EastEnders : Season 1

    • Air date: 19 Feb '85 91 episodes
  • List of Episodes (91)

    1. Tue 19 Feb, 1985

    • The whereabouts of a missing elderly resident of Albert Square is revealed. Arthur and Pauline have a secret that they won’t be able to keep for long. There is trouble in the Queen Victoria pub.

    2. Thur 21 Feb, 1985

    • It's Den and Angie's wedding anniversary. Pauline and Arthur's secret is a secret no more. After Reg's death, the police starts investigating it as a murder.

    3. Tue 26 Feb, 1985

    • The police conducts interviews about Reg's murder. Dan has to admit that he was with his mistress at the time of the murder. Ali and Lou are both lucky at games of chance.

    4. Thur 28 Feb, 1985

    • Sue tries to get Tony to participate in a money making scheme. Mark is broke and tries to steal from Dr. Legg. After Lofty and Angie kiss in public, Dan is pissed and threatens Lofty.

    5. Tue 5 Mar, 1985

    • Lou is made an offer she finds easy to refuse and there is a new arrival in the Square.

    6. Thur 7 Mar, 1985

    • Detective Sergeant Rich questions Mark about a German badge that he sold to Lofty, which belonged to Reg Cox.

    7. Tue 12 Mar, 1985

    • After Ali apologizes to Dan, Ali is allowed again to enter the 'Vic'.

    8. Thur 14 Mar, 1985

    • Pete helps Den to get a night off from Angie, so that Den can use this excuse to see his mistress.

    9. Tue 19 Mar, 1985

    • After Nick sells some stolen goods to Kevin, Det. Sgt. Rich finds out about it. Angie finds out that the story about the Bentley Den used to get the night off is not true.

    10. Thur 21 Mar, 1985

    • Saeed's shop has been broken into, but he refuses to let the police handle it. Ali get's mugged and beaten up.

    11. Tue 26 Mar, 1985

    • Citizens of the Square take matters into their own hands.

    12. Thur 28 Mar, 1985

    • Nick disappears when the police uncover new evidence.

    13. Tue 2 Apr, 1985

    • Ethel babysits for Mary with frightening results.

    14. Thur 4 Apr, 1985

    • Mary is in a panic and everyone joins the search. Den cements plans for his holiday and competition between Michelle and Sharon for Kelvin's affections heats up. Pete is unhappy with Ian’s career plans.

    15. Tue 9 Apr, 1985

    • Mary is unwell and people are starting to notice. Ange and Den are worried about the Vic's bottom line, but they can't agree on how to boost business. Ange eventually sends Den off to check out a strip act. Pauline leads Naima astray, Debbie upsets Mary and Ian finally snaps.

    16. Thur 11 Apr, 1985

    • Nick is on the news. Lou has come around to the idea of a holiday and Den is determined to get away to Spain for a week. Naima and Saeed are getting along better. Dr Legg tries to help Mary get better accommodation, and finds out something that bothers him. Lou comforts Ian.

    17. Tue 16 Apr, 1985

    • Ali gets a happy surprise. Dr Legg counsels Lofty to be a better neighbour and voices concerns about the future of Albert Square. Lou's talk with Pete and Kath doesn't go the way she expected. Sue is getting fed up with all the calls for Ali at the Cafe.

    18. Thur 18 Apr, 1985

    • Lou is up to her old tricks, but Pete and Kath turn the tables. Lofty spends more time with Mary and Annie. Debbie and Andy start planning a campaign. Pauline and Arthur celebrate having time to themselves and Den offers Arthur a week's work while he is away.

    19. Tue 23 Apr, 1985

    • The kids all head back to school, some less willing than others, but Mark is still nowhere to be found. Lofty's latest purchase causes a few giggles and Ethel's first go at cooking for the Vic doesn't quite go as planned. Den is away and Ange takes the flirting with one particular customer to a new level. Saeed impressess Naima.

    20. Thur 25 Apr, 1985

    • Den gets caught out and Angie organises an evening out. Mary is getting desperate for money and Den tells Angie he has to spend another week in Spain. The identity of the prank caller to the cafe is revealed and Ali's latest trip to the races causes more problems for him & Sue.

    21. Tue 30 Apr, 1985

    • Ali is told who's been calling the cafe - but he daren't tell Sue who it is. Lou and Michelle return. Mary gets some work and it's Angie's turn to get caught out. Ethel's pies cause a stir and the Fowler's call the police.

    22. Thur 2 May, 1985

    • Angie decides to ban Ethel from cooking at the Vic and wants Ian to do it. Deb is in anxiety about what to serve Sayeed and Naima at the dinner she has invited them to. Lofty spends the night at Mary’s. Den is due back but Tony doesn’t want things to change. Ethel predicts that Mark will never come home. Sharon decides to confront Angie about her behaviour while Den has been away but Angie gives her some home truths about Den.

    23. Tue 7 May, 1985

    • Lou is unwell but keeping Arthur on his toes. Den arrives back at the Vic, but doesn’t get the welcome he was expecting. Michelle gets a taste of her own medicine and a lie is revealed. Someone comes looking for Mary. New information gets the ‘Save Our Square’ committee mobilised again.

    24. Thur 9 May, 1985

    • Kath celebrates her birthday. The stranger looking for Mary is still hanging around. Ian’s cooking is well appreciated. Michelle has started work. Lou starts doing her own research into what is wrong with her – much to the amusement of others. Sharon is upset about Den and Angie’s goings ons. Ian’s film night surprises everyone.

    25. Tue 14 May, 1985

    • Den smells a rat. The identity of the stranger is revealed. Michelle is furious at Ian and Kelvin over the ‘Chaz’ incident, but Kelvin’s explanation placates her. Everyone finally takes Lou serious about being ill. Mary blames Lofty for being found. Den and Angie come clean with each other and Den reveals more than Angie wants to hear.