EastEnders : Season 2

    • Air date: 02 Jan '86 105 episodes
  • List of Episodes (105)

    1. Thur 2 Jan, 1986

    • Michelle, Pauline and Arthur have separated and are scouring the streets of Southend showing pictures of Mark to everyone they see. It is a cold damp day and they are looking miserable and discouraged but trudge ahead.

    2. Tue 7 Jan, 1986

    • Den gets an early call from David in Ilford. Angie thinks it was Jan but is even more irritated when she learns that Den is up to his eyebrows in some dodgy goods again.

    3. Thur 9 Jan, 1986

    • Angie is at the Walford nick giving her statement about the car accident and they telephone Den since she says she took the car without permission. He lies and tell them that he gave her the car to use. Later Quick comes to the Vic and tells Den that as an accessory after the fact he'll be in trouble as well if he doesn't tell the truth. Den goes back to see the WPC and changes his story.

    4. Tue 14 Jan, 1986

    • Den and Kathy go to court with Angie leaving Debbie to take care of the pub lunches and Simon and Lofty to manage the bar. Debbie goes a bit overboard trying to fancy up the plates which go unappreciated by Arthur, Pete and the others. The case is delayed and Den returns in the late.

    5. Thur 16 Jan, 1986

    • Ali calls about the flat at 47B to arrange for a look. Sue is anxious to see it so it is agreed that they can see it the same day. Ali gets the key from Naima and they have a few embarrassing moments about what happened when Ali helped her move her things out. It seemed that they had sex in the empty flat.

    6. Episode 6

    7. Thur 23 Jan, 1986

    • As Ali and Sue open the café before dawn, Beresford and Victor get out of their Merc and force their way in. Victor puts Ali's arm in a lock and Beresford calmly explains Mr Scanlon's scheme to provide the immigrants protection for £10 per week and tells them to think about it for 24 hours.

    8. Tue 28 Jan, 1986

    • Andy is surprised when Debbie brings Naima home followed by DS Quick who is lugging a Zed bed for the front room. He is quite upset when Debbie informs him that in order to help with the finances since she quit her job, she decided to take in a lodger.

    9. Thur 30 Jan, 1986

    • Beresford and Victor are waiting outside the café in Beresford's Mercedes when Ali and Sue open up. Victor goes in to collect the first weekly £10 protection money. Sue quickly gives him the money over Ali's protest. They then go to Tony's house and Beresford goes in. Tony laughs at his insurance scheme and hits him very hard in the stomach.

    10. Tue 4 Feb, 1986

    • Den closes the bar early after Jan appears with the news that her dad died. As soon as Angie realises who the new arrival is she shoots upstairs and sits in the darkened kitchen. With all the tension at the pub, Simon goes home with Lofty to spend the night while John Fisher sleeps on the sofa upstairs at the pub.

    11. Thur 6 Feb, 1986

    • Sharon comes downstairs to the bar and just stares at Jan who tries to explain how her situation with Den happened. Sharon doesn't say anything but listens rather sympathetically. When Jan decides it's time for her to leave she asks where she could freshen up. Sharon says upstairs and Jan smiles saying not "up there" (where Angie was). She asks about "down here" and Sharon motions toward the corner saying "but the water's cold".

    12. Tue 11 Feb, 1986

    • Lou tells Ethel that she gave Simon Albert's watch. Pauline overhears and is upset with Lou for giving the watch to Simon. Pauline claims it should have been given to her as she was the first born. Lou is taken back by this objection and says nothing.

    13. Thur 13 Feb, 1986

    • Some thugs show up in the Square looking for Simon. Angie hits up Dot for her sleeping pills to add to her collection. The café and shop are vandalised with red paint and most everyone including the postman pitch in to help clean up.

    14. Tue 18 Feb, 1986

    • Angie plumbs the depths of despair when Den tells her he's moving out. Wicksy's true motive for returning to the Square comes to light when he tries to con Pete into giving him a loan.

    15. Thur 20 Feb, 1986

    • Ethel puts posters around the square trying to find her missing little Willie. Angie sends her off early from her cleaning at the pub so she can look for him.

    16. Tue 25 Feb, 1986

    • Den returns early morning in a cab as Angie covers for him telling Sharon he is walking Roly. Sharon is in a bad mood and nasty to both of them. John Fisher comes by early on his day off to pick up the rest of his gear. He has been worried about Angie since the night before and probably wants to see that she is OK.

    17. Thur 27 Feb, 1986

    • Tony takes his laundry to the launderette and Dot tells him all about her date the night before with "a darky" who wined and dined her. Tony confronts her that he saw her in the "Burger Barn" last night on her own. He tells her to give up the dating stories before everyone finds out the truth and laughs at her. She says they do anyway but gets him to promise not to tell anyone.

    18. Tue 4 Mar, 1986

    19. Thur 6 Mar, 1986

    20. 1986-03-11

    21. Thur 13 Mar, 1986

    22. Tue 18 Mar, 1986

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    25. Thur 27 Mar, 1986