EastEnders : Season 20

    • Air date: 01 Jan '04 208 episodes
  • List of Episodes (208)

    1. January 1, 2004

    • Janine and Barry take a walk in the hills and, unable to hold back any longer, she confesses all. Barry is stunned and pleads with Janine but as he tries to hold her she pushes him and he takes a huge fall off the hill. Janine walks down the hill and as he pleads for his son, she sits and watches him die. Back at the scene of the bus crash, Kelly is still upset about the events of the previous evening and wants to talk; there's a development between Sonia and Martin; and Tariq confides in Micke

    2. January 2, 2004

    • At the crash site, Tariq begs Mickey not to betray his confidence, but Mickey finds it hard to contain his feelings on the issue that Tariq is Dan's son and breaks up with Katrina. Meanwhile, Sonia diagnoses Zoe with hyperthermia and, as the weather worsens and help remains elusive, her condition rapidly begins to deteriorate. Paul finds a dead Barry in the Scottish hills but Janine denies killing him, but with the police investigating his death what will they find?

    3. January 5, 2004

    • Billy and Little Mo's relationship is struggling under the weight of her recent ordeal and events take a further turn for the worse when she hears from the doctor's clinic and it is confirmed that she is pregnant.The Square receives some devastating news from Scotland that shakes them all and mars the start of the New Year for more than a few. Paul, in particular, is feeling guilty about the events of the past few days.

    4. January 6, 2004

    • Despite his best intentions, Billy is unsympathetic to Little Mo's plight and the Slater family are quick to pick up on the rift. All assume that Billy is at fault and, unable to cope with the pressure, he issues Little Mo with an ultimatum.Paul makes the decision to leave the Square for a few days as the guilt is too much for him.Kate discovers that someone has jammed the locks at her nail salon with superglue and accuses Sam of vandalism. Insistent that petty crime is not her style, Sam later

    5. January 8, 2004

    • Billy pushes Little Mo to make a decision and moves out to allow her to get some perspective. The family is confused yet distracted by Zoë's return. And Little Mo tries her best to encourage Billy to move back in.Kate discovers that the vandals have stepped up a notch in their attempt to put her out of business, when the nail bar windows are daubed in paint. Sam realises that Minty is behind it and tells him that it's time to get serious.

    6. January 9, 2004

    • Little Mo has revealed the truth to her family and, though shocked, everyone except Zoë agrees with Billy about what she should do. Meanwhile, Charlie pays Billy a visit and discovers the identity of the rapist. Shell-shocked and blinded by fury, he knows that he has to act and heads over to the Vic.Elsewhere, Ronny spots Kareena and Tariq talking and suspects that they are back together. Kareena tells Tariq that she does have feelings for him but he defensively tells her that he was only after

    7. January 12, 2004

    • The Slater family sits down to dinner but there is an unwelcome interruption and it looks like Charlie will have to face the consequences of his actions.Sam is unhappy that the bosses of her various businesses do not seem to be taking her seriously as a manager and she vows to Minty that it is time for her to play dirty.Tariq is beginning to wish he had not confided in Mickey about his secret and pays him a visit, telling him that is was not true and urging him to forget about it.Kat persuades Z

    8. January 13, 2004

    • Sharon and Kate discover that the nail bar has been trashed and have a good idea of who is responsible. Kate calls Sam and Minty's bluff, forcing them to admit causing the damage. Furious that she has been made to look a fool, Sam decides that it is time to take action.Gus is shocked to find Sonia and Martin kissing, and Kelly does not seem to notice that Zoe is looking increasingly dejected.At Angie's Den, Sharon decides to trust Vicki with organising a Valentine's Ball in the hope that giving

    9. January 15, 2004

    • Vicki is eager to prove herself to Sharon but seems to be going about it the wrong way when Dennis catches her with the cheap cigarettes and alcohol she has bought from Mickey. She promises him she will get rid of it but Mickey refuses to take it back and Vicki is left to try to hide it in the club's storeroom.Billy offers Sam a helping hand in her bid to teach the Watts a lesson. He waits for Dennis to leave Angie's Den and puts his plan into action.Meanwhile, Gus faces the fact that Sonia is h

    10. January 16, 2004

    • Billy begins to have second thoughts but knows that he cannot back out of his arson attempt on the Den.But Vicki is downstairs in the stockroom unpacking her loot of cigarettes and booze. Before long, the place is engulfed in smoke and flames and a terrified Vicki collapses.Kelly and Zoe argue about the events of New Year's Eve - each is uncomfortable sharing their feelings with each other.Meanwhile, a face from the past is quite literally thrown back into Albert Square.

    11. January 19, 2004

    • Sharon is devastated to have lost the club and suspects that Vicki was behind the fire. When the police confirm that the fire was arson, her suspicions are further heightened and she is particularly dismayed to learn that the place was stocked with unlicensed drink and cigarettes.Meanwhile, Billy is stunned by Sam's lack of emotion about the fire when he himself is wracked with guilt and Kat finds herself in the position of playing nurse. Alfie, however, is not happy about who she is helping.Mar

    12. January 20, 2004

    • The police question Sam and Billy about the fire but they keep their cool and suspicion turns towards Sharon. Tensions are raised and things come to a head in a very public way in the Vic.Jim and Dot are unhappy about Sonia's relationship with Martin, which forces them to meet in secret.Meanwhile, Paul celebrates his birthday but the cracks are beginning to show and he's unable to cope with his guilt. He makes a decision about what to do with the money and drowns his sorrows in the Vic, Alfie ca

    13. January 22, 2004

    • Kat tells Little Mo that she needs to put her ordeal behind her. Devastated, Little Mo runs in tears from the Vic, watched by a stunned Zoe.A call from her insurance company brings bad news for Sharon, and Paul finds solace in an unlikely source.Meanwhile, Sam sets her attentions on a new man.

