
      Zoë, still shocked by Den's proposition, tells Den there is no way she will sleep with him. Zoë suggests to Dennis that they move away from Walford. Shocked at the prospect of loosing even more of his family, Den has a talk with Dennis to get him to stay. In the end Dennis ends up with the assistant manager job at the Vic, not making Zoë happy at all. Meanwhile, Alfie is in high sprits knowing that Spencer is safe. Jane is worried about Peter after Lucy once again leaves him to go off with S
    • 6. January 11, 2005

      11 Jan '05
      In the Queen Vic, Jake and Danny notice some animosity between Andy and Alfie, and wonder what has happened between them in the past. Den is continuing to persuade Zoë to sleep with him, leading her avoiding him. Den also has to deal with Chrissie constantly reminding him about having a baby and renewing their marriage vows. Jake asks Danny if he has gotten rid of all the fake money they had and he says that he has. However later Nana almost catches him fishing out a lump of cash from behind t
    • 7. January 13, 2005

      13 Jan '05
      Looking to the future, Alfie tries to make the most of his situation and puts his name down to get a stall; however the market inspector tells him he's in for a long wait. After the events of last night, Den and Dennis have a heart to heart about Zoë and Dennis reveals that he thinks he made a mistake not following Sharon to America. Den is quick to suggest he gives it another try with Zoë. Jake finds Dennis and tries to explain that nothing happened with him a Zoë but Dennis isn't in the mo
    • 8. January 14, 2005

      14 Jan '05
      Zoë wakes up, disgusted with what happened the night before. She immediately showers and then goes about changing the bed sheets. Dennis tries to apologies for his recent actions but she is defensive around him. Alfie, now with his new market stall decides to celebrate wit the rest of the market stall traders. He asks Little Mo and Billy to join him. Billy is busy but tells Little Mo she should go, putting her in an uncomfortable situation again with Alfie. After recent events with Patrick and
    • 9. January 17, 2005

      17 Jan '05
      It's a day to celebrate in Albert Square as everyone prepares for Freddie's christening. The Vic is a hive of activity, with Little Mo finding the top tier of her wedding cake and telling Billy how much she loved their wedding day. Zoë is feeling down and doesn't want to go to the christening alone. She is sad that Dennis refuses to go with her. She feels even worse when Den attempts to arrange to sleep with her again. At the Slater's the arguments have already begun with Billy driving everyon
    • 10. January 18, 2005

      18 Jan '05
      Furious at how Billy behaved at the christening, Little Mo refuses to let Billy have Freddie for the day. Alfie is still struggling on the stall with only Christmas leftovers to see. Jake reminds Danny that he promised he would sort Alfie out with some stock. Also, Stacy starts work at the MinuteMart under Yolande's watchful eye. Patrick is too busy planning Paul's birthday, assuming that he will be coming home. Its Charlie's first day back working on the cabs and it goes off to a bad start whe
    • 11. January 20, 2005

      20 Jan '05
      Zoë's day gets off to a bad start when Den reminds her about her doctors appointment. She realizes that he was the one he told Dennis to make her an appointment. Stacey arrives late again for work at the Minute Mart but Patrick is too busy worrying about it. It's his birthday and he has not come home or even rang Patrick. At the Café, Peter and Lucy are talking to Jane about the movie they went to see. Jane says they should have asks her and Lucy tells her that Ian said she would have been bu
    • 12. January 21, 2005

      21 Jan '05
      Dennis is shocked at the sight of Zoë in bed with Den. He tells Zoë to go and clean herself and then tells Den that he made leaving a lot easier for him. Zoë with her life in bits is disgusted when Den tells her to distract Chrissie from Dennis. He tells her he will try to sort things out with Dennis. At the police station, Patrick is giving information about when Paul left however the police don't seem too worried as Paul is old enough to do what he wants. After retuning home, Patrick is pl
    • 13. January 24, 2005

      24 Jan '05
      Alfie, Jake and Danny are shocked to find the bruises on Nana's arms. It doesn't take them too long to realize that Andy was involved. Danny wants to teach him a lesson but Jake has a simpler approach – he calls Johnny Allen. Billy finally gets his visiting order to see Graham in prison and gets Garry to cover for him if Little Mo asks where he is. When he arrives in the prison he tells Graham what a good time he is having with Freddie but is shocked to hear that Graham plans to be a part of
    • 14. January 25, 2005

      25 Jan '05
      Little Mo panics when she wakes up in an empty bed. She questions Garry and forces him to reveal where Billy has been. When he finally comes home, Little Mo warns him that he has invited Graham back into their lives. She is shocked when he reveals that he hates Freddie. Patrick receives some devastating news when the police tell him they have found a body that they need him to identify. He is horrified to find that it is Paul's body. Whilst Yolande is trying to contact Anthony, he goes to the p
    • 15. January 27, 2005

      27 Jan '05
      Patrick is desperate to find out what happened to Paul. Minty tells him that Andy is capable of arranging a contract killing but Alfie warns Patrick to drop it. Yolande keeps trying to contact Anthony but can't reach him. She feels alone when Patrick is too busy for her. She later upsets him when she suggests he feels he wasn't a good enough father to Paul. Ian spends most of the day avoiding Pauline and when she does catch them she causes them to discuss splitting up, warning them that their c
    • 16. January 28, 2005

      28 Jan '05
      Garry tries to convince Billy that Alfie and Little Mo are not having an affair. Billy heads off to win Little Mo back but snaps and punches Alfie when he sees the pair together. That evening, Little Mo goes to the flat and agrees to move back in. However when Billy refers to Freddie as ‘her kid' she gets upset and decides to leave. She packs her bags and tearfully says goodbye to Billy. Andy tells Yolande that the police have spoken to him about Paul but that they are not pursuing the case.
    • 17. January 31, 2005

      31 Jan '05
      Someone has scrawled the word ""murderer"" on the wall of Andy's house. He assumes that it was Patrick and questions him about it. Patrick denies it – but he does ask Andy if he killed Paul. Andy leaves the question unanswered. Later, Patrick spots Pat returning from her holiday and asks her to find out the truth from Andy. Billy is tidying the flat and keeps coming across things belonging to Little Mo and Freddie. Billy tells Alfie that he knows nothing happened between him and Little Mo, wh
    • 18. February 1, 2005

      01 Feb '05
      It is Zoë's 21st birthday and whilst everyone is celebrating she's not feeling well and worries that she could really be pregnant. She buys a pregnancy test kit and her worst fears are confirmed – it's positive. When Little Mo sees the kit, Zoë explains that she thought she had lost the baby. When news spreads to Chrissie she goes to talk to Zoë and realizes that she is really pregnant with Dens baby. Den is happily thinking that Zoë is going to fake a miscarriage until Chrissie tells him
    • 19. February 3, 2005

      03 Feb '05
      It's the day of Paul's funeral and Patrick is intent on getting justice for his son. Patrick is quick to tell Andy about his conversation with the police and it 's not long before Andy realizes it was Sam who told Patrick about Paul's history with him. He pays her a visit and tells her that Paul died because he was a grass and that the same thing could happen to her. Then when the police come she is too scared to say anything. Meanwhile the Moons move into their new house. Alfie is still bemuse
    • 20. February 4, 2005

      04 Feb '05
      Alfie is still mad at Jake and Danny for deceiving him about the house. He is left in a bind when he sees their flat has been let out to another family. Jake tells Nana just enough so that she is determined to stay in the house and then refuses to leave when Aflie tells her they will have to. Den tells Zoë that he's happy about the baby but she's quick to tell him that she's disgusted and that he is coming no where near her child. Chrissie is furious when she finds out that Den has offered ZoÃ
    • 21. February 7, 2005

      07 Feb '05
      As Chrissie and Den plan to renew their marriage vows, Chrissie reveals all to her friend Amanda about Den and how he has ruined Sam's life too. Amanda gives Chrissie some advice about her future and helps to distract Den whilst Chrissie swipes the keys to the safe. Chrissie is horrified to find a standing order paid to Zoe every month. With the help of Amanda she plans to get her money back and then humiliate Den. Meanwhile, Rosie hides another letter from the Department of Work and Pensions i
    • 22. February 8, 2005

      08 Feb '05
      Zoë is shocked to find Den in the kitchen cuddling Freddie and is furious when she discovers that he has money to help tide her over. Not wanting his involvement with the baby, Zoë declines his money and tells him he will have nothing to do with her baby. Later, Sonia has a heart to heart with Zoë whilst she tries to decide over what to do next about her situation. After staying the night at Ian's, Jane aims to make herself at home. When she tries to encourage the kids to become involved in
    • 23. February 10, 2005

      10 Feb '05
      Den and Chrissie are due to renew their marriage vows and Chrissie is all set up ready to humiliate Den and Zoë. With Amanda's help she gets Den to sign over half of everything to her. Den warns Zoë to stay away. Chrissie goes to see her and pretends to be hurt that she is not coming. They talk and Zoë reveals that she doesn't want the baby. Back at the Vic Chrissie begins to question whether she could hurt Zoë like she is planning too. Amanda advises her to go ahead with the ceremony as it
    • 24. February 11, 2005

      11 Feb '05
      With her work done, Amanda leaves, reminding Chrissie that if she wants to take Den for everything she will have to get Zoë's baby out of the picture. Darren tries to prove himself to Stacey by drinking with her in the Minute Mart. However, he gets drunk and collapses, and is taken to hospital. Mickey and Keith both blame Stacey for what has happened. She later realizes that she had the whole even on camera, even the part where Keith lifted heavy boxes with his supposed bad back. She takes her
    • 25. February 14, 2005

      14 Feb '05
      A suspicious Den quizzes Chrissie about Zoë not being pregnant any more asking her every detail about how the miscarriage happened. Not satisfied with what he's being told, Den heads over to see Zoë but she slips up when she tells him a different version of events. When she is own her own she realizes that Chrissie made her do a terrible thing. Chrissie is shocked when she Sam smashing up all the glasses. Sam demands to know the truth about how she and Den got the Vic. Sam charges at Chrissie