    14. January 23, 2004

    • Dennis is determined to teach Sam a lesson but it's not going to be easy. Vicki thinks that the best course of action is to get Den involved and the feud between the Watts family and the Mitchells intensifies.The Slaters are in further turmoil with bad news all round.Sonia returns, having spent the night with Martin, to disapproving words from Dot. And Kareena admits to Zoe that she still carries a torch for Tariq.

    15. January 26, 2004

    • Janine is thrilled when Ricky decides that they can become a proper family again and that he is moving in with her. However, Pat is suspicious when she sees Dot with Barry's record collection, which Janine had thrown out.Paul continues to attempt to blunt his feelings of guilt by drinking and Janine is disgusted with his behaviour.Andy decides it is time to move on but something changes his mind, and Zoe and Kelly give Kareena a makeover to help her win back Tariq.

    16. January 27, 2004

    • Pat's suspicions are heightened when Patrick tells her that Janine and Paul have fallen out. She thinks that Paul is hiding something and tells Ricky that perhaps it is time to have a talk with Paul.Sam wakes up a happy woman and Sharon applies for a bank loan to start up the club.While Kareena is delighted that Tariq has paid her a compliment, Mickey is disgusted that Tariq is leading her on and tells him that it is time for the truth.Meanwhile, Lynne sticks her oar in with Janine as she tries

    17. January 29, 2004

    • An insistent Pat forces Ricky to question Janine, but he is far from keen, worried about what he might hear.Mickey tries to persuade Tariq to tell Kareena the truth. When Tariq meets with Kareena, she's convinced that he is going to tell her that he loves her, but she is in for a shock. However, Tariq cannot bear to tell her and, instead, causes an argument and storms off. In a foul mood, he gets into an argument with a group of lads, and Ronny, who arrives to bail him out, ends up in more troub

    18. January 30, 2004

    • A panicked Tariq runs to find Ash and Adi and tells them that Ronny is being attacked. But by the time they get back to him, he is in a serious condition. As they wait for the ambulance, Ronny loses consciousness.Ricky tells Janine that it is time for the truth. When she desperately spins a web of lies about Paul's jealousy, he sees through it and demands to know what is really going on.

    19. February 2, 2004

    • Ricky is determined to avoid Janine and convinces Gus to let him hide out at his flat. Janine begs him to see her and is desperate for him to keep her secret. Derek prepares for an interview at the Community Centre but Pauline's mind is elsewhere. Meanwhile, marital bliss is short-lived for Kat and Alfie, who bicker about chores at the Vic. With Nana Moon due home, someone needs to take charge and Kat is determined that it's not going to be her. The distressed Ferreira kids get ready for their b

    20. February 3, 2004

    • Ricky confides in Gus about his problems and makes a decision about his future. Mickey urges Tariq to tell the truth and help the Ferreiras, realising that he may be Ronny's last chance. Finding himself in the middle of a desperate situation, Mickey knows that he should act. Charlie tries to remain positive and the Slaters rally round.

    21. February 5, 2004

    • Kareena tells Ash and Adi that Mickey has upset her and, when the boys confront Mickey, they suspect that it is all a lie. Meanwhile, Mickey must confess to Tariq that his secret has been blown, and the family faces a challenging time.

    22. February 6, 2004

    • It is Charlie's day in court and he gets a suitcase ready, preparing for the worst. Kat and Mo attempt to make him change his plea to not guilty but he remains defiant.The solicitor arms him with further advice but the last thing the family is prepared for is Graham's appearance in the courtroom. Meanwhile,Tariq has to decide whether or not to take the tests to see if his blood matches Ronny's, and Pat berates Paul for lying about Barry. Sharon has to consider whether or not to sell the club and

    23. February 9, 2004

    • Ash tells Tariq that everyone is grateful to him for agreeing to help Ronny, but Adi is far from happy about Tariq being involved.Ian's divorce comes through and he wastes no time in making plans for a new business, while Laura learns some sad news.Sharon receives an unexpected offer for Angie's Den and Spencer develops a crush close to home.

    24. February 10, 2004

    • Ash is concerned when Tariq misses an appointment with the donation counsellor. Meanwhile, Kareena is finding it difficult to come to terms with Tariq's secret and urges him to tell her why he lied for so long.Dot helps Sonia out after she sees a gorgeous dress that would be perfect for the Valentine ball and Paul steps in for Natalie when she experiences childcare problems.Andy calls Sharon's bluff but later discovers that Sharon is more than able to play him at his own game.

    25. February 12, 2004

    • Tariq makes preparations to go to hospital for his operation and Kareena is eager for her brothers to support him. However, Ronny refuses to listen and is unsympathetic to Tariq.Meanwhile, the Slaters are pleasantly surprised by Charlie's upbeat attitude when they visit him in prison, and Janine is suspicious of Paul's developing relationship with Natalie. Kelly and Zoe hunt for dates for the Valentine's ball and Gus and Juley are top of their list. Meanwhile, feeling insecure about her looks, S